how to see someone likes on facebook

How to See Someone’s Likes on Facebook

Finding out what Facebook Pages your friend likes has never been easier! It’s simple and easy to discover new interests and topics that interest your friends with a few easy clicks. Whether you’re using a computer, phone or tablet, you can easily find out what Pages your friend likes on Facebook in a few simple steps. Keep reading for more information about how to see what Pages your friend likes on Facebook!

Quick Summary

  Learn How to View Someone

Finding out what your friends like on Facebook is easy. Simply open the Facebook app (on a phone or tablet) or visit the website (on a computer). Once there, type your friend’s name into the search box at the top of the screen, and select their profile when it appears in the search results. Next, tap or click the ‘About’ button situated below your friend’s cover photo. You will then see a list of all the Pages your friend has liked on their profile.

Alternatively, you can also find out information about what your friends are liking by viewing their Facebook activity log. To do this, go to your friend’s profile and click the ‘More’ button (It should be below the ‘Friends’ tab). Click the ‘Activity Log’ option from the drop-down menu and search for the entries where your friend has liked a Page. You will be able to see the Page name and go directly to it.

Note: you will only be able to view Pages that your friend has liked if their account is set to Public or Friends. If it’s set to Private, you won’t be able to see the list of their Likes.

Learn How to View Someone’s Likes on Facebook

Steps to See What Pages Your Friend Likes on Facebook

It’s not hard to see what your friends like on Facebook – especially if you know how to navigate around the site. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Go to your friend’s profile. You can either type their name into the useful search box at the top of the webpage, or select it from the pull-down menu.
  • Tap or click ‘About.’ This will take you to their profile information.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Pages.’ This will show you the list of pages your friend likes.
  • Additional Tips for Finding Your Friend’s Likes

    • Take a look at their posts. Depending on what your friend posts, you can get an idea of the type of pages and topics they like. However, they may not post content from all the pages they enjoy.
    • Check out their friends’ list. If your friend follows and is friends with people who usually post interesting content, it’s likely your friend enjoys that same content as well.
    • Look at their profile pictures. Often when people choose a profile or cover photo, they’re doing so to express a certain interest or activity they enjoy. If you see any images that may signify an indication of their likes, it may give you more insight.

    Personal Experience

    How do I see posts that my boyfriend likes on Facebook?

    Facebook can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family. As a social media user, one of the best features on Facebook is that you can see what pages your friends like. There are a few simple steps to follow to do this. The first is to open up Facebook. On a phone or tablet, you can open the app, which is the blue icon with the white “F.” If you don’t have it or are on a computer, you can visit the website via your web browser. After that, you’ll need to go to your friend’s profile. This can be done by typing the name into the search bar at the top and selecting them. Now you will be able to go to their profile. You should then hit the “About” button, which will bring up their pages and other things they have liked on Facebook. You can look through them and see what your friend is currently interested in. It’s a great way to connect and keep up with what your friends are up to, as well as discovering interesting new pages and shows.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I see posts that my boyfriend likes on Facebook?

    To view posts liked by your boyfriend on Facebook, search for ‘photos liked’ followed by his name in the search bar. You should then be taken to the page with his recent activity. From here, click the ‘Photos’ tab to view posts that he has liked. You can narrow the search further by filtering it to display only posts from the last 24 hours or earlier.

    How do you see someone’s reactions on Facebook?

    Seeing who’s reacted to your post on Facebook is easy. To do so first go to your post and tap the numbers or words next to the icons below. Your post will reload and then you can tap an individual icon to see who chose that reaction. This process is quick and simple, helping you easily view who reacted to your post.

    Why can’t I see all the likes on someone’s Facebook post?

    The answer is: If you can’t see all the likes on someone’s Facebook post, it could be because someone who liked the post blocked you, you blocked them, or they deactivated their profile. Likes from deactivated profiles are not visible, so the total number of likes will not be accurate.

    Can you see when someone liked a page on Facebook?

