how to see blocked messages on iphone

How to View Blocked Messages on iPhone

Have you ever wondered how to see blocked messages on your iPhone? Well, now you can easily check those locked messages and keep up-to-date with your personal or business conversations! This simple guide will show you the steps of how to access those blocked messages on your iOS device.

Quick Summary

  Unlock Your Blocked Messages on iPhone: How to See Them

To view blocked messages on your iPhone, you’ll first need to unblock the sender. Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked. Here you’ll see a list of any contacts that you’ve blocked from sending you messages. Tap the contact you want to unblock, then select Unblock Contact from the bottom-right corner. After unblocking the contact, open your Messages app, and you should be able to view any blocked messages sent since you’ve blocked them. You can then reply to the messages or accept any incoming message requests.

If there are many blocked messages you want to view, you can restore all of them at once. Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked, and tap on Edit. Select Unblock All Contacts, then accept the confirmation pop-up that appears. All messages that were blocked since the contact was removed should now be visible in your Messages app.

Remember to block the contact again once you have finished viewing the messages. Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked and add the contact back to the list. This will block the contact from sending you messages until you unblock them again.

Unlock Your Blocked Messages on iPhone: How to See Them

Have ever blocked a certain contact on your iPhone and forgot about what messages they sent you? Are you now wondering how to see blocked messages on your iPhone?

Learning How to See Blocked Messages on iPhone

Unblocking a contact and being able to view the messages they’ve sent you is easy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Choose Phone.
  • Select Call Blocking & Identification.
  • Select the contact you want to unblock.
  • Press Unblock Contact.
  • Once you’re done, you can find out what messages you’ve received by visiting the Messages app.


    You can also make use of the Messages filter if it’s available on your iPhone. To access it:

    • Open the Messages app and select a conversation with the blocked contact.
    • Tap the filter icon at the top of the conversation.

    From this screen, you’re able to select options to filter the type of messages you’d like to show in the conversation. All messages sent by the blocked contact will be displayed.

    Personal Experience

    How can I see messages from someone I blocked on Imessage?

    Seeing blocked messages on an iPhone can be a tricky and challenging task, especially for beginners. The good news is, though, with the help of third-party apps, it’s possible. Here, I’ll explain how to easily access those blocked messages with step-by-step instructions.

    The first step is to locate an app that enables you to see blocked messages, like “SMS Unblocker” or “SMS Blocker Unleashed”. Download the app from the App Store and open it on your iPhone. After entering your login information, you can start using the app.

    Once the app is opened, you can see a dashboard where all the messages, including the ones that have been blocked, will appear. You can access the blocked messages just like any other message. You can restrict or unblock messages according to your preference.

    To limit a contact to only calls or text messages, toggle the option on the right side under SMS Block category. You can also block or unblock all or some contacts present in your contacts list. In addition, you can easily export the blocked messages to other messaging apps or even archive them in your Email.

    So, that’s how you can view blocked messages on your iPhone. With the help of third-party apps, this task has become extremely easy for iPhone users. If you’ve decided to try this out, all you need to do is download the mentioned apps and follow the given instructions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I see messages from someone I blocked on Imessage?

    The best way to view messages from someone you blocked on iMessage is to unblock that person. To do this, open your iMessage app, go to Settings, select Blocked, and then select the person you blocked. From there, select Unblock and the messages from that person will be available to view.

    When someone unblocks you on iPhone do they get your messages?

    Yes, when someone unblocks you on iPhone, they will receive all the messages that were sent while they were blocked. This unblocking process is immediate, meaning that as soon as the person unblocks you, any sent messages will be delivered. Additionally, any future messages sent will also be delivered in real time.

    Do you receive text messages after unblocking someone?

    Yes, you will receive text messages after you unblock someone. Once you unblock a contact, they will be able to message you again, and you will receive a notification on your phone when these messages come through. It is important to note that any messages sent while the contact was blocked will not be received.

    How do you see messages after unblocking someone on iPhone?

    To see messages after unblocking someone on an iPhone, simply open the Messages app, head to the ‘Recents’ tab, and look for the contact you just unblocked. You will now be able to view the conversation history and messages between you and the contact. Additionally, you can look in the Blocked Contacts list to be sure the contact has been successfully unblocked.

    Can you see blocked text messages on Samsung?

    Yes, you can view blocked text messages on Samsung phones. To do this, open the Messages app, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen, and then select ‘Settings’. From there, open the Blocked Messages folder and you will be able to see all of the messages that have been blocked.

    Can you see text messages from people that you blocked on I message?

    No, you cannot see text messages from people that you have blocked on iMessage. Blocking someone on iMessage completely cuts them off from communicating with you via text. Your messages, including any texts they send, are hidden from view and none of their incoming messages can be received by you.

    How can I see the list of blocked messages?

    To view the list of blocked messages, go to your device settings and open the Google account associated with the device. Then, select ‘People & Sharing’, and scroll down to the bottom to open ‘Blocked contacts’. A list of blocked messages/contacts will appear.

    How to retrieve blocked text messages on Samsung or Android?

    To retrieve blocked text messages on a Samsung or Android device, open the Call & Text Blocking app, click on History, and select Text Blocked History. From this list, you can view any messages that have been blocked by the device. Be sure to check any relevant settings in the app to ensure the text messages aren’t automatically deleted.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, it’s easy to view blocked messages on an iPhone through either of the following methods: checking Block Lists in the Phone Settings, using a third-party app, or setting up a second Apple ID. All of these solutions require just a few steps and will allow you to access any blocked messages you may have received. However, the only way to make sure you don’t receive any blocked messages in the future is to be extra careful when applying blocks and ensuring that you only block messages from people you don’t want to hear from.


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