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MapQuest Alternatives: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Mapping & Directions Solutions

Finding a great MapQuest alternative doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With dozens of options at your fingertips, you’re sure to find the right tool to help you navigate your way. Whether you’re looking for quick route planning or a comprehensive mapping solution, the 21 best MapQuest alternatives of 2021 are sure to get you on the right track.

Quick Summary

  Best MapQuest Alternatives for Mapping & Directions Solutions

The best MapQuest Alternatives for 2022 are Google Maps, Waze, Bing Maps, Here WeGo, OpenStreetMap, OSM Scout Server, Apple Maps, MapFactor, MapTiler Clouds, Mapbox, Geoapify, GPS Tracking Pro, TripGo, Skobbler Maps & Navigation, Navmii, Citymapper, OsmAnd, Telenav Scout, SpeedView GPS, Streetviewer, and TomTom. Google Maps is one of the most popular and comprehensive map and navigation services in the world, with millions finding their way with satellite imagery, live traffic updates, street view, and detailed directions. It even allows users to submit updates and review restaurants and attractions, and to collaborate on their own projects with Google My Maps. Waze offers navigation and traffic alerts while driving, so you can always find the quickest route to your destination. It includes traffic info, police alerts, information on vehicle accidents, and more, as well as turn-by-turn navigation with voice and sound notifications. Bing Maps has mostly been known for its search engine and web services, but it also provides directions and turn-by-turn navigation for car, bicycle, and walking routes. You can also get detailed maps for over 160 countries, explore new places with the street view, and receive alerts for distance, traffic, and other updates. Here WeGo is another leading navigation and map platform, offering updated traffic and transit info, as well as access to detailed city guides. It also offers an offline mode and ships with integrated ride-sharing and car rental services. OpenStreetMap is a community-maintained open source project that powers global maps with over 2 million registered contributors. Its estimates and directions are updated using crowd-sourced GPS data, with you also able to map your own routes and share them with others. OSM Scout Server is a self-hosted offline map and navigation server that can be used on a variety of devices. It offers detailed vector open sourced maps, custom routing and elevation plotting, and turn-by-turn navigation – all without an internet connection. Apple Maps is the company’s proprietary mapping and directions service, built into all its devices. It offers detailed directions, live traffic updates, and nearby points of interest, and it’s also available online so that you can access its maps from any device. MapFactor is a free navigation app for both Android and iOS platforms. It offers turn-by-turn voice navigation in addition to the standard map and route plotting, along with a speed limit warning system and pre-trip planning with multiple waypoints. MapTiler Clouds is a cloud-based mapping and navigation platform for customizing route plotting, GeoJSON data mapping, satellite imagery, and vector tiles. It also offers an API and a variety of hosting options, so you can easily make your maps available on your own website. Mapbox is a cloud-based mapping platform that allows you to create custom interactive maps and navigation experiences. It’s used by a variety of businesses and organizations, such as IBM, the US Department of Defense, and the National Geographic Society. Geoapify is the premier geocoding and places API, used to power search, address validation, reverse geocoding, and more. Its APIs can be used by developers to build custom mapping and navigation experiences, with a free tier available for 10,000 lookups per month. GPS Tracking Pro is an app for tracking and managing your location with friends, family or colleagues. It can be used to locate people, receive alerts for local events, and find locations. TripGo is an advanced trip planner and route optimizer, with routes calculated in seconds. It also offers public transit timetable, real-time location tracking, and an automatic calculation of the time and cost of your trips. Skobbler Maps & Navigation is an app-based navigation system that offers live traffic and transit info, as well as a range of different offline profiles, including auto, walking and cycling. Navmii is app for both Android and iOS devices that offers offline maps and navigation in over 40 countries. It’s integrated with a variety of social networks, and also post updates on its own platform. Citymapper is a comprehensive transit application that covers many of the major cities in the world. It provides real-time data on routes, departing times, arrival times, and tickets. OsmAnd is an online/offline navigation and booking software for Android and iOS platforms. It provides voice navigation, 3D maps and navigation, and access to a variety of tourist and cultural attractions worldwide. Telenav Scout is a navigation system that combines audio instructions with turn-by-turn directions. It’s available as an app and a browser-based service, and users can search for services, like gas stations and restaurants, while on their journey. SpeedView GPS is an Android app that provides turn-by-turn navigation but also a range of hi-tech features like altitude and direction tracking, augmented reality navigation, and a heads-up display. Streetviewer is an interactive street navigation and search engine, allowing users to discover and explore local businesses, attractions, and events. It’s powered by Open Street Maps data and is available as an app and a web browser service. TomTom is one of the oldest and most trusted digital mapping companies in the world. It offers navigation, traffic, and point-of-interest on its devices, as well as an online web browser service and downloadable maps for offline use.

