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How to Use Likes and Unlikes on Instagram Posts

Have you ever accidentally “liked” a post on Instagram, only to realize moments later that you needed to undo it? It’s happened to us all; but did you know there’s only 10 seconds to act before it’s too late? Don’t let an embarrassing mistake ruin your Instagram experience; learn more about what to do if you “like” and “unlike” a post on the social networking site!

Quick Summary

  If You Like and Unlike a Post on Instagram: A Guide to Using Likes and Unlikes

How to Like and Unlike Instagram Posts: Log into your Instagram account, then find the post you want to like or unlike. To show your approval, click or tap the “Like” button located below the post. If a post already has other user’s likes shown, you’ll find a “Unlike” button instead of the “Like” button. If you change your mind and decide to unlike a post, click or tap the “Unlike” button to remove your approval from the post. Additionally, you can click or tap the post to view the list of usernames who have liked it before you. That’s it – you now know how to like and unlike Instagram posts.

If You Like and Unlike a Post on Instagram: A Guide to Using Likes and Unlikes

Liking and unliking a post on Instagram may seem like a simple task, but there are a few nuances to learn so that you get the most out of your experience. Whether you’re using Instagram to increase brand awareness, grow your personal profile, or just to connect with friends, understanding the basics of using likes and unlikes can help you get the best out of this popular social media platform.

What Is a ‘Like’ and an ‘Unlike’ on Instagram?

When you ‘like’ or ‘unlike’ a post on Instagram, you are basically giving your opinion of that post. A ‘like’ indicates your approval and appreciation of the post, while an ‘unlike’ conveys disapproval or non-interest in the content. For both terms, the respective action sends a strong signal to the original author of the post.

How to ‘Like’ or ‘Unlike’ a Post On Instagram

It’s easy to like or unlike a post on Instagram. All you have to do is open the post and click the heart-shaped icon at the bottom of the post. If you want to unlike a post, just press the heart icon again — it will turn from white to gray, indicating that you have now unliked the post.

The Benefits of ‘Liking’ or ‘Unliking’ a Post

By liking or unliking a post, you give feedback to the author or the person who posted. A ‘like’ can show your appreciation, while an ‘unlike’ can signal that you find the post unnecessary or irrelevant. Liking or unliking a post also helps other users determine the quality of the post and may influence their opinion or decision regarding the same.


Knowing how to like or unlike a post on Instagram can give you more control over the type of content you want to see and how you want other users to perceive your posts. So, try to use likes and unlikes to communicate with both your followers and the persons whose posts you follow.

Personal Experience

What to do if you accidentally like someone

I have found that liking and unliking a post on Instagram presents a tricky situation as there is no way to be sure how the other person is going to interpret it. On one hand, it could be taken as a sign of approval or endorsement, and on the other it might be seen as disingenuous. If a post is liked only to be unliked a short time later, the person who posted it might assume it was not appreciated and no longer relevant.

From my experience, if you are not sure how your action is going to be interpreted, it’s best to avoid liking or unliking a post. This also applies to liking a post several times. You could be seen as trying to encourage the person who posted it and they may appreciate the sentiment, but it can often come across as trite or insincere.

I have found it works best to like a post if you genuinely appreciate it, and do not feel the need or impulse to unlike it. It’s also best to avoid automating or bottling the process. Authenticating your response and engaging with the content is a much more effective way of showing your appreciation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if you accidentally like someone’s Instagram post?

If you accidentally like someone’s Instagram post, you can easily “unlike” it by tapping on the heart-shaped button, which is red when it has already been liked. This will remove the like and the notification will not be sent to the post’s author. If you have any further questions regarding this issue, Instagram’s help center may be able to provide you with additional information.

Does unliking a post remove the notification?

No, unliking a post does not remove the notification. The post will still appear in their notifications, regardless if the post is liked or unliked. However, if the user only checks their notifications intermittently, the post may appear for a short duration of time and then be removed.

Does Instagram notify someone when you Unlike a message?

No, Instagram does not notify someone when you Unlike a message. The like alert will disappear quickly after unliking the photo and the person who posted the message will not receive any push notification. It’s important to note that Instagram notifications may be turned on and off at any time.

What happens when you Unlike a message on Instagram?

When you Unlike a message on Instagram, the person who posted it will not be notified. If you Like and Unlike it quickly, no one will know. However, if you leave it Liked for any amount of time, the notification will be sent.

Do people get notified when you Unlike their message?

No, people do not get notified when you Unlike their message. Unlike Liking a post, Unliking does not generate a notification and the person whose post was Unliked will not be aware of it. The only way the person would know that their post was Unliked is if they were checking their notifications or viewing the post itself when the Unlike was made.

Does Instagram notify when you react to a message?

Yes, Instagram will notify users when you react to a message. Notifications can be received when the user is on the app or when their notifications are turned on. If notifications are turned off, the user will not be notified about the reaction.

What happens when you unlike someone’s post on Instagram?

When you unlike someone’s post on Instagram, the like alert will disappear from other people’s Activity. The person who posted it may still get a push notification if they have notifications turned on. Consequently, the post will no longer be visible in the list of people who liked it.

Can you tell if someone unliked your Instagram post?

Yes, you can tell if someone unliked your Instagram post. Scroll through the list of likes for your post and look for names that have been crossed out. If a name has been crossed out, it means that person unliked your post.

Does Unliking send a notification?

No, unliking an Instagram post does not send a notification. Instagram does not send out notifications for unliking posts, so the user who posted it will not be informed that you have gone back and removed your like. However, the user will be able to see if their number of likes decreases, which could prompt them to look deeper and discover that you have unliked their post.

How do you find out who unliked your Instagram photo?

To find out who unliked your Instagram photo, you can compare the number of likes it originally had to the current number. Any decrease in likes indicates someone unliked it. You can click on the list of people who liked your post to check if anyone’s name is missing from the list. If so, that person unliked your photo.

How to Unlike a photo on Instagram?

To unlike a photo on Instagram, tap the heart icon under the post to remove your like. It is not possible to unlike a photo by double tapping it. If you accidentally liked a post, the heart icon can be used to quickly remove the like.

Does Instagram send notifications when you like or unlike a post?

Yes, Instagram sends notifications when you like or unlike a post. Whenever you tap the heart button or double-tap the post, the user will receive a notification almost immediately. However, if you like the post and then unlike it, the user will still receive the notification.

How do you know if you’ve casually liked a post on Instagram?

The easiest way to know if you’ve liked a post on Instagram is to check your notifications. You will see a notification if you’ve liked or unlike a post. Additionally, you can scroll back through your activity feed to find the post you’ve liked, as it will be highlighted by a heart outline.

What happens if you like someone else’s Instagram photo?

When you like someone else’s Instagram photo, they receive a split-second notification if they are in the app. If you then decide to unlike their photo, the notification will be removed. Overall, liking someone else’s Instagram photo will always alert them, though you can remove the notification.

Final Thoughts

Using likes and unlikes on Instagram posts can be a great way to show admiration or to quickly correct a mistake. However, it is important to note that it is wise to handle this kind of activity carefully as it may result in a post or comment being removed or not getting the intended attention. Additionally, it is important to remember that likes and unlikes are not instant; there is a short lag time before the changes take place. Therefore, it is important to double check one’s activities to avoid any mishaps.


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