how to save audio messages on iphone

How To Save Audio Messages On iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

message will be saved in your Photos or Audio Files folder of your device. You can also access the saved audio messages in the “Voice Recorder” application provided by iMessage.

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  Saving Audio Messages on iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide for Optimal Results

If you want to know how to save audio messages on your iPhone, this comprehensive guide can help! First, locate the audio message you want to save; Apple Messages will store your audio messages with the rest of your messages. Then go to Settings > Messages, and select the Audio Messages section. Here, you can adjust the setting to save audio messages automatically. To do this, turn on the “Expire” option and select the time limit you wish for audio messages to save for. Additionally, you can select “Keep” to save all audio messages you have sent and received. Finally, select the “Share Audio” option to easily share audio messages with contacts.

An alternative option to save audio messages is to use iCloud. Go to the Audio Messages section within Settings > Messages and select “Automatic” to save your audio messages automatically in iCloud Drive. Keep in mind that this will use up additional storage space on your device. To back up your audio messages manually, tap the “Back Up Now” button. You can also choose to download audio messages to your device by selecting the “Download” option.

Once you’ve learned how to save audio messages on your iPhone, you’ll have thousands of memories stored on your device forever. With all the options available to save audio messages, you can choose the ones that work best for you. Whether you choose iCloud or Messages storage, this comprehensive guide will help you keep those audio messages safe.

Saving Audio Messages on iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide for Optimal Results

Are you looking for tips on how to save audio messages on iPhone? Have you been struggling to store your audio call recordings and messages on your phone? If so, then we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll show you how to save audio messages on iPhone with ease.

Step 1: Open your iMessages

First, you need to open the Messages app on your iPhone. This is where you can find all the audio messages that have been sent to you.

Step 2: Select the audio message

Next, select the audio message you want to save. To do this, simply tap on the message to enlarge it.

Step 3: Tap and hold the audio message

Next, tap and hold the audio message until a menu appears. From here, you can select the ‘Save’ option to begin the process of saving the audio message.

Step 4: Select the folder where you want to save the audio message

Now, you need to choose a folder to store the audio message. You can either opt to store it in the Files folder or in the “Audio Messages” folder, depending on your preference.

Step 5: Tap ‘Done’ to save the audio message

Finally, tap the ‘Done’ button to save the audio message to the selected folder. You can now access the audio message anytime you want to, without having to search for it again.


Saving audio messages on iPhone is a simple and easy process. Just follow these steps and you should have your audio messages saved in no time!

Personal Experience

Is there a way to save voice messages on iPhone?

With the advancements in technology, people find themselves relying more on their iPhone for communication, storage, and leisure. Many times, while talking to a friend or family members, we might end up wanting to save certain audio messages or voicemails. Fortunately, iPhone makes it easy to save audio messages right on your device and use them later.

The most convenient way to save audio messages on an iPhone is by using the built-in Voice Memos app. This built-in app is capable of recording, editing, and sharing voice notes, making it easier to capture and store audio memos on an iPhone. To record the message with your iPhone’s Voice Memos app, all you need to do is open the app and hit the red “Record” button. You will now be able to record audio messages from Siri, voicemail, and calls.

Once the message has been recorded, it’s extremely easy to save it for later. To save it, all you need to do is press “Done” on the far left corner of the app and the audio message will get stored on the device. After this, you can easily access the message by heading over to the app and selecting the message to either listen to it or share it with someone.

Another way to create audio messages on an iPhone is by using a third-party app. These apps make it easy to create and store recordings even while on the go with the least amount of hassles. Some of the most popular apps are QuickVoice Recorder and Tapeacall Pro. Both apps offer a showroom of features that allow you to store your recordings, label them, and share them with others. It’s up to you to choose the right app that best suits your needs.

Saving audio messages on an iPhone requires no special technical know-how. It’s an incredibly easy process and takes a few minutes. With the use of the built-in Voice Memos app or a third-party app, you can easily keep track of your recordings and utilize them whenever the need be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to save voice messages on iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to save voice messages on iPhone. To do this, open the Voice Memos app, tap the recording you want to save and select the Share option. From there, select the desired save location and the voice message will be saved. Additionally, you can share the voice memo with your contacts using Message, Mail, or any other compatible app on your device.

How do you save someones audio messages?

