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Create Anonymous IG Stories Easily with Chrome | A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to view Instagram stories anonymously on Chrome? With Hiddengram, a third-party Chrome extension, you can view as many stories as you want without your identity being revealed! No more worrying about accidentally viewing a story from someone you don’t want to run into. Keep your browsing safe and anonymous with Hiddengram.

Quick Summary

Instagram Stories can be viewed anonymously with the help of the Chrome extension, Hiddengram. It is a free, third-party extension available for the Chrome browser that allows anonymous story viewing. With Hiddengram, you don’t need to worry about privacy issues. It is quick, easy and extremely secure. In just a few clicks, you can anonymously view Instagram Stories without anyone knowing.

To use Hiddengram, first go to the Chrome Web Store and install the extension. Once the installation is complete, simply click on the extension icon and begin exploring Instagram Stories without worrying about someone finding out. The best part is that the extension runs completely in the background and does not consume a lot of resources.

With just a few clicks, anyone can anonymously view Instagram Stories. To get started, simply visit the Chrome Web Store and install the free Hiddengram extension. With a secure and anonymous browsing experience, you can browse and view stories without anyone knowing who you are.

How to Create Anonymously Posted IG Stories in Chrome – A Complete Guide

Instagram is a great platform with which to connect directly with your followers, but until recently the ability to post anonymously was not available natively. Luckily, a third-party extension called Hiddengram is available on the Chrome browser and it allows you to post stories without revealing your identity.

What is Hiddengram?

Hiddengram is a third-party extension designed specifically for Chrome users to access Instagram’s story feature in a completely anonymous way. This extension allows you to post stories without revealing your identity to even your closest friends and family. It was made with a simple interface that aims to make the process convenient, easy, and secure.

How to Set Up Hiddengram and Post Anonymously on Chrome

  • Download and install Hiddengram by heading over to the Chrome Web Store.
  • Open up the Hiddengram extension to log in to your Instagram account.
  • Choose the story you want to post.
  • Create an anonymous username and avatar.
  • Post your anonymous story to Instagram.
  • Is Hiddengram Safe?

    Yes, Hiddengram takes all necessary measures to protect your data and privacy. The extension does not store or share any information about you or your account as it does not have direct access to your Instagram account. You may also use a secondary email address to protect your identity further.

    Personal Experience

    I recently had the need of viewing Instagram stories anonymously in Chrome. After trying out several methods, I came across Hiddengram, a third-party extension for Chrome. It was the perfect tool for what I wanted, and I quickly installed it. Hiddengram allowed me to access and view Instagram stories without the person whose story I was viewing even knowing that I was there. It gave me a sense of anonymity and made me feel secure about my privacy. I was also able to access stories in ways that Instagram doesn’t normally allow, such as scrolling through a story without having to wait for it to finish. This was especially convenient for me as I was able to quickly get through the stories I wanted to view. Overall, Hiddengram was an effective and easy to use tool that allowed me to view Instagram stories anonymously in Chrome.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are anonymous Instagram story viewers really anonymous?

    Yes, anonymous Instagram story viewers are really anonymous. Third-party apps allow Instagram users to view stories without revealing their identity and the story viewer list of the person who posted the story will remain private. This makes it possible for users to view Instagram stories anonymously and without exposing their identity.

    How do you know if someone is hiding you from their IG story?

    Unfortunately, there’s no definitive way to know if someone is purposely hiding their Instagram Stories from you. Possible explanations range from privacy settings or technical glitches. The best way to determine if someone is avoiding you is to reach out and ask them directly.

    Does Hiddengram still work?

    Yes, Hiddengram is still working. It has been updated in September 2022 to fix an issue and was updated again in February 2022 to address another issue that affected the service’s functionality. Hiddengram allows users to view Instagram stories without their friends knowing, ensuring the user remains anonymous.

    Can others see who asked a question on Instagram?

