How to learn a new programming language

How To Learn a New Programming Language?

Learning a new programming language can be a very hard task for beginners. Many people only leave coding thinking that coding is not made for them. In this article, I will tell you that how to learn a new programming language easily in 1-2 months.

From Where To Learn a New Language

It’s hard to tell that where you can learn a new programming language because there are many resources(online and offline). Online resources include online documentation of a specific programming language, YouTube courses, Udemy courses, etc. Offline resources include the usual books. I would recommend you to learn a new programming language online because it’s mostly free and you have the advantage to see the video again and again from the part where you didn’t understand.

Take Notes Of New Programming Language

This simple tip can enormously help you to learn and memorize the concepts. Whenever you take a video lecture write its notes. Whenever you forgot that concept you can easily go through your notes rather than taking the whole lecture. If you left the coding in any coding language for about 4-6 months you will most likely forget the concepts or syntax of that language in that case notes can come in handy. You can also get these notes online but handwritten notes keep remembered for a long period of time

Use Quick Start Guide Of New Programming Language

To learn the basic concepts you can read and implement the first starting steps to learn a new language of a framework. You can make a simple starting project using the quick start guide. Frameworks like Django, Tailwind, etc all have quick start guides on their websites. Your first raised questions can also be answered on the quick start guide. In case you got any error while following the quick start guide you can simply do a Google search about it.

Get Started With Coding

When you had learned the basic concept then you should get started with coding and make something with the skills that you had learned no matter how bad your code is at that time. This practice is important to memorize a new language. Later on, you can learn more and make a wonderful project.

Look For a Good Online Course

Whether you didn’t learn much from the quick start guide and documentation then you can look for a good course online with a good rating on Udemy, YouTube, etc. These courses help you to understand easily and you can learn faster than documentation or quick start.

Note: Courses could never teach you everything about a programming language.

Make a Project

After you learnt a programming language you can get started with a project. That project can be a website, basic server, game, etc. This is a great way of learning new things in a language. If you get any error during the development you easily find a solution online.


From the above article, we can conclude that by following these steps you can easily learn a new programming language in 1-2 months. There are also many other ways to learn but this might probably be the easiest steps to master a programming language.

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