how to view someones instagram story without them knowing

View Someone’s Instagram Story Anonymously: A Step-By-Step Guide

Ever wanted to find out what your friends and family are up to on Instagram without them noticing? Now, you can view their Instagram stories without them ever knowing – by following this simple ‘How to View Someone’s Instagram Story Without Them Knowing’ guide.

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Viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously: Instagram stories are a great way to stay updated with friends and family. But, you may not always want to make your identity visible while viewing stories. Thankfully, there is an easy way to view Instagram stories without anyone knowing. Here is a step-by-step guide to view someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously:

Step 1: Head to the Instagram website – You don’t need to sign in or create an account, so go to the Stories section of the website instead.

Step 2: Search for the account you’d like to view anonymously. You can either search by name or username, depending on which you know.

Step 3: Once you find the account you want to view, scroll down to the ‘Stories’ section. You should see their current stories available to view or skip.

Step 4: When you view an Instagram story, it will appear as a blob (rather than your profile picture). This means that the account owner will not know who you are.

Step 5: Once you’re done viewing the story, log out of your account or quit the app. This way the account you viewed the Story from will remain anonymous.

How to View Someone’s Instagram Story without Them Knowing: A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you wondering how to view someone’s Instagram Story without them knowing? We have the perfect step-by-step guide for you!

Step One: Open Instagram

The first step to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing is to open up the Instagram app. Once you have opened the app, go to the person’s profile page whose story you want to view.

Step Two: Check for a Story

Once you are on the user’s profile page, look at the top where the profile picture and bio are and see if they have published a Story recently. If they have, you will see an icon shaped like a camera with a colorful ring around it. This is the Story that you want to view.

Step Three: Turn on Airplane Mode

The third step is to turn on Airplane mode on your phone. This will ensure that when you view the story, it won’t show up in their viewers’ list.

When you are in Airplane mode, go to the person’s story by tapping on the colorful ring of the camera icon and view it. Once you are done, simply close the Instagram app, switch off Airplane mode and you’re good to go!

Additional Tips

  • If the person has posted multiple slides in the Story, make sure you view the entire story before closing the Instagram app in Airplane mode. This will ensure that the story is marked as viewed, without them knowing.
  • If you do not have access to Airplane mode, you can try using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This will allow you to mask your IP address, making it appear as if someone from another place is looking at the Story.
  • Another trick is to view the Story in incognito mode if you are using the browser version of Instagram. This will also help you to hide your IP address.


So that’s it! With the help of these simple steps, you can view someone’s Instagram Story without them knowing. Try it out today and start scrolling through your favourite influencer’s stories without getting caught!

Personal Experience

How can I see private Instagram without following 2022?

Viewing someone’s Instagram story without them knowing is possible with just a few steps. Firstly, create a new account on the platform, make sure to use a different username and email address than the one used for your primary account. Then, log into the secondary account and search for the user whose story you want to view. Make sure you’re searching through the story tab, rather than the main feed. Finally, to make sure they can’t tell that you’ve seen it, change your profile picture or disable the read receipts on Instagram.

This technique works best when done discreetly, as the user may easily suspect something when they see the same viewer repeatedly. To prevent this, it’s important to regularly change the account details you’re using to view the story. Make sure to also switch devices when viewing their story, as they can also track you if you keep using the same device repeatedly.

Using this technique, you can view someone’s story without them knowing and it’s a great way to keep tabs on someone without them becoming aware of it. However, make sure to use it wisely, as it can be considered intrusive if done excessively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see private Instagram without following 2022?

The quickest and simplest way to view a private Instagram account without following them is to use a private Instagram viewer app such as Glassagram or uMobix. These apps allow you to view private Instagram accounts without having to follow them, meaning that you can remain anonymous and still be able to see what the private profile is posting. However, as Instagram continues to update its algorithm, it may become more difficult to view private accounts in the future, so it may be worth considering other methods such as using an influence platform or networking within your own industry.

How to follow a private account on Instagram without requesting?

The easiest way to follow a private account on Instagram without requesting is to simply hit the “Follow” button on the Instagram app or website. Wait for the account’s owner to accept or reject your request. You must be patient and understand that the account holder has a right to privacy.

Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram story if I’m private?

No, someone cannot see that you viewed their story if you are private. Private accounts on Instagram have limited visibility, so the person with the private profile will not be able to know if someone viewed their story. Viewing someone’s story anonymously is not possible, so the only way to see a private user’s story is to follow them and have them accept your follow request.

What can people see on a private Instagram account?

People with a private Instagram account can only be seen and interacted with by their approved followers. This includes posts, likes and comments. Public posts liked by the user will be visible to all users.

Can people message me if I have a private Instagram account?

Yes, people can message you even if you have a private Instagram account. Even if you don’t follow them, they can still send messages to your profile as long as they know your username. Private accounts still allow for you to receive direct messages from followers and non-followers alike.

Can a private Instagram account see who views?

No, private Instagram accounts cannot see who views their profile. This is a feature of the platform that is specifically designed to keep users’ profile viewing activity private. Therefore, anyone viewing a private Instagram account will remain anonymous to the account’s owner.

Why am I getting Instagram requests from strangers?

You may be getting Instagram requests from strangers because Instagram is a public platform. Spammers use bots to scour Instagram, creating accounts and sending follow requests in hopes of getting more followers or harvesting information. These requests, also known as ‘Instaspam’, should be ignored as they are not from real people.

Can I look at someone’s Instagram without them knowing?

No, you cannot look at someone’s Instagram without them knowing. Instagram stories are visible to all followers, so the other person will be aware that you viewed their story. However, there is a way to view stories without letting the other person know you’ve done so. To do this, pause the story you want to watch before it fully starts to play, then tap and drag it to the side to view it without the other person being notified.

How can you see someones Instagram stories if they are private?

You can view someone’s private Instagram stories anonymously by downloading and installing “StoryView for Instagram,” a free application available on the Play Market for Android devices. It provides access to all private Instagram stories without requiring any login. StoryView for Instagram ensures that you remain completely anonymous while viewing these stories.

Final Thoughts

Instagram stories offer a great way to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues regardless of distance. This guide provides a helpful set of steps for viewing Instagram stories anonymously. With this guide, it has become easier to check a person’s story without them being aware of it. This can be a great way to keep a check on the activities of the people in your network while still maintaining privacy.


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