    Yes, others can see who asked a question on Instagram. When a person posts a question to their Instagram Story, the account holder can see who asked the question. This means that the person who asked the question cannot remain anonymous. It’s important to note that the identified sender is the only one who the account holder can see; other viewers of the account holder’s Story are unable to view the profile of the asker.

    How do you let people ask Questions on your Instagram stories?

    To let people ask questions on your Instagram stories, simply tap on the Stickers icon and select the “Questions” sticker. This will add a Question box to your Story and can be edited by tapping on it. Use this feature to gain feedback and engage with your followers in an interactive way.

    How to use hiddengram?

    Using Hiddengram is easy! Simply refresh your browser page and the story you are viewing will be marked as unseen. To enable or disable the extension, click on the Hiddengram icon in your browser’s extensions bar. Lastly, don’t forget to leave your feedback by leaving a review.

    How do you get text on both Instagram stories?

    Instagram Stories allows you to easily overlay text to any image. To do so, click on the “Aa” icon in the top right corner to open an onscreen keyboard. Once there, type the text you desire and post your edited story. With Instagram Stories, it’s quick and easy to get text over any image.

    Does Chrome have Instagram stories?

    Yes, Chrome does have Instagram stories. Chrome IG Stories for Instagram is a Chrome based web extension developed by Pookroovis. It enables users of Chrome to view, watch, and download Instagram stories and Lives, as well as explore the web version of the Instagram feed. Thus, Chrome users can have access to Instagram stories with the help of the extension.

    What does it mean if someone is at the top of your Instagram story viewer list?

    If someone is at the top of your Instagram Story viewer list, it means that they have visited your profile the most out of all your followers. This is determined by the platform and not by how you engage with these profiles. The order of Story viewers on Instagram is based on how your followers interact with your profile.

    What does it mean when people are at the top of your views?

    When people are at the top of your views, it means they interact with your posts more than other people. Their names will appear higher up in your Feed, as the top Stories tend to be the most viewed. Being at the top of your views boosts engagement and clicks, and helps you reach a wider audience.

    Who are the people at the top of my story?

    The people at the top of your story are those who have interacted the most with your Instagram account. After 50 views, Instagram orders your Story viewers in reverse chronological order, with those who have most recently interacted with your Instagram account on the top. Optimizing your content and engaging with others will help you increase the visibility of your Story content.

    Can someone tell how many times I look at their Instagram story?

    No, it is not possible to tell how many times someone has viewed another user’s Instagram Story. This feature is not available on Instagram. To see who has viewed a user’s Story, they must view the Story and then swipe up to access the list of viewers. However, viewers will not be able to see how many times a person has viewed their Story.

    What is chrome IG story?

    Chrome IG Story is an extension for the Google Chrome Web Browser that allows users to view and download Instagram Stories from the people they follow. It adds a new button to the Chrome toolbar allowing users to open Stories from their Instagram feed in a new tab. Chrome IG Story is completely anonymous and is a great way to keep up with others on Instagram.

    Is it possible to view Instagram stories anonymously?

    Yes, it is possible to view Instagram stories anonymously. IG story downloader is a tool that enables anonymous viewing and downloading of Instagram stories and highlights without the other user’s knowledge. This means that users can view any story or highlight they want by simply entering the username of the person they are interested in.

    What happens if you go anonymous on IG story?

    Going anonymous on Instagram Story will mean the story publisher won’t be notified and the view won’t count as a statistic. Additionally, the anonymous option may not be available when using the Chrome IG Story extension. In conclusion, anonymous viewing on IG Story doesn’t count publically, and the anonymous option could be unavailable.

    Final Thoughts

    Creating anonymous Instagram stories easily with Chrome is possible with third-party extensions like Hiddengram. It’s a great option for those who want to protect their privacy and still be able to use this popular social media platform. If you don’t feel comfortable making your stories visible to the general public, then the use of a third-party Chrome extension is a viable solution. With these extensions, you can easily and securely create stories that are only visible to the people you want and can remain anonymous while doing so.


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