Java vs C Sharp

Java vs C#: Which’s Better For You?

Java and C# both are high-level programming languages. There are different uses of both programming languages. In this article, you will read that(Java vs C#) which is better? Following are some comparisons of both languages.

Java Introduction

Java is a general-purpose high-level programming language. It was launched by Oracle on January 23, 1996. It’s object-oriented programming. Java is made upon a portable virtual machine. Java program is compiled into byte code that can be run on any platform.

C# Introduction

C# is also a high-level general-purpose programming language. It is mostly used in game development. This language was developed by Microsoft and still, it is maintained by Microsoft. C# also runs on the object-orientation principle. C# runs on .Net Framework which is also developed by Microsoft.

Now let’s discuss the history of both programming languages

History of Java

When Java was launched it was not used by too many people but with time, Java was involved and appeared as a reliable programming language. Before this name Java vs known as OAK. After 2010 Java was started being used throughout the world. Till 2017 Java was one of the most used languages by the developers. After 2017 the use of Java was reduced and Python took its place. Consider reading this article for a better view of Java and Python.

History of C#

C# was developed in 1999. First C# was known as “Cool” but later on, its name was changed to C#. This language has involved itself over time. As we have discussed earlier, it was introduced with .Net Framework. It was developed by a person named Anders Hejlsberg.

Java and C Sharp Stats
Java vs C# Stats(StackOverFlow)

Now let’s discuss some features of Java and C#

Features of Java

Following are some of the features of the Java programming language:

  • Simple
  • Object-oriented
  • Fast
  • Can be run on any platform
  • Dynamic
  • Secure
  • Automatic Garbage Collection

Features of C#

Following are some of the main features of the C# programming language:

  • Dynamic Binding
  • Object-oriented
  • Simple
  • Fast
Java vs C Sharp
Java vs C#

Java vs C#

Now you know much about both programming languages, so let’s start the comparison. Following are the basic aspects of comparing a programming language to another.

Code Run Latency

Java and C# both are very fast languages in terms of executing. Java is compiled and interpreted language. C# is slow if compared to C++ and Java is slow too if compared to C++ but Java is a little bit faster than C#.

Java points: 1

C# points: 0

Website Development

Developing a website means writing its backend. You can use Java for website development and C# too because it’s made using .Net Framework. ASP .Net is a web developing framework and it is made using C#.

Java points: 2

C# points: 1

Android Development

Java can be used for android development and Java is mostly used for android development. But with C# you can build both native Android and iOS apps. Read how you can make one. C# performs a little bit better than Java on android.

Java points: 2

C# points: 2

Syntax: Java vs C#

The syntax is a rule for writing a program in any language. Each language has its syntax. Easy the syntax, easy to use the programming language. Both languages use curly braces which makes the program look unclean. Overall the syntax of both languages is similar to one another. In Java and C# everything in a program is almost an object.

Below is an example of both languages syntax

Java Code

class HelloWorld {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello, World"); 

C# Code

namespace HelloWorld
    class Hello {         
        static void Main(string[] args)
            System.Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

The syntax of Java is short than C# and it’s memorable too which makes Java easy to learn than C#

Java points: 3

C# points: 2

Game Development

Java and C# both can be used for game development. Java is fast that’s why it will make fast contact with the player and the computer. One of the best examples of games made using Java is Minecraft.

C#, on the other hand, is mostly used for game development. Many popular game development engines are made using C# including Unity, CryEngine, etc. With C# you can make better games than Java using game engines.

Java points: 3

C# points: 3

Popularity: Java vs C#

Java is a little bit more popular than C# at the time. Java is also used more than C# for different purposes by the developers. But popularity doesn’t mean that Java is a better language but we can say that it’s easy to learn that’s why more people use it.

Java points: 4

C# points: 3

Length of Code

In both Java and C# developer has to write lengthy code to do a task. The syntax of both languages is lengthy. It makes both languages hard to learn. But in Java, you have to write less code compared to C#. In the above code, we wrote more code in C# than Java to print Hello World.

Java points: 5

C# points: 4

Platform Independence

Java converts the code into byte code and that’s why it can be run on every platform. Java is a platform-independent language. C# is mostly used with Windows Operating System and the code written in C# is also Windows-specific which makes this language platform-dependent.

Java points: 6

C# points: 4

What To Use Java or C#?

It depends on you which language to use. If you find Java easy use Java and if C# then use C#. It doesn’t depend on this comparison on which language is best for you. But both languages are best in their industry like Java is good for Android Development and C# is good for game development.

Which is Better: Java vs C#

Java and C# both are the best languages we can’t say directly which language is better. But according to this comparison, Java has 6 points and C# has 4 points. Which makes Java the winner of this comparison. But this doesn’t mean that Java is better than C# in all aspects and features.


Both Java and C# are object-oriented general-purpose programming languages. Java has features that are better than C# and C# has features that are better than Java. C# is less popular than Java at the time maybe because of its hard and non-memorable syntax. Java is best for Android Development and C# is better for game development. Websites can be developed using both languages. Java is a little faster than C#.

The code written in C# is lengthier than code written in Java for the same task. Java is platform-independent but C# is platform-dependent and it can only be used on Windows Operating System.

What do you think which language is better? Let us know in the comments.

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