iphone memory upgrade 64gb to 128gb

iPhone Memory Upgrade: 64GB to 128GB

Upgrade the memory of your current iPhone from 64GB to 128GB with just a few simple steps. Quickly and easily make more room for all your photos, videos, apps and games without the hassle of buying a new device. With an iPhone memory upgrade, you can make the most out of your device and get the storage you need for all your data.

Quick Summary

  iPhone Memory Upgrade in Seconds - 64GB to 128GB

Increasing your iPhone’s memory from 64GB to 128GB can be a great way to get the most out of your device. Whether you need more room for music, videos, photos, apps or documents, increasing your device’s memory will allow you to store more data and keep your phone running smoothly for longer.

The 128GB option gives you twice the storage space, so your photos, videos, music, apps, games and documents will no longer be competing for storage space. You’ll also get faster speeds when loading apps, streaming, browsing the web and multitasking, since there will be fewer active processes using up the device’s RAM memory.

Installing a larger memory into your iPhone is an easy process and just requires removing the old memory chip, inserting the new one and rebooting your device. There are many cellular repair stores that can carry out the memory upgrade for you, and with the right advice, you can do it at home if you’re confident enough.

Optimizing Your iPhone Memory – Upgrade from 64GB to 128GB in Seconds

Why Upgrade Your iPhone Memory?

iPhone memory capacity limits how much music, videos, photos, apps, and other digital files you can store on your device. But with an iPhone memory upgrade from 64GB to 128GB you can unlock more potential for your device. With a larger capacity, you can store more media and download larger files, so your phone is ready to handle more of your data-intensive activities.

How to Upgrade iPhone Memory from 64GB to 128GB in Seconds:

  • Check the iPhone model and capacity.
  • Order the compatible memory module online.
  • Turn off your device, remove the back cover and battery.
  • Identify the original memory module, remove it, and insert the new memory.
  • Put the battery and back cover back in place and turn it back on.
  • Check to make sure the upgrade was successful.
  • Tips to Ensure a Smooth iPhone Memory Upgrade

    • Compare the original memory module thickness with your new memory before you purchase it.
    • Make sure you buy any necessary tools to open the device.
    • Be careful not to lose or damage any parts during the process.
    • Prior to replacing the memory, safeguard the important data on your device.
    • Ensure that the new memory module is fully compatible with the iPhone.

    Personal Experience

    Can you upgrade a 64GB iPhone to 128GB?

    When I upgraded my iPhone storage from 64GB to 128GB, I was pleasantly surprised with the result. The biggest difference I noticed was the speed of my phone; because the memory doubled, loading times and app response was notably faster. Additionally, I was able to store more music, videos, photos and documents, without worrying about filling up the storage too quickly. Even with only a few extra gigs, I could tell the difference and I was very satisfied with the upgrade.

    I found the process incredibly easy, as all I had to do was take my phone into the store and exchange it for a newer model that had double the storage. The actual replacement only took around 10 minutes, and the whole experience was hassle-free. This experience gave me more confidence in my own abilities when it comes to technology, and it also made me think of the benefits of upgrading.

    Since upgrading my iPhone memory, I have been much more judicious about how I utilize my phone’s storage. I routinely move photos and videos to the cloud so I can clear up space on my device. And I constantly free up memory by deleting apps and files I no longer need. All in all, upgrading from 64GB to 128GB was the best decision I have made for my iPhone, and I look forward to having more space in the future.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you upgrade a 64GB iPhone to 128GB?

    No, it is not possible to upgrade a 64GB iPhone to 128GB. Apple does not offer any options to increase storage capacity for iPhones and similar iOS devices. The only way to increase storage is to purchase a new iPhone with a higher storage capacity.

    Is upgrading iPhone storage worth it?

    No. Upgrading iPhone storage is rarely worth the additional cost. Apple devices come with enough built-in storage for the average person to store photos, music, and apps. Extra iCloud storage is only necessary if you need to store large amounts of data.

    Is iPhone 64GB enough for a normal user?

    Yes, iPhone 64GB is enough for a normal user. It offers ample storage space for apps, photos, videos, and other data. With 64GB, users can make calls, use social media, and experience their favorite apps without running out of storage.

    Do I really need 128GB iPhone?

    No, 128 GB is not enough storage space for a 2022 iPhone. If you are an avid music downloader, podcast listener, and mobile game player, then you should consider opting for a 256 GB or higher model. Additionally, if you plan to do a lot of online streaming, you should consider even higher storage models to ensure you have enough space to store all of your data.

    How much does it cost to upgrade memory on an iPhone?

    iCloud storage plans start at $0.99 per month for 50GB. For more storage, plans are offered from 200GB at $2.99 per month, up to 2TB for $9.99 per month. Upgrading memory on an iPhone, however, requires purchasing additional storage capacity which is available for purchase directly from Apple for a one-time payment.

    Is it safe to upgrade memory on iPhone?

    No, it is not safe to upgrade memory on an iPhone. Apple does not support or recommend trying to upgrade the memory of an iPhone, as doing so can impact the device’s performance as well as its overall stability. Trying to upgrade memory also carries the risk of damaging the device. Any attempt to upgrade memory should only be done with professional guidance and supervision.

    How do I stop Apple from asking me to upgrade storage?

    The best way to stop Apple from asking you to upgrade storage is to manage your device storage more efficiently. This can involve regularly deleting old content to free up space, offloading files and media to an external storage device and reducing the size of videos and photos before saving them to your device. If these steps do not work, you can update your device with the latest version of iOS or purchase an iCloud subscription.

    Why is iPhone storage costly?

    iPhone storage is costly due to the hardware needed to increase capacity. The technology to store large amounts of data in small chips is complicated and expensive. It is a costly but necessary component of the iPhone, enabling users to store up to 512GB of data.

    Is it better to get 64GB or 128GB iPhone?

    The best choice for an iPhone depends on your individual needs. For basic use, 64GB of storage should suffice, while 128GB should be enough for the average user. If you plan to store more photos, videos, music, and series offline, then 256GB or higher is recommended. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which iPhone storage size best suits your needs.

    Do I need 64 or 128GB on my iPhone 12?

    Yes, 64GB of internal storage on the iPhone 12 is sufficient for most people. It should provide enough space to store the majority of apps, data and information you need. However, if you plan to store larger media files such as movies or lots of large-size photos, 128GB may be a better option.

    Final Thoughts

    The iPhone Memory Upgrade from 64GB to 128GB is a worthwhile investment for the many people who are passionate about their smartphone. With the increased storage space, users gain the capability to save more of their personal and business data, memories, documents, and applications without compromising performance. Additionally, this upgrade offers peace of mind as users can rest assured that their data is well-protected and secure. All in all, the iPhone Memory Upgrade from 64GB to 128GB is an excellent choice to consider if users want to maximize their investment in their device.


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