How To Learn C programming free online

How To Learn C Programming Online For Free?

C is a very popular and powerful programming language. In this article, you’ll get a clear view that How To Learn C Programming Online For Free and what are the best ways of learning it.

What is the C language? What is C programming?

Dennis M. Ritchie launched the C programming language in 1969. Currently, this language is one of the most used and it is a medium-level language when we compare it with a high-level language such as C++ or Python

Having a simple language core gives it many advantages. First, it is powerful at the application level, which makes the learning process friendly; Second, this feature allows you to develop C compilers more easily. 

This web programming language is more used for the development of operating systems, but in the same way, it can develop any type of application. C is one of the most widely used high-level languages. 

At edX, you can start with a beginner course or a more advanced one. There are different programming languages, C is one of the most common. Mastering C, you can, for example, develop android applications.

Why Learn C?

You should learn the C language because it’s a very basic language. You get more control and flexibility over your program and computer if you use C. In C you can do such things which you can’t do in other languages.

How To Learn C Language?

Attending a programming class at any institute near you is an easy way to learn the C language. There are also a variety of books available that will teach you how to program in C.

You can also learn C by watching online lectures or enrolling in an online course.

How To Learn C Programming Online For Free?

You can learn C programming for free online by taking some online courses or reading an e-book. Udemy, YouTube, and other sites offer online courses.

The following are some ways you can learn C programming for free online.

Some ways to lean c programming online for free
Ways To Learn C Programming Online For Free

Taking a Udemy Course

Udemy is an enormous online course provider for adults and students. Its 3 founders, Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar launched it in May 2010.

There are a ton of courses on Udemy about programming and programming in C. You can start free courses, free courses can also provide you with a basic overview of the C programming language.

Advantages Of Learning From Udemy

  • Everything is organized.
  • Interactive learning.
  • You can learn everything in one place.

Some Free Recommended Courses

Trying YouTube Coding Videos

Another way to learn C programming is by watching video tutorials on YouTube.

YouTube has a great selection of free and paid C coding videos. You can learn C programming in your language because YouTube has a variety of channels that teach programming in their language.

Advantages Of Learning From YouTube

  • Free to learn.
  • Variety of courses.
  • You can start with a basic level and then you can move on to more advanced courses.

Recommended Courses

Reading an e-book on C programming

An electronic book commonly known as E-book is a simple book but in digital form available on the internet. You can learn to program in the C language just by reading an E-book. The E-books can be free or paid. I would recommend you to start with free E-books because all the content and topics in free and paid E-books are nearly the same.


Advantages Of Learning From E-books

Learning from E-books has many advantages over physical books. Some of them are as follows.

  • Many E-books can be on one device.
  • Available anywhere.
  • AI can read aloud.

Some Recommended E-books

Taking a Course On edX

EdX is also an online course provider created by MIT and Harvard. Courses of edX are available in multiple languages. There are over 40 Million learners of edX worldwide. You can learn C programming via free courses of edX. The tutors of the courses of edX are employees of big companies like Google, Microsoft, etc.

Advantages Of Learning From edX

  • Courses are free.
  • Tutors are good and qualified.
  • Available in multiple languages.

Some Recommended Courses

Taking Challenges Of Edabit

Edabit is an online platform that offers different programming challenges. You can solve the challenges and earn points to redeem rewards like discounts on courses offered by edX, Udacity, and other providers. You can learn the C programming language online for free on Edabit by solving its challenges.

If you’re unable to solve any challenge, then it’s not a big deal. You can see its solution. It’ll give you a better understanding of the C programming language.

Advantages Of Taking Challenges Of Edabit

  • All challenges are free.
  • You can find the solution to each challenge.

Some Recommended Challenges Of Edabit

Taking Tutorials On C programming

Cprogramming is a website dedicated only to learning C programming language online for free. You can read about different topics of programming on this website. They organized everything in one place. It also included some pretty simple and free challenges on this website, which makes logic building easy.

Advantages Of Learning From CProgramming

  • Free to learn.
  • Written by one author.
  • Everything is organized and kept simple.

Recommended Resources

What Is The Best Way To Learn C Programming Online For Free?

Because we’ve discussed a variety of free online ways to learn C programming, I’ll recommend that you learn from YouTube coding videos because of their variety and quality.

After learning C programming for free on YouTube, you can take on Edabit’s free challenges. It will improve your logic building and language comprehension.


In this article, we have discussed some methods with which you can learn C programming online for free. We have talked about some free courses, platforms, and E-books. All these courses on different platforms can help you learn the C language.

What do you think is the best way of learning the C language? Let us know in the comments.

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