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What Happens if I Delete the Instagram App? Understand the Impacts before Deleting.

If you’re wondering what will happen if you delete the Instagram app, you should be aware that any unsaved drafts will be lost, while anyone can still follow or unfollow your profile. Don’t let your drafts go to waste – make sure to save or publish them before you delete the app.

Quick Summary

  Understand the Impacts of Deleting Instagram: What Happens if You Delete the App?

If you delete the Instagram app, you will lose access to all of your content and information such as posts, likes, comments, and followers. Since your drafts will be deleted too, you should either publish them before uninstalling the app or save them on your phone. Even after you uninstall the app, your existing Instagram account will still remain active and you can access your profile and content through the web version of Instagram.

Uninstalling the Instagram app could also have an impact on your brand’s online reputation. You may experience a dip in engagement or visibility if you lose access to popular content or if followers are unable to interact with you through the app. Before deleting the Instagram app, you should consider the implications of not having access to the app’s features and analytics.

It is also important to be aware of the potential security risks of uninstalling the Instagram app. Your account could be targeted by hackers or malicious software if you log in from other providers that may not use the same level of security as Instagram. It is wise to take caution and remember that it is never a good idea to post personal information such as addresses or credit card numbers on any social media platform.

Think carefully before deleting the Instagram app as it could have a range of implications for you and your brand. While uninstalling the app may be a necessary step for some, consider all of the potential impacts carefully before doing so.

Understand the Impacts of Deleting Instagram: What Happens if You Delete the App?

Loss of Access to Your Photos, Videos, Profiles & Posts

When you delete the Instagram app, you will no longer have access to your photos, videos, profiles, and posts associated with your account. Once you delete the app, you will no longer be able to view or comment on posts, send direct messages or chat messages, or view stories.

No Longer Show Up in People’s Feeds or Searches

If you delete Instagram, you will no longer appear in the feeds of people who follow you or in searches by people who are looking for your username. This means that any followers you had before you deleted the app will no longer be able to see you or the content you share.

Loss of Access to Your Business Account

If you have a business account on Instagram, you will lose access to it if you delete the app. You will also no longer be able to access any Insights or analytics associated with your business account, which can be useful for tracking the performance and reach of your posts.

Unable to Reactivate Your Account

Once you delete the Instagram app, you will no longer be able to reactivate your account. If you ever want to use Instagram again, you will need to create a new account.

Sign out of Devices Automatically

When you delete the Instagram app, you will be automatically signed out of any devices you have logged in to with your Instagram account credentials. This means that anyone who previously had access to your account will no longer be able to view or use it.

Issues with Reinstalling the App

If you ever decide to reinstall the Instagram app after you’ve deleted it, you may experience some issues with the reinstallation. For example, you may be required to log in to your account using a new username and password. Additionally, any data associated with your account may be lost if you uninstall and reinstall the app.

What Should You Do?

  • Publish content you still want to share before uninstalling the app.
  • Save any photos, videos, and posts that you don’t want to lose.
  • Sign out of any devices you use with your Instagram account.
  • Back up any insights or analytics associated with your business account.

Personal Experience

What happens when you delete Instagram app?

When I deleted the Instagram app from my phone, I was not sure what the impact would be. Would I still be able to access my account, or would all of my posts be permanently deleted? Fortunately, I found out that all my posts, likes and comments were still intact when I downloaded the app once again. My profile was in the exact same state as before the deletion. However, three changes were made: 1) I was no longer following anyone, 2) I did not have any saved drafts, and 3) my profile’s settings reverted to default settings.

To avoid losing my drafts, I soon learned that I had to save them to my device’s storage or post them before uninstalling the app. The same was true for any content I stored in the ‘Files’ tab of my profile, such as photos, videos and stories drafts. I could also backup my stories, highlights and saved messages by downloading them.

This experience also made me more aware of the importance of backing up my posts; as well as my settings and other content, to ensure I have access to them even if I uninstall the app. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the safety measures that Instagram has in place to protect user data. Deleting the app does not affect user content, and re-installing the app is the key to retaining all my content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you delete Instagram app?

