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Programming Discussion: Java vs C++

It’s been a very hot topic that which is better Java or C++. Java and C++ both are object-oriented programming languages. C++ is the advanced version of C while Java is made upon a virtual machine that is portable. Java has its own libraries to provide support for many purposes. This article will provide you with a clear idea that which language is better in case of Java vs C++.

Following are some of the main differences between Java and C++:

Code Run Latency

No language can beat C++ in code run latency. C++ is extremely fast while Java has some delays while executing the code. That’s why mostly C++ is used for game development we will discuss that later in the article.

Android And Website Development

You can easily develop android apps with Java while it’s very complex to make an android app with C++. In order to make android app with C++ you will need to use Android Native Development Kit(NDK). But still you can’t make a full app with C++.

Using Java you can write the backend for websites. C++ can’t be used for website development because its strict syntax is hard to extend with sugar like JSX or XHP. You can only write the backend with Java but for frontend you will need HTML, CSS and JavaScript which is also same for any other backend language.

Game Development

Java and C++ both can be used for game development but due to the low code run latency of C++ it’s mostly used for game development. Low code run latency is important because in games you want quick reactions and when the code run time is more it will take some time to register your bullets or movements in game.

Famous game engines like Unity, Unreal, etc are made using C++ because of its low code run latency.

Desktop Development

For desktop development for sure C++ had an upper hand over Java. You can make desktop app with C++ by using it’s libraries like gdi32.lib, user32.lib, etc. Several popular softwares like Dropbox, MS Office, Skype, etc are made using C++. Many video editing softwares are also made using C++.

Competitive Programming

Both Java and C++ can be used for competitive programming. C++ is the most popular language for competitive programming. You can learn both of the programming languages for competitive programming but C++ is more recommended because of STL (Standard Template Library). Whatever you learn, learn it perfectly with a great grip on the fundamentals.

Libraries In Java and C++

Library is a piece of code that is already written by anyone else and it makes your work easy. Java provides many useful libraries like Google Guava, Jackson, JAXB, etc. Libraires in C++ includes Boost, POCO C++, Dlib etc. In comparison to C++, Java libraries are more convenient and useful for development.

Syntax Java vs C++

In programming syntax is a rule by which you have to write your code if you didn’t follow it you will get an error. Every programming language has a different syntax. The syntax of Java is mostly derived from C/C++. In Java there are no global variables or functions like C++. The syntax of C++ have objects, classes, methods, instance variables, etc. The syntax of both languages is little similar.

Memory Management

Java has automatic memory management provided by the system. We don’t have to manage the memory on our own. While in C++ the memory management is manual. We need to allocate or deallocate memory on our own which gives us more control over the system.


Java is a portable language mean that it can be executed on many platforms. Java converts code in to byte and that byte can be exexuted on any platform. Meanwhile C++ is a non-portable language it only runs on the platform on which it’s compiled.

Independent Platform Nature Java vs C++

In Java the byte code can be executed on many platforms that’s why Java is an independent platform language. C++ is platform dependent language because it needs to be compiled on every platform.


Java and C++ both are object-oriented programming languages. It’s hard to tell that which is better. C++ is best for games. Java is best for android development. C++ is good for competitive programming than Java because of STL. Syntax of both languages is nearly identical. Java is portable language while C++ is not. Libraries of Java are better than C++.

What do you think that which language is better? Let us know in the comments.

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