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2023 Solutions for Instagram Stories Not Working

Are you having frustration trying to get your Instagram Stories working in 2022? Don’t worry- there are several easy and quick fixes to get back to sharing your story with the world. Keep reading to find the best ways to overcome Instagram Stories not working.

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Quick Summary

Instagram Stories not working is a common issue users may face from time to time. There are several solutions to try in order to remedy the problem and get your Stories back up and running. Most possible solutions include checking if your internet is working, checking if Instagram is down, updating the Instagram app, force stopping or clearing the cache of the app, or in extreme cases, even reinstalling the app.

For users having trouble with Instagram Stories, the primary step should be to check and make sure that the internet connection is stable. If the connection is weak or not properly established, Instagram Stories may not work as it should. Second, it is important to check if Instagram is down and servers are facing issues. It is also important to keep the app updated so that you’re using the latest version. Further, you can force-stop the app or clear the cache/data from the app.

If all of the above solutions fail to work, there is one last option: reinstalling the app. This usually takes care of most issues, but if all else fails, you can reach out to Instagram themselves to ask for help. While these solutions may not work all the time, typically one of them will resolve the issue and get your Stories back up and running.

Instagram Stories Not Working in 2022? Solutions to Try in 2023

2020 has been a year of Insta-frenzied moments, dozens of challenges and a series of very interesting stories.

But what if your Insta-stories fail to load, or appear blank? If you encounter ‘Instagram stories not working’ issue, try these handy troubleshooting tips for possible solutions.

1. Check if your Internet is Working

Before you assume anything, you first need to check if your internet connection is up and running.

2. Check if Instagram is Down

If your internet connection is working, the next step should be checking if ‘Instagram’ is down for scheduled maintenance. If it is, you’ll be notified along with an estimated duration of the maintenance period.

3. Update the Instagram App

In this section, you’ll have to make sure that you have the most recent version of the Instagram app. It’s easy to check this by clicking on the App Store or Play Store; if an available update appears, proceed with the installation.

4. Force Stop the Instagram App

Force stopping your Insta-app can sometimes help with the issue of Instagram stories not working. To do this, head to your device’s Settings and then go to Apps & Notifications. Click on Instagram and then within the app settings select ‘Force stop’ & restart the app.

5. Turn Off the Data Saver on Instagram

Instagram users can set their data saver option for a more controlled data usage. However, this is a major reason behind why your Insta-stories could be unsuccessful. To disable it, go to your Insta-app profile and click on the three lines in the top-right corner and select ‘Data Saver’. Then, toggle the button to off.

6. Clear the Cache & Data of Instagram

If Instagram stories are still not working, try clearing the app’s cache and data. For this, go to the same Apps & Notifications settings, select Insta and tap on storage. Here, you can choose ‘Clear cache’ or ‘Clear all data’.

7. Reinstall the Instagram App

If all else fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Insta app. Be aware that you will have all your posts, messages and saved data deleted, but there is a chance that it can help fix the ‘Insta stories not working’ issue.

8. Contact Instagram

You may also contact Instagram directly. You can explain your issue and contact Instagram via the app itself or online. They have a great customer support team and they will be happy to help you out.

  • Check if your internet is working
  • Check if Instagram is down
  • Update the Instagram app
  • Force stop the Instagram app
  • Turn off the Data Saver on Instagram
  • Clear the cache & data of Instagram
  • Reinstall the Instagram app
  • Contact Instagram

These are some of the solutions to try if your Instagram stories are not working in 2022. We hope these tips help add a new Insta-stir to your world in 2023!

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Personal Experience

As someone who uses Instagram stories on a regular basis, I have experienced an issue with the app from time to time. In 2022, I ran into this problem and it was especially frustrating because the app wouldn’t load or put up my stories. After looking for solutions online for what to do when Instagram stories weren’t working, I realized there is a variety of ways to troubleshoot the issue. Initially, I checked to see if my Internet connection was good and then decided to do a few other things like updating the app, force stopping the app, clearing the caches and data of Instagram, and reinstalling the app. A few of these options worked in the end and got Instagram stories working again. My advice would be to always check your Internet connection first if you’re experiencing any issues with Instagram stories not loading. That could be the simple solution you were looking for!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Instagram Stories not working?

The Instagram app’s cache may need to be cleared if Stories are not working. To do this, go to your phone’s Settings and tap Apps. Find Instagram in the list of apps and tap it, then tap Storage and Clear Cache. Clearing the app’s cache should help make sure Stories work properly.

Is there an Instagram glitch with Stories?