Answer: To save someone’s audio messages, you’ll need to open the app where the message was sent. Then locate the message and tap the share icon, which looks like three dots connected. Finally, choose a method to save the audio, such as sending it to yourself via email or downloading it to your device.

Can someone tell if you save their audio message on iPhone?

Yes, if all of the audio messages sent to someone from another person are marked “Kept,” then it is possible for the sender to know that the recipient has saved their message on their iPhone. In order to save audio messages, the recipient must manually tap the “Keep” button found next to the message. Additionally, it is also possible for the sender to know if the message has been listened to due to the read receipts present in some messaging platforms.

Can you share an audio message on iPhone?

Yes, you can share an audio message on iPhone. The Voice Memos app allows you to easily share recordings over AirDrop, Mail, Messages and many more apps. simply select your recording, hit share and choose your preferred method to send your audio message.

How can I save someone else’s voice memo?

To save someone else’s voice memo, first open the voice mail app on your phone. Tap the voice mail you want to preserve and tap the share icon, which looks like three dots. Select a destination to save the file and the voice memo will be saved to the desired location.

How can I share a voice memo from my iPhone?

To share a voice memo from your iPhone, start by opening the Voice Memos app. Tap a saved recording, then tap the Share icon. Choose a sharing option, select or enter a recipient, then tap Done or Share. You can share your recording as an audio file, a message, or through other third-party apps.

How do I get my iPhone to automatically save voice memos?

To have your iPhone automatically save voice memos, you can use the Voice Memos app and iCloud. This will allow your recordings to be available across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and will keep them up to date automatically. To begin, open the Voice Memos app, then select Settings and turn on iCloud Sync.

How do you add a voice memo to favorites on iPhone?

To add a voice memo to favorites on your iPhone, simply tap on the recording from your list of recordings. Once selected, tap the star icon next to the recording name. This will mark the recording as a favorite and will appear in the Favorites list.

Can you save iMessage voice messages?

Yes, you can save iMessage voice messages on devices with iOS 12 or later. You can do this by long-pressing the audio message, tapping More, and tapping Save then selecting a folder to save it to. If your device is on a previous version of iOS, you can also save audio messages to the Voice Memos app.

How do I download voices from iMessage?

To download a voice message from iMessage, open the Messages app, navigate to the voice message, and tap the blue ‘Keep’ button beneath the audio. This will download the voice message to your device and save it in the Voice Memos app. You can then use the Voice Memos app to play and manage the voice message.

How do I save iPhone voice messages?

Saving iPhone voicemails is simple and quick. To save a voicemail, open the Messages app and tap the Voicemail tab. Select the voicemail you want to save and tap the share icon. Choose a save option such as exporting to Files, adding to Notes, or AirDroping it to another device.

How do I save and share a voice message?

wish to save or share. 3 Select either the “Save” or “Share” option from the menu that appears. 4 Depending on which option you have chosen, follow the instructions on the screen. To save a voicemail, you might need to select a destination for the saved file. To share a voicemail, you would select an app or service to share it with. 5 Choose any additional options provided and then hit the send or save button. Your voicemail has now been saved or shared.

How do you send an audio message on iPhone?

To send an audio message on iPhone, open the Messages app, tap the compose icon, select the contact you wish to send to, tap the microphone icon and record your message, then tap send. Once sent, the recipient will be able to listen to the audio message by taping and holding the wave form bubble.

How to save iMessage audio?

Save iMessage audio messages automatically by going to Settings > Messages > Expire and selecting ‘Never’. This will keep all messages, including audio messages, stored on your device until you delete them. Alternatively, you can manually save audio messages by holding and tapping ‘Save’ when prompted.

How do I share audio on iPhone?

To share audio on iPhone, open the Voice Memos app and select the recording you want to share. Tap the three dots menu button and select Share. Then, choose your preferred method to share the recording, such as sending it via text message, email, or uploading it to a cloud storage service. Once you’ve selected the method, follow the prompts to complete the share.

How do you save audio files text from iPhone?

e audio file will be saved to your Photos app. You can access the audio file from within the Photos app;Go to the Photos app and select the audio file;Tap on the share button and choose “Save to Files”. The audio file will be automatically saved to your iPhone.

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will be saved in your Audio Library on the iPhone. You can access this by tapping the “Photos” icon in your Photos app. From there you can access your Audio Library or the specific audio file.


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