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5 Troubleshooting Tips to Fix an Instagram Feed Not Loading Properly

Are you frustrated with the ‘ig feed not loading’ error on Instagram? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Read this article to learn how to quickly troubleshoot and fix this error, so you can get back to your Instagram feed in no time.

Quick Summary

  Solve Your IG Feed Not Loading Issue | 5 Proven Troubleshooting Tips

If your Instagram feed is not loading properly, you can try several troubleshooting tips to fix it. Firstly, restart your phone as this often resolves the issue. Additionally, ensure your phone is connected to the internet. Check that the Time and Date settings are correct and make sure you have sufficient storage space. Lastly, if a pop-up warning message appears, accept it to resolve the issue.

Whenever you encounter an issue with your Instagram feed not loading properly, you can try the troubleshooting tips mentioned. Restart your phone, ensure there is an internet connection, check the Time and Date settings, clear storage space, and accept any pop-up warnings. In most cases, this should fix the issue.

Solve Your IG Feed Not Loading Issue | 5 Proven Troubleshooting Tips

We’ve all been there: you open Instagram, scroll through your feed, and discover IG is showing a ‘couldn’t refresh feed’ error. Fortunately, it’s usually an easy fix if you’re sure what’s causing the issue.

5 Tips To Troubleshoot IG Feed Not Loading

  • Restart Phone. As expected, the first solution should always be to restart your phone. So stop whatever you are doing on your Android phone or iPhone and simply reboot.
  • Check Internet Connection. Make sure your phone has a proper connection to the internet by checking that your WiFi or cellular networks are operating properly.
  • Check Phone’s Time and Date. You may need to reset these in the case they are not configured properly.
  • Check Phone Storage. If you’re running out of storage, it can cause the app to crash, so make sure there is enough storage available to run.
  • Accept Warning Message. If you see a warning message when you first open the app, it may provide some installations and will help Instagram run better.
  • Troubleshooting your IG feed not loading can be simple if you take the right steps. Try the above five troubleshooting tips, and you’ll have your IG feed back up and running quickly.

    Personal Experience

    Why is my Instagram feed not loading but everything else is?

    I have often encountered Instagram feed not loading issues, and it can be very frustrating. In my experience, the best way to fix the Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed error is to try all the available solutions before going to seek help from customer support. Here’s what I’d suggest: First, restart your phone. Second, it’s also essential to check your phone’s internet connection to make sure it’s running smoothly. Third, it may also be necessary to check and make sure the phone’s time and date are set correctly. Fourth, check if your phone has enough storage and ensure nothing is taking too much memory. Finally, if you get a warning message, make sure to accept it. If none of these solutions work, try reinstalling the Instagram app to see if that will do the trick.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is my Instagram feed not loading but everything else is?

    The most likely cause of your Instagram feed not loading is that it is outdated. To remedy this, open your app store and look for Instagram, then click the Update button. This is important to do as new security protocols and bug fixes are regularly released and will ensure that your Instagram experience is running smoothly. Updating the app should solve the problem and get your feed loading again.

    Why is my Instagram feed not refreshing?

    Reasons for an Instagram feed not refreshing can include an issue with the internet connection, an issue with the Instagram app, or incorrect login information which prevents the app from working correctly. To try and troubleshoot the issue, log out of the Instagram app and then log back in. This should help to resolve any issues that are preventing the feed from refreshing correctly.

    Why is my Instagram feed not my feed?

    The most likely reason why your Instagram feed isn’t refreshing is because of an issue with your internet connection. This can be caused by a malfunctioning router, weak signal strength between the router and your device, or an outage that is affecting your internet service provider’s servers. To fix this issue, check your router and devices to make sure they’re connected properly and reset your internet connection if necessary. If that doesn’t work, contact your ISP to see if there is an issue with your service.

    Why is my Instagram not loading suggested posts?

    If your Instagram feed is not loading suggested posts, chances are your version of the app is out of date. To remedy this problem, head to your app store and look for the Instagram app. Once found, simply click on the Update button to get the latest version of Instagram. Updating the app should resolve any issue you are having with suggested posts not loading.

    How do I fix suggestions on Instagram?

    To disable suggested accounts on Instagram, go to your profile, select the Settings option, scroll down and uncheck the Similar Account Suggestions box. This will prevent Instagram from suggesting other accounts to you. It’s a quick and easy process that takes only a few seconds.

    Why is my Instagram suddenly full of suggested posts?

    Instagram’s suggested posts appear in your feed when the platform has determined that you have seen all the recent posts from accounts you follow. The suggestions are based on the accounts you follow, the popularity of content, and your activity on the platform. Therefore, the sudden influx of suggested posts is likely due to Instagram’s algorithm attempting to offer you relevant new content.

    Why am I not seeing my friends posts on Instagram?

    Answer: If you are not seeing your friends’ posts on Instagram, it is likely that either you are not following them or they have not posted since you last checked. To view their posts, simply follow them and their posts will be visible in your feed. To ensure that you don’t miss any of your friends’ posts, use Instagram’s notifications to stay updated.

    Why can’t I see someone’s post on Instagram feed?

    If you are unable to see a certain person’s posts in your Instagram feed, they may have blocked you. This can be confirmed by searching for their profile and receiving a message that reads, “Sorry, this page isn’t available”. Blocking someone on Instagram is a quick and easy way to prevent someone from seeing or interacting with your profile.

    How do I get my Instagram posts to show up on someone’s feed again?

    In order to get your Instagram posts to show up in someone’s feed again, you should focus on optimizing your content according to Instagram’s ranking factors. This includes consistency in your activity, interacting with followers, connecting with people through “close friends”, and providing value with each post. Posting quality and relevant content that is tailored to your target audience will also help your posts to rank better. Lastly, you should consider using relevant hashtags and tagging users as well.

    Why can’t I see someone’s posts on Instagram but not blocked?

    The answer to why you cannot see someone’s posts on Instagram but you are not blocked is because the user may have set their profile to Private. This means that others who are not followers of their profile cannot see their content, but their name will still appear in the search list. If you are blocked, however, their content, name and profile will not appear on the search list at all.

    How to fix Instagram feed not loading issue?

    The following is an optimized and direct response to the question “How to fix Instagram feed not loading issue?”: If Instagram feed isn’t loading, delete the app and reinstall it. This will reset the app and should get your feed running again. Log into your account and the feed should work after that. A successful reinstallation should get your Instagram feed back up and running.

    Why can’t I load my feed?

    If you’re having difficulty loading your feed, it could be because your Wi-Fi isn’t strong enough or you’re in an area without signal. To try and resolve this issue, select a different Wi-Fi network or switch over to using data instead.

    How to refresh Instagram feed on Android?

    Answer: To refresh your Instagram feed on Android, open the Home page of your device and wait at least 1 minute. Tap the Instagram icon to enter the App and then go to check the feed. Once you are in, you can refresh the feed.

    Why is Instagram not working on Android?

    “Instagram may not be working on Android because the app has not been updated to the latest version. It is important to update the app to access the latest features, security patches, and bug fixes. To update the Instagram app on Android, open the Google Play Store and search for Instagram.”

    Final Thoughts

    These five troubleshooting tips outlined above are the most effective methods to solve any Instagram feed not loading properly issue. Whether it’s due to a lack of internet connection, an outdated phone’s time and date, or simply needing to restart the phone, any of these solutions are sure to help get your Instagram feed up and running again!


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