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How to Add a Line Break on Instagram to Add Emphasis to Your Posts

Do you want to inject drama and creativity into your Instagram captions? Adding line breaks to your captions is a great way to make them stand out, and now you can do it in just a few easy steps! So why wait? Get stylish with your line breaks and put the finishing touch on your Instagram posts!

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  Add Line Breaks to Instagram Posts for Greater Impact: A Guide

Adding a line break to your Instagram posts can emphasize the important parts of your text and make your captions easier to read. Here’s how to add one: For Android users: Press and hold on an empty space in your caption until a pop-up shows up and select ‘enter’. For iOS users: On the keyboard, press and hold on the Return key and you’ll see options for entering a line break. Both options will leave a line break in your caption. To delete the line breaks, press and hold on the return key again and select ‘un-enter’. Bonus tip: You can add up to 30 hashtags in your caption. Keep in mind that to make your caption easier to read, add the hashtags in a separate comment on your post.

Add Line Breaks to Instagram Posts for Greater Impact: A Guide

We often emphasize the importance of visuals when it comes to making your Instagram posts stand out. But what about adding line breaks? A line break makes your post look neater and provides a better visual reading experience for your followers. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can use line breaks to add extra impact to your Instagram posts.

Why Use Line Breaks on Instagram?

Line breaks make your posts look more visually pleasing and can add an extra layer of emphasis to the key points you’re trying to get across. On Instagram, where posts are limited to only a few words, line breaks can really make a difference in how your post looks and how your followers perceive it. Line breaks allow you to make the most of the 250-character limit on each post, so you can highlight what’s important in a clear, concise way.

How to Add Line Breaks on Instagram

Adding line breaks to your Instagram posts is easy – all you need to do is use the ‘Return’ key on your keyboard to create a line break. You can create multiple lines of text by pressing the ‘Return’ key multiple times. To add line breaks in the middle of a sentence, you can use the ‘Shift+Return’ shortcut. Once you’ve added your line breaks, you’ll be able to properly format your post and make your content stand out.

Tips for Using Line Breaks on Instagram

While line breaks can be a powerful tool for making your posts stand out, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Create a visual hierarchy with line breaks by using bigger breaks for the most important points.
  • Don’t overdo it – too many line breaks can make posts look cluttered and hard to read.
  • Be consistent with the length of your line breaks – this will help give your post a cleaner look.


Line breaks are a great way to add visual impact to your Instagram posts, whether you’re looking to emphasize a key point or just add a bit of variety to your posts. By using the ‘Return’ key on your keyboard, you can easily and quickly create line breaks to add extra emphasis and structure to your posts. Keep in mind our tips for using line breaks effectively and you’ll soon be creating visual posts that get noticed and engage your followers.

Personal Experience

How do you break a line in Instagram caption?

I’ve been using line breaks in my Instagram captions for years. For me, it’s a great way to make a post more attractive and easier to read. Line breaks help make your caption look neat and organized, and break up long blocks of text into smaller and more digestible chunks.

Moreover, by adding line breaks strategically, you can create a natural-looking structure in your captions, which encourages viewers to read them entirely. This can significantly increase engagement on your posts thanks to increased dwell time.

To create line breaks in Instagram captions, simply enter the captions in the text box on the app, as you normally would. Then press enter on your keyboard within the caption, when you want the break to occur. This will create a line break between the sentences in your captions.

That’s it! By doing this, you can have longer, meaningful captions that look more attractive and natural. Try it out today and see how using line breaks in your Instagram captions can improve your posts!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you break a line in Instagram caption?

To create a line break in an Instagram caption, place your cursor where you want the line break to be and press the return button on your mobile phone’s keyboard. This will separate two parts of your caption and make it easier to read. To adjust the formatting further, you can also use punctuation marks like asterisks or underscores before or after a line break.

How do you announce a break on Instagram?

Answer: To announce a break on Instagram, post a message that is direct and to the point. Begin the post with your decision to take a break, stating the length of the break, if known. Let your followers know that you value their engagement and that you intend to come back with fresh content soon. Finally, thank them for their support and let them know that you look forward to sharing more content with them upon your return.

Does Instagram have line breaks now?

… Yes. Instagram now supports line breaks. You can add them by pressing enter twice between sentences or paragraphs. Other options include adding 3 dots or emojis to create a visual break.

How do you skip lines in Instagram messages?

The easiest way to create a line break in an Instagram message is to type a period (.), exclamation mark (!) or a question mark (?) followed by a space and then press enter. This will create a space between sentences or lines of text. Additionally, you can use emojis to separate lines for a more visually appealing look.

How to do a line break in Instagram comments?

To create a line break in an Instagram comment, first type your comment. Then, place your cursor at the desired spot and press the ‘Return’ key on your mobile device’s keyboard. For longer captions, you can also use the available buttons to manually add additional line breaks.

How do you put spaces and line breaks in Instagram caption?

To add spaces and line breaks to an Instagram caption, you can use the Return key on your device keyboard. When writing a caption, press Return to create a new line for each paragraph or topic idea. Make sure to add enough space between each line so your captions are easy to read. Hashtags can also be used to create more visual space and break up your caption into smaller parts.

How do you line break a caption on Instagram?

To create a line break for an Instagram caption, type the full caption, place the cursor where the break is desired, then press the return button on your phone’s keyboard. This will create a line break.

What are the best Instagram captions?

Best Instagram Captions: Captions are essential for any post on Instagram, especially when it comes to selfies. Whether you’re crafting the perfect caption to go with a funny selfie, an inspirational selfie, or a cute selfie, the right words can make all the difference. Here are some of the best Instagram captions to use for your selfies: • “Life is an adventure, so go out and explore!” • “Be the reason someone smiles today.” • “Confidence isn’t walking into a room with your nose in the air, it’s walking into a room and loving yourself.” • “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” • “My own amazing self.” • “Dare to be different.” • “Life is a party, dress like it.” • “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

How to add a line break on Instagram?

To add a line break on Instagram, use a dash (–) or an emoji (⚡️). Enter the text for the caption or bio on your Instagram account, then tap the dash or emoji and start typing in the next line. Finally, hit ‘Return’ to create the line break.

What is the best app for Instagram line breaks?

The best app for Instagram line breaks is VSCO. It is available for both iOS and Android and helps make posts more visually appealing by allowing users to easily add line breaks. VSCO also provides users with a host of tools and filters, making it an all-in-one solution for enhancing the look of their content.

What are line breaks and how do you use them?

Line breaks are used to separate ideas from one another and help create structure in text, making it easier to read. They can be used in both paragraphs and between headings. To use line breaks, simply press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard after each sentence or idea. This creates space between the ideas, making it easier to consider each one.

Final Thoughts

Adding a line break on Instagram can be a great way to add emphasis and better define your message. With the help of the Generate & Copy Caption button, it’s now easier than ever for users to format their captions and make them stand out. Whether it’s to split text, create a list, or emphasize important words and phrases, line breaks can be leveraged to draw attention and help get your message across exactly how you want it.


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