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How to Clear Formatting in Excel

Have you ever tried to copy and paste text from a web page into an Excel spreadsheet only to find that all the formatting from the original source came along with it? If so, you know how difficult it can be to remove. Fortunately, there is an easy way to clear all the formatting from Excel cells with just a few clicks.

Quick Summary

How to Remove Formatting in Excel

Clearing formatting in Excel is straightforward. The first step is to select the data that you would like to clear the formatting from. Next, right-click your selection and click on Clear from the options that appear. You can then select to Clear Formats. This will remove any fonts, borders, text alignment or color formats that you had applied within the selection.

It is also possible to clear formatting by using the Ribbon. To do this, select your data and click the Home tab on the Excel Ribbon. From the toolbar that appears, click the Clear drop-down arrow and select Clear Formats. This will ensure that all formatting is removed from the highlighted cells.

One shortcut is to simply use the keyboard. Select your data and press Ctrl+Space. This will select all cells in the current selection. With everything selected, press Ctrl+\. This will clear any formatting from the selection.

How to Remove Formatting in Excel

Do you want to remove formatting in Excel? If you have to perform data entry tasks that require you to copy and paste information and need to maintain formatting consistency, then this tutorial will help you to understand how to remove formatting in Excel.

Methods of Removing Formatting in Excel

There are several methods available to you for removing formatting in Excel. They include:

  • Using the Formatting Palette
  • Using the Clear Formatting Option
  • Using the Reapply Formatting Tool

Using the Formatting Palette

The Formatting Palette is an easy way to remove formatting in Excel. To access the Formatting Palette, simply click the small arrow at the bottom of the Home tab. You will see a menu that contains several formatting options. To remove formatting from your selection, simply select the Clear All option from the Formatting Palette.

Using the Clear Formatting Option

The Clear Formatting option is a quick and easy way to remove formatting from a selection. To access the Clear Formatting option, simply select the range of cells that you wish to remove formatting from and then right-click on the selection. From the menu that appears, select the Clear Formatting option.

Using the Reapply Formatting Tool

The Reapply Formatting tool is a powerful way to remove formatting in Excel. To access the Reapply Formatting tool, select the range of cells that you wish to remove formatting from and then select the Home tab and click the Reapply Formatting icon. Once the Reapply Formatting tool is open, you can select the option to remove all formats from the selection.

Personal Experience

How is the formatting removed from a cell?

One of the most common formatting challenges when working with spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel is removing formatting. It can be a frustrating task to select each cell and manually delete any formatting. Thankfully, this process can be done quickly with a few simple steps. First, select the cells you wish to remove formatting from. Then, use the shortcut CTRL+Spacebar to select the entire row containing the cells. Lastly, press the shortcut CTRL+M to automatically remove any formatting you have applied.

Removing formatting in Excel is a great way to save time and ensure your spreadsheets look organized and uncluttered. As mentioned earlier, the process can be completed quickly using the CTRL+Spacebar and CTRL+M shortcuts. It is even possible to remove formatting from an entire worksheet with just a few clicks. To do this, select all the cells in the worksheet by pressing CTRL+A. Then, from the Home tab, select Clear All under the Editing section. This will immediately remove any formatting from the cells.

Using these shortcuts and tips, you can easily and quickly remove formatting from your Excel spreadsheets. Working with spreadsheets can be made much simpler and quicker with the help of these tools and techniques. With practice, you may be able to perfect shortcuts and methods for removing formatting, so you can become an expert in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the formatting removed from a cell?

To remove formatting from a cell, select the cell or range of cells, then go to the Home tab, in the Editing group, and click the arrow next to the Clear button. Select the Clear Formats option to remove all formatting. This will provide an unformatted cell with no color, font, size, or other formatting applied.

How do I remove formatting from text in Excel?

Click the Home tab on the Excel ribbon. In the Font group, select Clear All Formatting. This will remove any styling and formatting from the selected text and return it to its default formatting.

How do I quickly remove formatting?

To quickly remove formatting from text, select the text with the formatting you want to clear, then select Home > Clear All Formatting, or press Ctrl + Spacebar. This will remove all formatting from the text and make it plain, ready for new formatting.

What is remove formatting?

Remove formatting is a command in Microsoft Word that removes all text formatting such as font, size, and color. It returns text to its default style and provides a clean starting point to apply new formatting.

What is the process of formatting?

The process of formatting is the preparation of a data storage device for initial use. It involves creating a new file system and preparing the storage device for data storage. Formatting a device is important for data security and optimal performance.

What is the general Format in Excel?

The General Format in Excel is the default format applied to numbers when they are entered. It typically displays numbers as they are typed, without any added formatting or alterations. The General Format is useful as it allows numbers to be quickly deployed without the need to change their format.

Where is remove formatting button?

The remove formatting button is located in Google Drive and Gmail under the Formatting Options section. It can be used to remove formatting from text so it can be customized. To find this option, click on “Formatting Options” and the remove formatting button will be visible.

How do you remove custom formatting in Excel?

To remove custom formatting in Excel, open the Format Cells dialog box by clicking Custom. Under Category, select Custom. Select the custom number format and click Delete. This will delete the custom number format and ensure any changes are reflected in the spreadsheet.

Does formatting remove all data?

Yes, formatting a hard drive using the quick format option removes all of its stored data. When the hard drive is formatted, the pointers to the data are cleared or rebuilt and all of the data on the drive is wiped out. It is important to note that this does not apply to earlier versions of Windows which may not completely erase the stored data.

Does full format remove all data?

No, full formatting does not remove all data from a disk. It renders the data inaccessible to a user but does not erase it from the disk. With the use of data recovery software, this data can still be accessed and potentially recovered. Therefore, the only way to truly erase all data from a disk is to utilize disk erasure tools.

Final Thoughts

Clearing formatting in Excel can be very useful and helps make Excel documents easier to read and look more professional. You can quickly reset the formatting to its original settings simply by selecting the cells or range of cells whose formatting you want to reset, clicking on the ‘Clear’ option on the ‘Home’ tab, and choosing the ‘Clear Formats’ option. More complex formatting issues can be solved with the ‘Format Painter’, which allows you to copy and paste formatting from one cell or range of cells to another. Overall, Excel offers users a range of tools to help clear formatting in an intuitive and straightforward way, making your documents look better and easier to handle.


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