if you unfriend someone on facebook do their likes disappear

Does Unfriending Someone on Facebook Make Their Likes Disappear?

The question of “if you unfriend someone on Facebook do their likes disappear” is a common one among social media users. Unfortunately, the answer is not cut and dry; while the person you unfriend won’t be able to directly view your posts, they may still be able to see their past likes and comments if the post is still up. To ensure complete privacy in the situation, it is best to not only unfriend, but also block the person and delete any comments or posts associated with them.

Quick Summary

Unfriending someone on Facebook does not make their likes and comments disappear. The likes and comments only disappear if you block the person or delete the comment and status from the post. To block a person or friend on Facebook, go to the “Account” tab and click on “Privacy Settings”. Then press the “Privacy” tab to open.

Keep in mind that when you block someone on Facebook, the person can no longer see what you post or comment on posts, and they can’t send you friend requests. Blocking someone on Facebook also keeps them from starting conversations with you in Messenger, and they won’t be able to add you as a friend. Any connections you have with them, such as being a mutual friend or being in the same Facebook group, will also be removed.

Types of Effects of Unfriending Someone on Facebook: Do Likes Disappear?

Does Unfriending Remove Likes?

Unfriending someone on Facebook will not automatically remove their likes and comments off of a post or status. Unless the person blocks the individual they unfriended, or the user deletes any comments or posts they made, the likes and comments will still be visible.

How to Block Someone?

In order to block someone, the user should follow these steps:

  • Go to Account Settings, and click on the Privacy option.
  • Select the Privacy tab.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, when someone is unfriended on Facebook, their likes and comments will still be visible unless the user chooses to block that person or delete the comments. Blocking someone can be done fairly easily by using the privacy settings tab.

Personal Experience

When I unfriended someone on Facebook, their likes still showed up. I was surprised because I had expected the likes and comments on posts to disappear as soon as I unfriended them. It turns out that the only way to truly remove the likes and comments is to block the person or delete the comment or status on the post. To successfully block someone on Facebook, you need to go to your Account tab, click Privacy Settings, then click the Privacy tab. By doing this, you can easily block the person and ensure that any likes and comments from that person remain hidden from your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you unfriend someone on Facebook do their likes disappear?

Yes, when you unfriend someone on Facebook their likes disappear. Unblocking someone won’t restore any likes they had given to your posts before. All previous likes and comments are removed once a user is blocked.

What happens on Facebook when you unfriend someone?

Unfriending someone on Facebook removes them from your friends list. The person you unfriended will not receive any notifications, however they may notice that you are no longer in their list of friends. Unfriending someone on Facebook is an effective way to remove yourself from someone’s network on the platform.

Why would someones like disappear on Facebook?

The reason why someone’s like may disappear on Facebook is because the user has deactivated or deleted their account or is deceased. Deactivated accounts will not count as likes anymore, while accounts of those who are deceased will result in the remaining likes being removed. Therefore, when either of these scenarios occur, the likes associated with a Facebook account may disappear.

Do comments disappear when you unfriend someone?

Yes, comments do not disappear when you unfriend someone. They can still be accessed, and the person can still be found when searched. Unfriending someone does not have any effect on their existing comments. All existing comments are still visible, regardless of the friendship status.

What happens to posts when you unfriend someone on Facebook?

When you unfriend someone on Facebook, posts you publish will no longer be visible to the person you unfriended. However, that person can still send you direct messages. Facebook users are not notified when you unfriend them. Unfriending someone on Facebook is a way to remove posts for the person you unfriended while still allowing them to contact you in private.

Can someone see your posts if you unfriend them?

Yes, someone can still see your posts if you unfriend them. Unfriending someone only removes them from your friends list and does not limit their access to your profile, posts, tags, or messages. It is recommended to block the person if you do not want them to be able to see your posts.

How do I block someone from seeing my tagged photos on Facebook?

To block someone from seeing your tagged photos on Facebook, go to the Settings menu. Scroll down and tap on Privacy, then select Profile and Tagging. From there, choose Who Can See Posts You’re Tagged In On Your Profile? Select the audiences (such as None) of people you don’t want to view the posts, and click done. This will prevent any person outside that selected audience from seeing the posts you’ve been tagged in.

Why do tagged photos disappear on Facebook?

Tagged photos disappear on Facebook when either the person who tagged the photo or the post owner removes the tag. This will depend on the privacy settings of the photos’ owner. If the photos are set as public, the tagged photos will not disappear unless the tag is removed.

Why would someone’s likes disappear on Facebook?

Answer: Likes on Facebook rarely disappear. The two main instances when someone’s likes may disappear are if their account is deactivated or disabled, or if the user is deceased. In both cases, the associated likes on Facebook may no longer be present.

Why do my likes on people’s post disappear?

Likes on people’s posts can disappear for multiple reasons, but the most likely one is bots liking fake profiles instead of real users. Instagram has algorithms in place that detect this and will delete any likes from these fake profiles. This is why it’s important to be careful when liking other people’s posts to avoid potentially damaging your own profile.

Can someone hide likes on Facebook?

Yes, you can hide your likes on Facebook. To do so, click on the globe button next to the category you want to edit and select the “Only me” privacy setting. This will make your likes only visible to you. Sep 29, 2022 is the last date for this action.

When someone leaves Facebook do their likes disappear?

No, if someone leaves Facebook their likes do not disappear. When someone deactivates their account, they can turn it back on at a later time within the “pause button” feature, and the likes and all other data associated with the account will remain intact. If someone chooses to delete the account, all data associated with it will be removed and cannot be retrieved.

Do people know when you Unfriend them on Facebook?

Yes, people may know when they are unfriended on Facebook. They may receive a notification, such as an app or software alert, or they may notice that your posts no longer appear on their newsfeed. Removing someone from your friends list on Facebook is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

What happens if I unfriend someone?

Unfriending someone removes them from your friends list. They will not be notified when you unfriend them. Blocking someone is the best way to ensure that the person can no longer see your profile, add you as a friend, or send you messages.

How do I see less of someone on Facebook?

To see less of someone on Facebook, go to their profile and choose to see their posts less often. This will limit their posts and posts they’re tagged in from appearing in your News Feed. Additionally, you won’t be prompted to message them or tag them in photos. If you want to see their posts again, you can follow them.

What happens when you unblock someone on Facebook?

Unblocking someone on Facebook allows you to view their public profile and any content that was previously blocked when you had blocked the person. This includes old comments, posts, tags, and other interactions. You can also start interacting with that person again. In short, unblocking someone on Facebook grants you access to all content related to them, and allows you to start communicating with them again.

Final Thoughts

Unfriending someone on Facebook will not make their likes and comments associated to a post disappear, unless you block the person or delete the comment and status on the post. To block a person or friend on Facebook, you need to visit the Privacy Settings page and click the Privacy tab. From here you can unfriend, block, or delete comments and status posts.


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