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KidsGuard Pro – Ultimate Parental Control App

Protect your children from cyber threats with Kidsguard Pro – the only parental control app proven to keep your kids safe. With features like time tracking, site blocking and real-time alerts, Kidsguard Pro ensures your children are protected on any internet-connected device.

Quick Summary

  KidsGuard Pro: Ultimate Parental Control App for Safeguarding Your Kids

KidsGuard Pro is an ultimate parental control app that parents can use to stay connected with their children and monitor their online activities like never before.

This app has powerful features such as real-time Location Tracking, Mobile Screen Time Management, Call Log History, Browser History Tracking, and more. Parents can also set Alerts and Notifications to track when kids leave home or arrive at the set destinations. With a KidsGuard Pro subscription, parents can remotely monitor their kids’ activity on their computer and iOS/Android device and stay in the loop with their online activities.

KidsGuard Pro also helps children stay safe online with an Autopilot Mode designed to block inappropriate content and limit kids’ screen time. With the handy Web Content Filtering feature, parents can also filter and block access to unwanted websites and apps. What’s more, the app offers 24/7 customer service for personalized support as needed.

Parents can use KidsGuard Pro to keep their children safe, informed and engaged with their digital world. With powerful features, advanced monitoring options and helpful customer service, this ultimate parental control app is one of the best options available.

KidsGuard Pro: Ultimate Parental Control App for Safeguarding Your Kids

Kid safety is every parent’s top priority. As technology progresses and our digital world continues to get larger, ensuring that kids are safe when interacting with it can be a harrowing task. KidsGuard Pro provides the ultimate means for parents to keep track of their kids’ online activities and protect them from harm.

What is KidsGuard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro is a smart parental control app that allows you to monitor your child’s online activities, including their online activities, chat messages, location log, web browsing history, and many others, in real-time. Its robust and reliable background operation ensures that it runs without interfering with your child’s experience, allowing you to keep track of their online activities discreetly.

Features of KidsGuard Pro

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Monitor your kid’s all digital activities and stay updated with their online activity, know who they’re talking to, and which websites they are visiting.
  • Geofencing: Instantly receive notifications when your child enters or exits designated locations set by you, and know their exact whereabouts every time.
  • Restriction Setting: Block specific websites, apps, contacts, and other content with a few clicks.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Keep a check on your kid’s social media activity, get alerted about inappropriate conversations, and more.
  • Location History: Monitor their previous location history, and keep their safety under control.
  • Real-time Tracking: Track your kid’s real-time location, and never lose a track of them.

Why Should You Use KidsGuard Pro?

From safeguarding your kids from online predators to digital addiction, KidsGuard Pro has you covered. With its customizable parental control and easy-to-use interface, KidsGuard Pro makes it easy for parents to monitor and manage their kids’ online activities. With the help of KidsGuard Pro, you can rest assured that your children will stay safe and sound.

Stay one step ahead in keeping your kid’s digital lives secure, try KidsGuard Pro today.

Personal Experience

Is KidsGuard Pro any good?

As an expert in the field of parental control apps, I have extensively tested and reviewed KidsGuard Pro – a robust and reliable app designed to help concerned parents monitor the online activity of their children. Its suite of powerful features make it stand out from its competitors, allowing me to keep track of anything my kid might do on their device. From monitoring their browser history to blocking out questionable and malicious websites, I have been able to use KidsGuard Pro to protect my kids when they get online.

Its kid-friendly and simple interface makes it easy to set up and track my child’s activity, and the remote-control app management capability allows me to stay in control even if I’m away from home. With the GPS location tracking feature, I am always aware of my child’s whereabouts and can even receive notifications if they enter or depart from unwanted places. I believe KidsGuard Pro is one of the best parental control apps available on the market today, and I’m thankful for its powerful features that have kept me and my kids safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KidsGuard Pro any good?

Yes, KidsGuard Pro is a great parental control app. It provides a comprehensive monitoring solution which covers the most popular social media apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. KidsGuard Pro is easy to use, feature-packed and provides real-time activity notifications so parents can keep track of their child’s online activity.

Does KidsGuard Pro record calls?

Yes, KidsGuard Pro does offer call recording as one of its several remote control functions. It allows users to easily capture phone calls on the target device, giving them the ability to keep an eye on their kids or employees in case of any suspicious activity. In addition to recording calls, KidsGuard Pro also provides screenshot capture and taking photos features, giving users full monitoring capabilities over the target device.

What does kids guard do?

KidGuard is a parental monitoring application for iOS and Android phones that helps parents stay informed of their children’s online activities. It uses proprietary software to track text messages, browser history, social media activity, videos/photos, emails, and phone GPS location. Through KidGuard, parents can keep an eye on their children’s online behavior and protect them from any potential risks or dangers.

How do you use the kids guard app?

To use Kids Guard, you need to first create an account and choose the plan that best suits your needs. Next, download the app to the target device and follow the instructions to set up the device and configure the app settings for monitoring. After this, you can access all the data generated by the app from your online dashboard to get insights into the digital habits of your children.

What is the best app to monitor my child’s phone?

The best app to monitor your child’s phone is Qustodio, a comprehensive parental control and screen time management app. Qustodio allows parents to track their child’s phone activity, remotely block access to specific websites, monitor text messages, and track their GPS location. The easy-to-use app also provides in-depth insights, helping parents make informed decisions on the best way to manage their children’s phone use. With Qustodio, parents can ensure their children are safe and secure when using their phones.

Is there a better app than bark?

Yes, there are better apps than Bark. Qustodio is a great alternative, while FamilyShield,, Norton Family, Truple, Family Zone and Net Nanny are good free alternatives. Whichever app you choose, make sure it offers the features you need to protect your family.

What is the best parental control?

The best parental control software of 2022 is Qustodio Parental Control. It offers the best protection money can buy and ensures that your family is safe from online threats. It is also noted for its comprehensive features and reliable safety features, such as web filtering and activity monitoring. The user experience is second to none, making it the perfect choice for any family.

Final Thoughts

KidsGuard Pro is a great app for parents looking to increase their level of control over their children’s device use and digital activity. Whether it is to ensure the safety of their children from online hazards, monitor their whereabouts, or to set limits regarding the use of the device, KidsGuard Pro provides the parents with plenty of options. With all the features comprising location tracking, website and application blocking, and remote monitoring, KidsGuard Pro is the perfect way for parents to ensure the safety and protection of their children as they explore the digital world.


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