Yes, there is an Instagram glitch with Stories. Users on iOS have been affected by this glitch, which has forced them to rewatch all of an account’s Stories from the beginning in order to view any new ones posted by that account. This inconvenient glitch has been reported by many iOS users and is something Instagram is looking into resolving.

Why can’t I ask questions on Instagram story?

Unfortunately, not all users have access to the question sticker feature on Instagram stories yet. It is randomly chosen which users receive the latest features, so you will have to wait until you can access them. It is worth noting that Instagram typically launches features to all users within a few weeks.

Why won t my Instagram story upload 2022?

The answer to why your Instagram story won’t upload in 2022 is likely due to a weak internet connection, a problem with Instagram’s servers, or a bug in the Instagram app. Before trying any other solutions, try restarting your computer, resetting your modem/router, and checking that everything is up to date. If the issue persists, contact Instagram customer support for more help.

How do you see previews on Instagram stories?

To view previews of Instagram stories without notifying the user, find the profile whose Story you want to view and click on the profile beside it. Tap on the Story to pause it, then slowly and carefully swipe in the direction of the Story you want to preview. This will allow you to view the stories anonymously.

Why can’ti see Instagram stories preview?

Having trouble loading Instagram stories previews? Clearing the app’s cache can help. To do this, open your phone’s Settings, tap Apps, select Instagram, then tap Storage and Clear Cache. Once the cache has been cleared, try loading the stories again.

Can you preview someone’s Instagram story without opening it?

Yes, you can preview someone’s Instagram story without opening it. To do this, tap on the IG Story next in line and then drag the story slowly to the left. This will provide a short glimpse of the story you wanted to see without it officially opening.

How do you fix the glitch on Instagram stories?

The glitch on Instagram stories can be fixed by first checking your internet connection to ensure a strong and stable connection is present. You should also close the app and relaunch it, clear the cache and update the app. If all of these steps don’t work, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the app or contact Instagram for further assistance.

Why can’t people see my close friends story?

People can’t see your Close Friends Story because you must be on someone’s Close Friends list to view it. Additionally, a green circle around a profile picture indicates a Close Friends Story, so if someone isn’t on your Close Friends list, they won’t be able to see the green circle either. Lastly, you cannot remove yourself from someone’s Close Friends list.

How do you fix the glitch on Instagram Stories?

The best way to fix an Instagram Stories glitch is to first check your internet connection, reset your network settings, and restart your mobile device. If these steps don’t help, you can force close and restart Instagram to get your Stories running again. In summary, check your connection, reset network settings, restart device, and force close and restart Instagram to fix the Stories glitch.

Can you know if someone restricted you on Instagram?

Yes, you can know if someone restricted you on Instagram. The easiest way to tell is by comparing your own account to another account. Leave a comment on the other person’s post with your original account, then view that same post with a different account. If you can see the comment you left through the second account, then you haven’t been restricted.

Can Instagram take down close friends Stories?

Yes, Instagram can take down Close Friends Stories if the content violates its rules. The platform does not make any distinctions between content posted on a public Instagram account, finsta, or Close Friends Story. All content posted by users on the platform must adhere to Instagram’s terms and conditions or risk removal of their content.

Why is Instagram not working?

Instagram not working is likely due to the platform updating. This could be due to server maintenance or new features being added to the app. Additionally, users may be experiencing connectivity issues that are preventing them from accessing the app. When users are unable to access Instagram, they should restart their device and check the app store for any available updates.

How to fix Instagram stories not working on iPhone?

The solution to Instagram stories not working on iPhone is to reset your network settings. To do so, open the Settings on your iPhone and tap on General. Scroll down and tap on Reset, and then tap on Reset Network Settings. You will need to input your screen unlock code and then the phone will restart. After that, launch Instagram and check if Stories are working.

Is Instagram down?

Yes, Instagram is currently down and not working for many users around the world. Numerous complaints have been posted on Twitter and reports on Downdetector also suggest that Instagram is indeed having some issues. The outage appears to be affecting a large number of users, causing frustration among many.

Is Instagram ‘link in bio’ not working?

The answer is: Yes, Instagram ‘link in bio’ may not be working for some users. There is no official acknowledgment of the issue, but there is a workaround. Affected users can try deleting and re-downloading the app.

Final Thoughts

The best solutions for Instagram Stories Not Working in 2021 are to check your internet connection, make sure Instagram is not down, update the Instagram app, force stop and restart the app, turn off the Data Saver, clear the cache and data and reinstall the app. If all these solutions fail, you may need to contact Instagram for further assistance.


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