how to un repost on tiktok

An Easy Guide on How to Un-Repost on TikTok

Are you struggling to find a way to undo a mistake on TikTok and remove an old post? Learn how to un-repost on TikTok with these simple steps and take control of your account today!

Quick Summary

How to Un-Repost on TikTok: A Simple Guide

Un-reposting a video from someone else’s account on TikTok is easy. Step 1:Find the post you want to un-repost. Tap on the Share icon in the bottom right corner. Step 2:When the Share screen opens, select the Repost icon in the top left corner of the screen. Step 3:From the pop up menu, select Unpost which will delete the post and remove it from your profile. Step 4:After selecting Unpost, a confirmation dialogue box will appear. Tap OK to confirm the process. The post will no longer appear on your profile or Feed.

How to Un-Repost on TikTok: A Simple Guide

What is Un-Reposting?

Un-Reposting is the process of removing content that you have shared (or “reposted”) from someone else’s account on TikTok. This may be done for a variety of reasons, such as removing an embarrassing or distasteful post, correcting a mistake in the original post, or simply wanting to clean up your profile.

How to Un-Repost on TikTok

Un-Reposting on TikTok is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Find the post you want to un-repost and select the three dots in the bottom-right corner.
  2. Select “Un-Repost” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the post by selecting “Un-Repost” again.

Things to Remember When Un-Reposting

  • You will not be able to un-repost videos or content that you did not originally post.
  • You may find some posts that cannot be un-reposted due to the account being deleted or blocked.
  • Once you have un-reposted a post, you will not be able to undo or recover it.


Un-Reposting on TikTok is an easy way to quickly remove content from your profile. Just remember to be careful if you decide to permanently remove the post, as it cannot be recovered once deleted.

Personal Experience

Can I undo a TikTok repost?

TikTok is a great platform for sharing content, but if you find that you’ve accidentally reposted something of which you’re less than proud, there’s a way to un-repost the content from your profile. In order to un-repost a video from your profile, you’ll first need to open the content you wish to remove and select the overflow menu option found beneath the video. Once the drop-down menu appears, select ‘Un-repost’ and confirm the action from the pop-up that follows.

Once you have successfully un-reposted the content, you will be immediately notified via the mobile application’s notification system that it has been successful. You will also have the option to share the video back to your profile if you wish, but the post will not appear publicly until you do. This method makes it easy to un-repost any unwanted content quickly and efficiently, meaning you don’t have to spend time searching back through old posts.

It should also be noted that by un-reposting, you will only be removing the reference to the post from your personal profile alone. The original post will still exist, though it will no longer be visible on your profile. In order to completely erase the post, you will need to contact the owner of the original post themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I undo a TikTok repost?

Yes, you can undo a TikTok repost. To do so, simply tap the share button and click on the ‘remove repost’ button. This will remove the content from your profile and any other profiles where it was reposted.

How do I remove the repost feature on TikTok?

To remove the repost feature on TikTok, go to your Profile, then tap on the three stacked lines icon in the top right corner. Select Settings and toggle the Reposts switch to disable. This prevents other users from reposting your videos.

What happens if you accidentally repost a TikTok?

If you accidentally repost a TikTok, you can undo it by selecting the same option as when you reposted it. Simply follow the instructions to ‘share’ or ‘repost’ the video again and select ‘unshare’ or ‘remove’ instead. This will take the video off of your profile and undo the repost.

Where do reposted Tiktoks go?

Reposted Tiktoks can only be seen in the feeds of the user’s friends. The content is credited to the original creator and is relayed through the user. Reposted Tiktoks do not appear in the user’s own feed.

How do I turn off repost?

The easiest way to turn off reposts on TikTok is to navigate to the Settings & Privacy page. From there, select Privacy, scroll to the “Repost Settings” section and toggle off the Receive Reposts feature. This will ensure any future posts will not be able to be reposted.

How do you tell if I reposted something on TikTok?

To determine if something was reposted on TikTok, open the post and look for the arrow icon on the bottom right. If the arrow is filled in, it was reposted and if the arrow is empty or not seen, it was not reposted. You can also open the profile of the original poster to view which posts were reposted in order to verify.

How do TikTok reposts work?

To repost on TikTok, go to the ‘For You’ page of the TikTok Home screen, select the share arrow on a post, and tap the ‘repost’ button. This will generate a copy of the post on your page, giving proper attribution to the original creator. You can also add a caption to the post before it is shared.

What does reposted mean on TikTok?

Reposting on TikTok means to share an existing video with your own followers. It is similar to retweeting on other social media platforms. When a video is reposted, the original creator of the video is credited, and users can add a message to the reposted video to be seen by their followers.

Why does it say repost on TikTok?

Reposting on TikTok allows you to share content that was created by someone else with your followers. When you choose to repost a video, it will say ‘repost’ underneath the video to make sure users are aware that the content is not original. This is done to give credit to the original creator and to help prevent plagiarism or copyright infringement.

Why does TikTok let me repost?

TikTok’s repost feature allows users to quickly and easily share content with their followers. By reposting, users can spread messages, videos and content that are meaningful to them and engage with their followers on a regular basis. The repost feature is a great way to grow one’s online presence and build relationships with other users.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to un-reposting content on TikTok, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. This guide’s easy-to-follow instructions can walk users through the steps of deleting a post, even if the post has already been re-shared multiple times. As long as the original post is tracked down and the right buttons are pushed, users should have no trouble in successfully un-reposting.


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