When you delete the Instagram app, your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes and followers will be permanently removed. You have the option to deactivate your account temporarily rather than delete it. Deleting your Instagram app permanently removes your profile and all associated content from Instagram.

How do you know if someone deleted Instagram app?

1. Check their profile; if the Instagram app is deleted, their profile will no longer appear. 2. Ask the person directly; they can confirm if they deleted the app or not. 3. Look for notifications; if there are no notifications from the account on your phone, the app may have been deleted.

What happens if you uninstall Instagram app?

Uninstalling the Instagram app does not delete your account. Your account will remain active, but you will no longer have access to the app features and you won’t be able to use Instagram from your device until you reinstall the app. To permanently delete your account, you must go to the Instagram website and follow the instructions listed there.

How can you tell if someone uninstalled Instagram?

To find out if someone uninstalled Instagram, you should check if their profile is still active on the platform. If their profile is no longer available, it may indicate that they have deleted their account or uninstalled the app. To do this, search for their username on Instagram. If their profile is not found, they may have uninstalled the app.

What do other people see when you delete your Instagram account?

When you delete your Instagram account, other people will no longer be able to see your profile, posts, videos, comments, or likes. Your profile will no longer be visible to anyone else and will be hidden from search results. Additionally, your username and any content associated with it will be permanently removed from the platform.

Can people see my Instagram after I delete it?

No, people cannot see your Instagram after you delete it. All of your information, including your profile, posts, and stories, are no longer accessible once you have deleted your account. Your Instagram information is completely removed from the platform and cannot be retrieved once deleted.

How do you delete Instagram app on iPhone?

To delete the Instagram app from an iPhone, open the App Library on the Home Screen, touch and hold the Instagram app icon, then tap “Delete App”. Confirm the action by tapping “Delete”. This will delete Instagram from both App Library and the Home Screen.

How do I completely uninstall an app on my iPhone?

To completely uninstall an app on your iPhone, go to the Home Screen. Touch and hold the app icon until the app icons start to jiggle. Tap the ‘X’ icon in the upper-left corner of the app to uninstall it from your device. This will remove the app from your device, along with all of its associated data and settings.

How do I get rid of an app that I don’t want?

To uninstall an app from your mobile device, open the Google Play Store app, tap the Profile icon at the top right, scroll to the ‘My apps & games’ section and tap the app you wish to remove. Finally, tap Uninstall and confirm.

How to delete or deactivate your Instagram account?

To deactivate or delete your Instagram account: 1. Visit the Instagram website, and log into your account. 2. Click on your profile picture in the top right, and tap theMenu icon. 3. Click on “Edit Profile,” then “Temporarily disable myaccount.” Follow the on-screen instructions for completing the process.

How long can I keep my Instagram account deactivated for?

You can keep your Instagram account deactivated for as long as you like. There is no expiration date or limit, so you can keep it deactivated for as short or as long as you want. Whether that be for 10 months, 10 days, or any other duration, it’s completely up to you.

How do you permanently delete Instagram account?

To permanently delete an Instagram account, log in to your account on instagram.com from a computer or mobile browser. Navigate to the “Delete Your Account” page and follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your account deletion. Be aware that once an account is deleted, there is no way to undo this action or recover your account and content.

How to delete or deactivate Instagram account from iPhone?

To delete or deactivate your Instagram account from iPhone, first open up your browser and navigate to Instagram’s delete account page. Scroll down and select the appropriate answer to the “Why are you deleting your account?” question. Finally, confirm your decision to delete or deactivate the account and your account will be permanently deleted or deactivated.

Final Thoughts

It is important to understand the impacts of deleting the Instagram app before doing so. Once the app is deleted all account information, including profiles, posts, comments, stories and drafts, can no longer be recovered. Users should take the time to either publish or save their drafts before deleting the app to ensure that their content is secure. Following this advice can help ensure no Instagram content is lost and keep users connected with their followers.


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