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How to Strike Through Text in Discord Chat

Striking through text on Discord gives your messages a unique look and provides a simple way to draw attention to certain words. Learn how to easily create a striking effect on Discord within a few steps by following this guide!

Quick Summary

  How to Strike Through Text in Discord - Easy Guide to Strikethrough on Discord

Striking through text in a Discord chat is easy to do and perfect for when you need to edit or delete text in an active chatroom. To strike through text, you can use two tildes (~) before and after the text you want to strike. For example, if you wanted to strike through the word “hello,” you’d type in ~hello~. The tilde character is usually found on your keyboard’s upper left-hand corner, just under the Esc key.

To hide the strike-through text, press the Enter key on your keyboard after you’ve written the tilde marks. This will broadcast the strike-through text to everyone in the chatroom. If you prefer to delete a message without publicly notifying everyone, you can add two more tildes around the message. This will delete the message and replace it with a strikethrough line.

Striking through text is a handy way of quickly correcting mistakes and deleting sentences without manually erasing them. It’s also great for redirecting messages or pointing out situations in which the message should be ignored. With a few quick strokes, you can make sure everyone in the chatroom is in the loop.

How to Strike Through Text in Discord – Easy Guide to Strikethrough on Discord

What Is Striking Through on Discord?

Striking through text on Discord is a formatting feature that allows text to be crossed out. It’s a useful tool for communicating an idea or doing something like emphasizing a word with a strikethrough effect. It’s a great way to emphasize important words, highlight text, and more.

How to Use Strikethrough in Discord

The process to strikethrough text on Discord is relatively simple. All you need to do is use two tildes (~~) before and after the text you want to strikethrough. For example, if you wanted to strikethrough the word “example” it would look like this: ~~Example~~.

A Step By Step Guide to Striking Through on Discord

  • Put two tildes before the text you want to strike through, e.g. ~~Example.
  • Type the text out you want to have crossed out.
  • Put two tildes after the text you want captured in the strikethrough, e.g. ~~Example~~.
  • Send the message to complete the strikethrough effect.
  • Using Strikethrough for Bold and Italic Text

    Strikethrough text can also be used to format bold and italic text. To bold text using strikethrough, place two asterisks before and after the text like so: **Example**. To italicize text using strikethrough, place an underscore before and after the text like so: _Example_. This is a great way to add emphasis to your words without having to type out words in different formats.

    Wrap Up

    Striking through text in Discord is a great way to communicate an idea, add emphasis to a word, and more. The process is simple, and all you need to do is use two tildes around text or two asterisks or an underscore to create bold or italic text. If you’re looking for an easy way to make a statement or emphasize the importance of something, striking through text is a great way to do so.

    Personal Experience

    How do you strike through on Discord?

    First, you will need to open the chat window and type in the words that you want to strike-through. To do this, you can either type the words between two tildes (~) or highlight the words and press Shift + Backspace. Your words will then be struck-through. To make sure that your words have been successfully struck-through, you can check the formatting settings at the bottom of the message box for an indicator such as an “s” for “strike-through”.

    If you want to try a different format, such as bold or italics, you can toggle between the various formatting options located on the bottom of the chat window. These options are represented by either the ”B” for bold, “I” for italics or the “U” for underline. Toggle through these options in order to achieve the desired formatting for your message.

    Finally, if you would like to achieve a more stylized, creative look for your messages, you can access the full range of options available to you in the “Formatting Help” option located at the bottom of the chat window. This will open up a text-editor where you can customize the styling of your messages further.

    By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily accomplish the task of striking-through words on Discord. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to get the best results quickly, so you can move on to other tasks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you strike through on Discord?

    To strike through text on Discord, use two tildes, or “~~”, before and after the text you would like to strike through. This will format the text to be crossed out. For example, “~~example text~~” will become “example text,” struck through.

    How to do red text in Discord?

    To make red text in Discord, use the code phrase “css” followed by three backquotes [“`]. Then include the text you want to be red within the backquotes. The syntax should be `css“`text you want in red“`. Finally, type another three backquotes to close the code phrase. This method can also be used to make other colored text, by using different code phrases.

    How do you code text in Discord?

    he typing box in your Discord channel and make sure you have the correct language selected (for example, english). Step 2: Select the portion of text that you would like to format. Step 3: Tap on the three dots to the right of the text box to bring up the formatting menu. Step 4: Tap on the ‘Formatting Text’ section to select options such as bold, italic, underline, strike-through, or inline code. Step 5: Once you are done, tap the send button to complete your formatting and send your message.

    How to do code blocks in Discord?

    Code blocks in Discord can be created with the syntax “` followed by your code and “` at the end. Language specific code blocks can be created with three apostrophes followed by the code language and three apostrophes at the end. An example of this is “““ for an HTML block.

    How do I get Discord to ignore formatting?

    To get Discord to ignore formatting, you can use the backslash (\) key in the messages to show whatever text you type without markdown formatting. This allows you to show special characters like underscores or asterisks in messages, for example. Additionally, you can also use backticks (\`\`) to enclose text and make sure that it ignores markdown formatting.

    How do I format code in Discord?

    he Settings Menu To format code in Discord on mobile devices, open the Settings menu. Press the gear icon located at the bottom right of the Discord app. This will open the menu, where you can find the Advanced Settings option. Step 2: Enable Syntax Highlighting Once you’re in the Advanced Settings, scroll down to the bottom and enable the Syntax Highlighting option. This will allow the Discord app to identify text code and display it in a monospaced font. Step 3: Formatting the Code To format your code to be displayed correctly, you’ll have to use triple backticks (“`) both before and after your code. Once complete, press the enter key – your code will now be displayed in the monospaced font, with colors to differentiate between different elements.

    How do you type code blocks in Discord?

    To type code blocks in Discord, use three backticks (“`) before and after the desired code. This will create a code block and make it easier to read. Additionally, you can specify the type of language by adding the language after the first three backticks, e.g. “`[language]. This will add specific syntax highlighting to the code.

    How to do colored code blocks in Discord?

    To do colored code blocks in Discord, create a multiple line code block by adding three backticks and specifying the syntax highlighting language at the beginning of the code block. If you want to add color to your text, use block quotes to add basic styling such as italicized, bolded, strikethrough, or underlined text. You can also use inline code blocks to provide more specific styling and formatting.

    Do color codes work on Discord?

    Yes, color codes can be used on Discord. By using code blocks or adding pieces of code to your message, it is possible to create colored text in chats. This method can be used to add some extra flair and individuality to a chat message.

    What does yellow highlight mean in Discord?

    The yellow highlight in Discord means that the mention was successful and everyone in the group was mentioned. It is a feature within the chat platform that lets you easily communicate with other users. The color highlighting helps make text more visible and helps to ensure that your message is seen.

    Final Thoughts

    Knowing how to strike through text in Discord chat can be a convenient and helpful way to draw attention to important information, or to add emphasis to an idea. In addition, it can help to make text easier to read by formatting certain words or phrases. Although it is not a difficult process, remembering the correct code can take a bit of practice. Fortunately, once you have mastered the skill, using it to modify text in your messages can save time and improve the readability of your overall chat.


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