how to turn on birthday notifications on facebook

How to Turn On Birthday Notifications on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you wondering how to turn on birthday notifications on Facebook? Don’t worry, it’s easy! You can quickly and easily enable this option through Facebook’s Notification Settings to stay up to date with all your friends’ upcoming birthdays. Learn how to turn on birthday notifications on Facebook in just a few simple steps!

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Quick Summary

Facebook can be an easy way to get reminders of your friends’ birthdays coming up. To turn on birthday notifications, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to ‘Notification Settings’ and select ‘Birthdays’.

2. Toggle the ‘Notifications for friends’ birthdays’. You’ll now receive notifications for friends’ birthdays in your chosen format.

3. Select the format you want to receive your birthday notifications. You can choose from email, push notifications, messages, or on-site notifications.

Once your birthday notifications are set up, you’ll get a reminder each time one of your friends’ birthdays is coming up. So never miss wishing your friends a happy birthday on Facebook again!

Turn On Birthday Notifications on Facebook: Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to make sure you never miss a friend’s birthday on Facebook? It’s easy to stay in the loop and get notifications about upcoming birthdays with just a few clicks! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to turn on birthday notifications on Facebook.

Step 1: Access Notification Settings

First, you need to access the Notification Settings page. To do this, click on the “Settings” icon in the upper-right corner of the site, then click on “Notifications” in the pop-up menu.

Step 2: Select Birthdays

When you’re on the Notification Settings page, click on the “Birthdays” tab. This will take you to the page where you can configure birthday notifications.

Step 3: Enable Notifications

On the Birthdays page, you can toggle on notifications for friends’ birthdays. This will ensure that you get a notification when your friends post a birthday message on their timeline, or when their big day is coming up.

Step 4: Select Notifications Destination

Once you have enabled birthday notifications, you also need to select where you want to receive them. You can opt to receive notifications via email, SMS, or App notifications, depending on your preference.


It’s easy to stay informed about your friends’ birthdays on Facebook! With just a few clicks, you can enable birthday notifications and select where you want to receive them. Now, you’ll never miss out on sending your friends some birthday love.

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Personal Experience

Enabling Facebook birthday notifications is a simple and easy process! To get started, log into your Facebook account, then select “Notification Settings” from the drop-down menu found at the top right-hand side of your page. From there, select the “Birthdays” option, then simply toggle on notifications for friends’ birthdays. You can also choose where you’d like to receive the notifications, such as on Facebook, via email, or on your mobile device. That’s it—now you’ll never miss a special occasion again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see birthdays on Facebook anymore?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to see birthdays on Facebook anymore. Firstly, the latest updates on Facebook’s mobile app no longer offer a specific tab to view all of your friends’ upcoming birthdays at once. Additionally, you can only check their birthdays by navigating to their individual profiles, and the ability to view birthdays depends on each user’s privacy settings. Finally, any birthdays on or after Jan 1, 2023 will not be visible.

How do you find out someone’s birthday on Facebook?

Finding out someone’s birthday on Facebook is easy. Just go to their profile, click the About tab at the top of their profile page, and select Contact and Basic info on the left. Unless they’ve hidden their birthday, you should see it listed under Basic info. Remember, you’ll only see the month and day, not the year.

Are birthdays public knowledge?

Yes, birthdays are public knowledge in the US. Birth dates are often part of an individual’s public record held by the government that can be accessed by the public. Birth certificates or other documents in the public record may contain the birthdate of an individual.

How to find someones birthday by phone number?

Finding someone’s birthday by phone number isn’t always easy. However, there are a few steps you can take to determine the birthday of the person you’re looking for. One method is to search for their phone number in a phone directory, which may provide their birth date. Additionally, you could try an online people search engine which uses publicly available information, such as address histories, to provide data which may include birthdays. Finally, if you know the person personally, you could always ask them directly.

How to find out peoples birthdays?

Finding out someone’s birthday can be easy. Start by searching their social media pages to see if their accounts or those of their friends and family mention it is their birthday. Also, try looking at previous posts to check if they have mentioned birthday celebrations in the past. Additionally, you can ask them directly – they may be more than happy to share their birthday with you.

Are birthdays public on Facebook?

No, birthdays on Facebook are not public by default. Facebook gives users options to adjust their “audience” so that their birthday can only be seen by their friends, or can be completely hidden. Users must manually adjust the audience selectors next to their birthday to determine who can see the details.

How do I see Birthdays on Facebook 2022?

The answer to “How do I see Birthdays on Facebook 2022?” is simple. To find upcoming birthdays for your friends on Facebook for 2022, first go to and navigate to the home tab. Then, select “Events” from the left sidebar and click on it. Finally, choose the “Birthdays” option to view the upcoming birthdays of your friends for the year 2022.

How can I check someone’s birthday?

Answer: To check someone’s birthday, start by checking their social media accounts. Look for birthday postings from friends and family. Additionally, check past posts to see if anyone mentioned the individual’s birthday.

How to find someones date of birth for free?

To find a person’s date of birth for free, you can use the National Center for Health Statistics website. On the website, you can look up the state’s vital records department for information on how to obtain birth records. You can apply online, by mail, or in person to get a copy of the birth record.

Can you find date of birth online?

Yes, you can find date of birth online. For original birth records, you will need to go to the state’s vital records website or request a copy of the birth certificate from VitalChek. For ancestry searches, you can use genealogy sites which often include birth record information posted by relatives and some have a search feature. Jul 25, 2022 is the date of the birth record requested.

How do I find friends birthdays on Facebook 2022?

To find friends’ birthdays on Facebook in 2022, first open the Facebook app on your device. Then click Events in the left sidebar, and select Birthdays. Tap the magnifying glass icon, located at the top of the screen and type Birthdays into the search bar. Select the option at the top of the screen to view your friends’ birthdays in 2022.

How to see birthday notifications on Facebook?

To see birthday notifications on Facebook, use these easy steps: 1. Open your Facebook account in a browser; 2. Go to Settings from the drop-down arrow in the top right corner; 3. In the Notifications page, click on On Facebook row; 4. You will find the What You Get Notified About label and can see your birthday notifications.

How to add birthdays to Facebook?

Seeing friends’ birthdays on your Facebook calendar can be a great way to stay connected. To add birthdays to Facebook, follow these three steps: 1) Log in to your Facebook account; 2) Visit the Events link in the left-hand column; 3) Click the Birthdays link. That’s it! With these few steps, you can make sure that you don’t miss any of your friends’ birthdays.

How to turn off Facebook notifications?

The answer to “How to turn off Facebook notifications?” is simple. First, open the Facebook website on your browser. Then, click on the notifications icon, and look for the notification you want to turn off. Lastly, click on the three dots next to the notification as shown in the picture. This will enable you to turn off the notification.

How do I Turn Off birthday reminders on Facebook?

To turn off birthday reminders on Facebook, log in to your account and select the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of the screen. Then select Settings and scroll down to the Notifications tab. Go to the Birthdays section and switch the toggle to Off. This will turn off all birthday reminders on Facebook.

Final Thoughts

Turning on birthday notifications on Facebook is easy as 1-2-3! With a few clicks you can easily keep up with your friends’ birthdays and make sure that you never forget to send your heartfelt wishes!


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