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Quick Guide on How to Undo in Notes App on iPhone

Are you trying to figure out how to undo changes in the Notes app on your iPhone? Don’t worry, we have the answers you need right here! Learn how to quickly undo your recent note changes and get back to note taking in no time!

Quick Summary

   How to Undo in Notes App on iPhone: Quick Guide

The Notes app in iPhone lets you keep notes and create to-do lists quickly and on the go. But, you may sometimes have the need to undo or redo actions if taken wrongly. Here’s a quick guide on how to undo the actions taken in your Notes app.

To undo changes, simply shake the phone. A prompt will appear asking you whether you’d like to undo, click on the ‘Undo’ option, and your action will be undone. Undoing edits and writing will also bring back any text that was removed or deleted. It is always recommended to save your notes regularly so that any unintended changes can be undone.

If you want to redo an action that was undone, click the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner. A redo icon should appear next to the undo icon in the center, click on it and your action will be redone!

In conclusion, the Notes app on iPhone is an easy and efficient way to take down notes and create to-do lists. Undoing and redoing actions is easy, simply shake the phone to undo, and the pencil icon to redo. It is also recommended to save regularly in order to avoid any loss of notes.

How to Undo in Notes App on iPhone: Quick Guide

Are you looking for a quick guide on how to undo on notes on your iPhone? It’s much easier than you thought! All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to easily and efficiently undo your last note!

The Step-by-Step Guide on How to Undo on Notes iPhone

  • Open the Notes app on your iPhone.
  • If you’ve written a note and need to undo it, tap on the ‘Undo’ icon.
  • The undo icon is a curved arrow placed at the top-right corner of your screen. When you press it, the last note you wrote will be automatically removed.
  • You can undo as many notes as you’d like but only the last note you wrote can be removed by pressing the undo icon.
  • If you don’t press the undo icon and leave the Notes app, the note you wrote will stay unless you manually delete it.
  • That’s it! You’re now successfully equipped with the knowledge on how to undo on Notes on your iPhone. Go ahead and make use of this knowledge to your advantage!

    Personal Experience

    How do I undo a shared note change on iPhone?

    As an expert, I often find myself needing to undo an action on my iPhone Notes app. Depending on what type of undo you are attempting, there are several ways that you can go about reverting back.

    If you want to undo typing, double tap the last word you added with three fingers. This brings up a menu that gives you the option to either Cut, Copy or Paste the word. You will also find an “Undo Typing” button that when you select it, will erase the last word you typed.

    If you need to undo something more complicated like adding a photo, vector image or sketch, go to the screen where the item was added and select the small curved arrow that appears at the top right-hand side. Click it and you will see the option to “Undo” the action.

    If you need to remove an entire list, swipe left on the list with one finger. There will be an option to delete the entire list. When deleting items from a list, you can tap and hold on the items you want to delete and select the trashcan icon at the top right-hand corner.

    No matter what type of undo you need to perform on the iPhone Notes app, hopefully this quick guide helps you out. For any more detailed instructions, feel free to reach out and I will be happy to help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I undo a shared note change on iPhone?

    left with three fingers on the keyboard to undo your last typed text. Additionally, if you have made a change to a shared note, you can choose the option to ‘Revert’ from the three-dot menu on the top-right corner of the note to undo the change.

    Can you undo a mistake in Notes on iPhone?

    Yes, you can undo a mistake in Notes on iPhone. To do so, shake the iPhone while the Notes app is still open. This will prompt a message asking if you want to undo the mistake. Select the option to confirm and your mistake will be undone.

    Can you undo something you deleted in Notes?

    Yes, it is possible to undo something you deleted in Notes. To do this, you can recover and edit deleted notes from or from devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID within the last 30 days. However, you cannot undo changes made to edited or shared notes.

    How do you undo a mistake on Apple Notes?

    To undo a mistake on Apple Notes, select Edit > Undo from the Edit menu at the top of the screen, or press Command-Z. To redo an action you just undid, choose Edit > Redo, or press Shift-Command-Z. With these commands you can quickly and easily undo mistakes on your Apple Notes.

    Can you undo erasing in Notes on iPhone?

    Yes, you can undo erasing in Notes on iPhone. iCloud keeps a copy of all your deleted Notes for the past 30 days, allowing you to recover deleted notes. You can recover and edit notes you deleted in the last 30 days on or on your devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID.

    How do I undo accidentally clearing all text in a note on an iPhone?

    a shake. Shake your iPhone and a confirmation will pop up asking if you want to undo your last action – tapping delete. Select the ‘Undo’ option and it will restore the autocleared text back to the note.

    How do I undo accidental delete on iPhone?

    The best way to undo an accidental delete on an iPhone is to use the iOS system’s ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. This folder is located in the Files app and houses any files you’ve recently deleted. To recover a file, open the folder, select the file you would like to restore, and hit the ‘Recover’ button. The file would then be restored to its original location.

    How do I view edit history on iPhone Notes?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to view edit history on iPhone Notes. The app only records the date and time of the last edit and does not have any ability to restore earlier versions of a note. This means you should take extra care when editing notes in the iPhone Notes app as there is no way to undo mistakes or view previous edits.

    How do I undo an accidental delete in Notes?

    To undo an accidental delete in Notes, select the Recently Deleted folder from the left navigation bar. From there, select the deleted note you would like to recover, then click the Recover button. Alternatively, you can use the “Restore from a previous version” feature to restore a previous version of the deleted note.

    Does deleting a shared note delete it for everyone?

    Yes, deleting a shared note will delete it for everyone. This applies to all platforms and devices that the note was shared with. Once a note is deleted, it cannot be recovered, so it is important to make sure all collaborators are aware before deleting the note.

    Final Thoughts

    The ability to undo in the Notes App on iPhone is a great tool that allows users to quickly and easily retract anything they may have said or written without having to start all over again. This quick guide provided a few easy steps to follow to make sure you are able to undo in the Notes App on your iPhone. From swiping left and tapping More to using the undo and redo buttons, the Notes App on iPhone provides the perfect platform to quickly scroll through older versions of your notes without any confusion. The intuitive design of the Notes App on iPhone was also covered to make sure users get the most out of their experience. All in all, the Notes App on iPhone is the perfect place to quickly and easily undo or redo any harm you may have done in writing.


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