how to strikethrough on facebook

How to Strikethrough on Facebook: An Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 3 Select the text you would like to have struck through and hit the “Strike” button. Step 4 Copy the bolded HTML code that appears in the Output box. Make sure to copy the


HTML tags. Step 5 Open your Facebook account and create a new post. Step 6 Paste the HTML code into the description field of your new post. Step 7 Preview your post and click “Post Now” to publish it. The text between the HTML tags should appear with a strike-through.

Quick Summary

  How to Strikethrough Text on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

To create a strikethrough effect on Facebook, you will need to type the HTML tag

before the text and

after the text that you want to be struck through. For example, if you want to write “Hello World” and have it appear with a strike-through, you’d type

Hello World

. This will create a line that goes through the previously typed text. To undo the strike-through effect, simply delete the HTML tags


. Make sure that you don’t delete the words in between, as that will cause the strike-through to be removed. If you want to add a more colorful strike-through style, use a free HTML editor like CodeFinder to find the code for a specific style.

How to Strikethrough Text on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook has several features that let you add personalization to your posts. One of these features is the ability to add a strike-through to your text. If you’re wondering how to make the strike-through work on Facebook, we’ve got you covered. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Step #1: Input your Text

Type in the text that you would like to strike-through. As you type, you will notice that the formatting buttons appear. Look for the ‘T’ icon with a line above it for the strike-through feature.

Step #2: Select the Strike-Through Feature

Click on the strike-through icon located next to the ‘T’ with the line above it. Once you click it, a line appears above the text you have typed and the words become struck-through.

Step #3: Modify the Strike-Through Text

You can now modify the text that has been struck-through. To make changes to the text, simply click on the strike-through text and begin typing. You can also select certain words and phrases to strike-through. To do so, highlight the words or phrase you would like to modify and then click on the strike-through icon. Everything you have selected will now be highlighted with a line above it.

Step #4: Remove the Strike-Through Text

To delete the strike-through, highlight the text you would like to remove and then click on the strikes-through icon. The line above the text should now disappear. When you remove a strike-through, the original text is restored.

Step #5: Post Your Facebook Post with Strikes-Through Text

Once you have modified the text to your satisfaction, you can post your Facebook post with the strikes-through text. Simply click the “post” button and the text will appear with the strikethrough in your post.

Personal Experience

How do you do strikethrough text on Facebook?

Striking through text on Facebook is a great way to get your point across and call attention to a post. It’s easy to do, and there are a couple of ways to accomplish it.

The easiest way to make a strike-through text in a Facebook post is to just type in two hyphen characters (–) before and after the text you want to strike. The two hyphens serve as a shortcut to producing the strike-through effect. For example, if you wanted to strike through the phrase “Facebook is awesome”, you would type “–Facebook is awesome–” to create the desired effect.

Alternatively, you can also use HTML code to produce the same effect. By adding <s> before and </s> after the text you want to strike, you can quickly create the desired effect. For example, to strike through the same phrase, “Facebook is awesome”, you would type “<s> Facebook is awesome </s>”.

No matter which method you use, creating strike-through text in a Facebook post is easy and efficient way to communicate your thoughts and convey your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do strikethrough text on Facebook?

To do strikethrough text in Facebook Messenger, you first need to enter your text into the designated “Your Text” box. Once you have done this, you can then click the “copy” button next to the crossed-out style you want to use. This will then apply strikethrough formatting to the text you entered in the box.

Does Facebook allow strikethrough text?

Yes, Facebook does allow strikethrough text. You can easily add strikethrough text to your posts simply by highlighting your text and then selecting the strikethrough option from the formatting toolbar. Strikethrough text helps to emphasize important points and add visual clarity to your posts.

How do you type strikethrough?

To type strikethrough text, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+X (or Cmd+Shift+X on a Mac). This shortcut will create a line through the selected text. Alternatively, you can highlight the text click on the “Format” tab in your Text Editor, and select “Strikethrough” from the drop-down menu. This will also create a line through the text. Both methods are simple, quick, and effective.

How do you draw a line through text on Facebook?

To draw a line through text on Facebook, you can use Strikethrough formatting. To do this, type a tilde (~) before and after the text you want to format. Click the ‘Enter’ key to apply the Strikethrough formatting and make the text appear with a line through it. This formatting works for both regular text and chat messages on Facebook.

How do you write strikethrough text?

To write strikethrough text, select the text you wish to format, then go to the Home tab. Select the Strikethrough option in the Font section to apply a line through your text. To remove the strikethrough formatting, select the text and click the Strikethrough option again. This will remove the strikethrough formatting.

How do you format text on Facebook?

To format text on Facebook, use the formatting toolbar. Insert underscore (_) before and after text to create an italic effect. Insert an asterisk (*) before and after text to make words bold. Use a tilde (~) before and after text to make words strike-through. With these simple symbols, text highlighting is made fast and easy.

How do I strikethrough in a text?

The fastest and easiest way to strikethrough text is to select the text you want to strikethrough, then press Ctrl+Shift+X on Windows or Command+Shift+X on Mac. This will apply a strikethrough line through the text. If you change your mind and want to remove the strikethrough, you can select the text again and press the same keyboard shortcut to remove the line. You can also use the Word Processing software of your choice to apply a strikethrough line to any text.

What is crossed out text called?

Strikethrough is a type of crossed out text. It is a typographical presentation where words have a horizontal line through their center, producing a readable but crossed out text. Strikethrough is also known as a ‘strikeout’ or ‘strike-through’.

What is the symbol of strikethrough?

The symbol of strikethrough is a special hyphen (̶). This character is known as the Combining Long **** Overlay in Unicode. It is used to indicate a text or symbol that should be crossed out.

Is strikethrough a font style?

Yes, strikethrough IS a font effect. It is used to indicate a text has been edited, removed, or changed, as well as draw attention to previously crossed-out text. To apply the effect, text generally appears like it has a line of various length drawn through it. In some programs, the effect can be triggered by highlighting the text and pressing a specific key on the keyboard.

How to write strikethrough text on Facebook?

Writing strikethrough text on Facebook is not possible. To write strikethrough text, you must use a third-party tool. Our online tool allows you to generate strikethrough text that can be used on social media websites. Simply type in your text and click ‘Generate’ to get strikethrough text instantly.

How to update status or post comment on Facebook in strikethrough?

To update a status or post a comment on Facebook in Strikethrough, first use a strikethrough generator tool. Then copy and paste the generated text into your Facebook post to apply the strikethrough effect. Be sure to check how the post looks as some browsers may not display the strikethrough properly.

How do I add a strike-through to my post?

To create a strike-through in your post, use the website Simply type in your desired text in the Input box, and then click the “Click to Strike” button. This will add a line through the text that you entered, creating a strikethrough and making your post look more visually appealing.

How do I Cross out strikethroughs?

To cross out text with a strikethrough, open a text editor or word processor, type the text that you want to cross out, select the text, then clicked the “strikethrough” button. Once done, copy the text and paste it wherever you need it. You can also use online tools to help you cross out text in different text formats including HTML, CSS, and LaTeX.

Final Thoughts

Step 3 Click “Preview” to check the formatting is correct. Step 4 Copy the resultant text and paste it into a Facebook post. Step 5 Click “Post” to share the formatted text with your friends.


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