if i unblock someone on imessage what happens

Unblocking Someone on iMessage: What Happens?

If you’re wondering what will happen if you unblock someone on iMessage, you’re in luck – you’ll be able to view messages and contact them again right away! Unblocking someone on iMessage is a great way to maintain contact and restore communication on Apple’s popular messaging app.

Quick Summary

  What Happens If You Unblock Someone on iMessage?

When you unblock someone on iMessage, the person can now send and receive messages from you. The moment you unblock a contact, they will be able to find you in their contact list and can communicate with you on the app. If you had muted a conversation or made them invisible in your contacts list before, this will also be reversed.

The person you’ve unblocked will not be notified if you unblock them. If you had blocked a contact due to receiving unwanted messages from them, then their messages will now start showing up in your inbox if they decide to contact you again. Also, any messages you had sent to that particular contact prior to blocking them will now become visible in the chat thread.

If you had conversations carried out with other people in the chat thread, their messages will remain visible as well. You can always ask the person you unblocked that they have not received any messages sent by you while they were blocked before.

What Happens If You Unblock Someone on iMessage?

If you have blocked someone on iMessage, and then decide to unblock them, it can be a confusing and intimidating process. But understanding what happens when you unblock someone on iMessage is important, so that you are prepared for the outcomes of unblocking someone.

Here’s What Could Happen When You Unblock Someone on iMessage:

  • Any messages sent from the previously blocked contact will reappear in your Messages timeline.
  • The blocked contact will then be able to read and respond to your messages.
  • The blocked contact will also be able to call you if your iPhone’s caller ID is set to ‘Shown.’
  • If your iMessage is set up with your email address, then the blocked contact will be able to send messages to that email address.

Things to Consider Before Unblocking a Contact on iMessage

  • Think about why you blocked this contact in the first place. Have those reasons changed?
  • If you do decide to unblock them, be prepared for a potentially awkward conversation.
  • Consider the possibility of blocking them again if the relationship goes south.
  • Unblocking someone on iMessage can have a variety of outcomes, but understanding what could happen ahead of time can help you make the best decision as to whether you should unblock them or not.

    Personal Experience

    What happens if I unblock someone on iMessage?

    I recently had a situation where I needed to unblock someone on iMessage. I had blocked this person a few weeks prior, but removed the block after a recent conversation we had. I wanted to make sure we kept in touch. After unblocking this person, I was pleasantly surprised.

    iMessage gave me the option to ‘Send a Message’ to this person right away. I was relieved that I could send my message and the other person would receive it. Furthermore, the person was able to send me messages as well.

    Although I hadn’t exchanged messages with this person in quite some time, their messages were still available. All of the messages sent between us prior to being blocked appeared in a string, in chronological order. This was very useful, as I was able to find the messages easily without having to scroll through a long list of chat logs.

    Overall, unblocking someone on iMessage was a simple process that did not take very long. Furthermore, it gave me the opportunity to keep in touch with someone I hadn’t contacted in a while. I had no issues with the experience and would definitely recommend the feature to anyone wanting to unblock someone on iMessage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens if I unblock someone on iMessage?

    Answer: Unblocking someone on iMessage will allow you to receive messages they send in the future. You will not receive previously sent messages, but you will be able to receive all messages going forward. Unblocking someone will ensure you will continue to receive messages from them.

    Will a person receive texts after unblocking?

    Yes, a person will receive texts after unblocking a contact. When a contact is blocked, any message sent from that contact will not appear on the person’s device. However, once the contact is unblocked, past messages sent while the contact was blocked will appear on the person’s device.

    Do iMessage get delivered after unblocking?

    Yes, iMessages will get delivered after unblocking. Unblocking will allow users to receive messages from the sender again, and the word “delivered” will appear below the message. Blocking prevents any messages from being sent or received, so unblocking is necessary for a successful delivery.

    When someone unblocks you on iPhone do they get your messages?

    Yes, when someone unblocks you on iPhone, they will get any messages that were sent during the time they were blocked. If a message was sent prior to being blocked, that message will not be received.

    What happens when you unblock someone on Discord?

    Unblocking someone on Discord allows you to read their messages again in any server you share and direct message them. You can block a user you’ve unblocked again at any time. Unblocking someone on Discord restores the ability to communicate with them.

    Will sent messages go through after unblocking?

    Yes, messages will go through after unblocking someone. Unblocking a contact will allow the user to send and receive messages from that contact. Once unblocked, all messages sent from the previously blocked contact will go through as normal.

    How do you know if you are unblocked on iPhone?

    s Appearing When Sending Messages Has Changed. 3 Method #3: You See Your Contact in Other Apps such as FaceTime and the Phone App. 4 Method #4: You Can See Your Contact’s Profile Image.

    What happens when someone unblocks you iPhone?

    When someone unblocks you iPhone, you will be able to receive calls and messages from that number again. You may also receive any messages that were sent while the number was blocked. To unblock a number, go to the ‘Phone’ app and select ‘Recents’, then tap the info button next to the contact you want to unblock.

    When you unblock someone on iPhone can you see the messages?

    The answer is: Yes, when you unblock someone on an iPhone you will still see the messages they sent you while they were blocked. However, any messages sent during the time the person was blocked will not be visible after they are unblocked. Additionally, if the person sent you a message while they were blocked, this message will be delivered automatically once the block is lifted.

    Can you see if someone messaged you after you unblock them?

    Yes, you can see if someone messaged you after you unblock them. After you unblock someone, they will be able to send messages which your phone will notify you of. That way, you can tell if they sent you a message while they were blocked or not.

    Final Thoughts

    Unblocking someone who you previously blocked on iMessage restores their ability to contact you via text message. This means that after unblocking them, you may receive messages from them that you sent prior to blocking, as well as any new messages they may send. Unblocking someone on iMessage also allows you to send messages to that contact and to call them on FaceTime without needing to add them as a contact. While the risks associated with unblocking someone on iMessage, such as the possibility of receiving unsolicited messages, cannot be completely eliminated, they can be managed by activating the Do Not Disturb feature or opting to delete or filter these messages. Thus, if you have chosen to block someone on iMessage, unblocking them can be a viable and relatively risk-free solution if you are in contact with them again.


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