    Yes, you can see when someone liked a page on Facebook. To view this information, go to the Facebook page, tap Edit Settings and then tap People and Other Pages. From there, tap People Who Like This Page to see a list of everyone who likes the page.

    How can I see what my boyfriend likes on Facebook?

    To see what your boyfriend likes on Facebook, open his profile and go to the ‘About’ page. Scroll down until you see a section called ‘Likes’ and click on ‘See All’. You will then be able to see all the things your boyfriend likes. This is the quickest and easiest way to find out what your boyfriend likes on Facebook.

    How can I see what pictures my girlfriend likes on Facebook?

    Find out what pictures your girlfriend likes on Facebook by following a few simple steps. First, click on the search bar at the top of the page. Next, type in ‘photos liked’ followed by your girlfriend’s name. You will then be presented with a selection of photos which your girlfriend has liked. And that’s it! You’re down the rabbit hole.

    How can I see my friends activity on Facebook?

    The easiest way to see your friends’ activity on Facebook is to create a new account and send them a friend request. When they accept, their posts, comments, and likes will show up in your news feed. You can also check out their profile page to see their posts, pictures, and videos. With a new account, you can stay up to date with all of your friends’ activities on Facebook.

    Why can’t I see photos liked by someone on Facebook?

    The feature to see photos someone has liked on Facebook has been removed. This was done because Facebook wanted to give users more freedom with their privacy. As of April 8, 2022, this feature is still unavailable on the platform.

    Can someone hide their likes on Facebook?

    Yes, someone can hide their likes on Facebook. If an account is set to private, only approved followers can see posts and any likes or comments. When you like a public post, your like will be visible to everyone, but only approved followers can see posts. By setting the account to private, users can ensure that likes remain hidden and only shared with approved followers.

    How do I see what pictures my boyfriend likes on Facebook?

    To see what pictures your boyfriend likes on Facebook, search for “photos liked” and enter their name into the search bar. This should bring up a selection of photos liked by your boyfriend. Scan through the results and you’ll be down the rabbit hole.

    How do you see what someone likes on Facebook 2022?

    To find out what someone likes on Facebook in 2022, visit their profile and click the “Likes” option from the menu below the cover photo. This will take you to the Likes page, where you’ll see anything from movies and TV shows to restaurants and other Pages they’ve liked. With the information on this page, you can see what your friend is interested in, and keep up with their likes over time.

    How do I see my friend’s likes on Facebook?

    The answer to the question of how to see your friend’s likes on Facebook is to first go to your friend’s profile. You can do this either by clicking a friend’s name on your news feed, or by searching for them using the Search bar at the top of the page. Once on their profile page, click the More tab under the profile picture and select Likes. Here, you will see all their liked content.

    Why can’t people see my liked posts on Facebook?

    The answer to why people can’t see liked posts on Facebook is because they may have adjusted their privacy settings to keep the posts private. Additionally, the browser may detect the post as suspicious activity, limiting how many times it can be viewed. Ultimately, to ensure a post is seen, users should be sure their account security is set properly and their posts are not considered suspicious.

    How to view Facebook Likes and reactions?

    To view Facebook Likes and reactions, select Likes and Reactions from the Category menu. You can then filter your liked posts by year with the Year field. Additionally, you can refine the filter using other options to refine the view further.

    How to hide likes on Facebook?

    In order to hide likes on Facebook, open Facebook in a desktop browser, then navigate to your profile page and click ‘More.’ Select ‘Likes’ from the menu that appears. To hide or unhide a page you like, find it in the list of pages and click the corresponding button. This is a quick and easy process that can be done within a few clicks.

    Final Thoughts

    Figuring out how to see what Pages your friend likes on Facebook is easy. All you need to do is open the Facebook app or website, go to your friend’s profile, click or tap “About,” and you can see the list of Likes. The whole process should only take a few minutes and is a great way to keep tabs on what your friends enjoy.


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