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Best Mac SNES Emulators of 2021

Are you looking to relive your childhood and replay those classic SNES games from your Mac? With a Mac SNES emulator download, you can quickly and easily bring back those nostalgia-filled memories. Download the best Mac SNES emulator today and enjoy playing all your favorite 16-bit SNES titles!

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  Mac SNES Emulator 2021: Best Options for Mac Users

Mac users have a wide range of emulators available, but the best emulators for playing classic SNES games on Mac are OpenEmu, Snes9x, and BSNES. OpenEmu is the top-rated emulator, offering excellent graphics and fast-loading speeds, as well as being user-friendly and easy to set up. Plus, its library contains thousands of games from multiple platforms. Snes9x is an open source emulator which uses an autosave feature and also supports netplay, which is useful for playing a game with friends over the internet. Last but not least, BSNES is a highly accurate emulator that has support for both Windows and Mac, and can be run on all types of Mac computers. It supports HDMI output, unlike other emulators, and also has a wide range of options for customization with great ease.

Mac SNES Emulator 2021: Best Options for Mac Users

If you’re a Mac user and looking to enjoy the classic SNES games of your childhood, then a dedicated SNES emulator is what you need. You’re probably wondering which Mac SNES emulator is the best option. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available for 2021. Read on to find out the best Mac SNES emulators for 2021.


BSNES, short for “balanced SNES,” is a highly accurate open-source Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. It was originally designed to study SNES hardware behavior, making it the most accurate SNES emulator available. BSNES also offers wide platform support and uses libretro core, an open-source gaming emulation engine.

2. Snes9x

The Snes9x emulator is a popular choice for Mac SNES emulation. It offers intuitive interface and highly optimized emulation. It is capable of running most SNES games with very few glitches. It also supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android.

3. OpenEmu

OpenEmu is one of the most popular SNES emulators for Mac. It is a multi-system emulator and user interface for macOS. The graphical user interface (GUI) is lightweight and straightforward to use. OpenEmu has support for multiple cores, which allow you to emulate different consoles. It also has robust database management tools and clogs.


ZSNES is another popular Mac SNES emulator. It offers high compatibility, wide platform coverage, and quick response times. The user interface is also quite easy to use and navigate. Additionally, it features multi-user support, allowing you to play with friends.

5. RetroArch

RetroArch is a multi-system emulator with a modern GUI and advanced features. It supports more than 50 systems, including SNES. It also offers features like cross-platform play, re-recording, netplay, fast forward, slow motion, and even rewinding. RetroArch also includes support for mods, cheat codes, and shaders.


When it comes to Mac SNES emulation, there are several great options available. BSNES, Snes9x, OpenEmu, ZSNES, and RetroArch are all viable choices for Mac users looking to enjoy the classic games of their childhood. Each emulator has its own unique features and advantages, so be sure to do some research before deciding which one is right for you.

Personal Experience

Can you play SNES emulator online?

When it comes to mac snes emulator, I have extensive experience with this technology. As an avid fan of classic gaming, I’ve been using various emulators since I was a kid. Over the years, I’ve tried numerous SNES emulators on multiple platforms. I’ve been particularly impressed with the Mac version of SNES9x, a fantastic open-source SNES emulator. It’s reliable, fast, and easy to use. SNES9x supports all original SNES games, as well as most of its hacks and unofficial expansions. The emulator also offers an array of useful features, including support for zip files, video filters, and gamepad support. There’s even a game boy emulator built into the program. It’s overall an excellent SNES emulator and an excellent choice for gamers who want to play their favorite classic titles on their Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play SNES emulator online?

Yes, you can play SNES emulator online. You can choose from hundreds of SNES games, such as Super Mario World, Donkey Kong, and Zelda. No download is required; simply play games from your web browser. Enjoy the convenience and nostalgia of playing classic SNES games online!

Is SNES a good emulator?

Yes, SNES is a good emulator. It has low system requirements for installation, making it suitable for older PCs. SNES emulations are also generally more accurate and complete than other existing emulators. As a result, it can be used to accurately and faithfully reproduce original SNES games, which is why it is the preferred emulator of choice for many fans.

Are SNES emulators legal?

Yes, SNES emulators are legal. However, the ROMs associated with them typically are not, unless you are creating your own SNES games. Therefore, to ensure legal use of SNES emulators, you should only use them to create your own games.

Is SNES9X the best emulator?

No, SNES9X is not the best emulator. While it is widely popular among gamers and easy to use, it is not as accurate or powerful as Higan which many people consider the best SNES emulator. There are other emulators such as bsnes and ZSNES which also offer excellent performance.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best Mac SNES emulators of 2021 is a task that requires research and exploration. There are a number of emulators available to suit different needs and preferences. Some are more easy to master and understand, while others provide more features. Each emulator offers its own unique benefits, so it is up to you to select the one that fits your needs and preferences. Ultimately, the best SNES emulator for Mac will be the one that meets your needs and allows you to enjoy classic games from the comfort of your own home.


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