the most popular mapping service in the world. It does a great job of giving directions and providing map data for hundreds of cities around the world. For an especially accurate mapping solution, use the Street View feature to get a detailed view of an area. 2. Waze Waze is a great mapping and navigation app that focuses on the users who are on the go. It provides real-time traffic alerts, including hazard warnings and the fastest possible route to your destination. Waze is constantly being updated, so you can rely on its accuracy. 3. Mapbox Mapbox offers an open source mapping platform for developers. Its wide range of datasets, styles and integration capabilities provides web, mobile and autonomous navigation applications with a powerful platform to create custom interactive maps. 4. Apple Maps Apple Maps is the native mapping and navigation app that comes with every iPhone. This app has improved a lot since its launch and now offers many features to improve the user experience. 5. HERE Maps HERE Maps is a great alternative to MapQuest. It offers detailed maps of more than 15,000 cities in 200 countries and provides street data, traffic updates and public transit information. 6. Bing Maps Bing Maps provides comprehensive online mapping services, satellite imagery and rich geospatial data that can be used to create interactive applications. 7. TomTom TomTom provides a complete navigation and map solution for mobile, in-car, web and enterprise. It offers detailed maps of more than 150 countries and voice navigation in 44 languages, making it a great choice for travelers. 8. OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap is an open source project that provides free and editable geographic information. The data and maps it offers are constantly updated and can be used to create custom applications. 9. Yandex Maps Yandex Maps is a great alternative to MapQuest. It offers detailed maps of Russia and the CIS countries, accurate traffic data and real-time route planning. 10. Navmii Navmii is a great mapping solution for Android and iOS users with detailed maps of more than 120 countries, accurate routing, traffic updates and more. 11. MapMe MapMe is a web-based mapping system that provides customizable and interactive maps for mobile, web and print. 12. Google Earth Google Earth is a great free alternative to MapQuest. It’s a digital version of our planet, with a detailed, zoomable image of Earth from space. 13. OsmAnd OsmAnd is an open source, offline mapping solution that offers complete road and POI coverage of more than 50 countries. 14. Map Factor Map Factor is an Android-based navigation app that provides turn-by-turn directions and is compatible with many popular navigation devices. 15. MapSuite MapSuite offers a comprehensive mapping solution that includes detailed maps of more than 140 countries, offline routing, GPS tracking and more. 16. Garmin Garmin is a popular brand of GPS devices that provide a range of navigation solutions, including maps and step-by-step directions. 17. GpsGate GpsGate provides real-time tracking and vehicle tracking solutions, including routing, monitoring and geo-fencing. 18. Maplorer Maplorer is a comprehensive, feature-rich mapping and navigation solution for Windows. 19. Skobbler Skobbler is a free mapping app that provides users with millions of points of interest, turn-by-turn navigation and offline capabilities. 20. Scout GPS Scout GPS is an integrated navigation solution for Android and iOS devices that provides route guidance, offline maps and real-time traffic updates. 21. MapmyIndia MapmyIndia provides map data and navigation solutions for India, including aerial photos, street-level maps and more.

Personal Experience

What can I use instead of MapQuest?

MapQuest was one of the most popular mapping apps in the early days of the internet, but now there are several alternatives to MapQuest that offer even more features for users. Google Maps is by far the most popular map app today, with powerful features like satellite or street view, real-time traffic updates, voice navigation, and even 3D maps and augmented reality. Waze is another popular option, boasting social features and crowdsourced traffic data that make it an invaluable choice for commuters. Bing Maps offers excellent integration with Microsoft’s other products, as well as access to deeper historical data. Private navigation companies like TomTom and Here are becoming increasingly popular with corporate users for their accuracy and features. OpenStreetMap and Mapbox are two excellent open-source options for developers and enterprise users, respectively. Finally, Apple Maps continues to improve with each iOS update, and is a trustworthy option for Apple users. All of these alternatives to MapQuest have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s good to try out each one to find which map app and features works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of MapQuest?

Alternative mapping services to MapQuest include BatchGeo, Esri ArcGIS, Google Maps API, Google Earth, Apple Maps, OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, Here, Mapbox Studio and MapHub. Each service provides users with different features and services including mapping, routing, navigation, satellite imagery, traffic information and other mapping data. Each varies in terms of features, affordability, accuracy and ease-of-use, so it’s important to consider which one best suits your needs.

What is the best website for mapping?

The best website for mapping is Google Maps. It features intuitive navigation, comprehensive coverage of the globe, and detailed satellite imagery. Google Maps also makes it quick and easy for users to create custom maps and share directions. Additionally, it provides access to important information like business reviews, restaurant ratings, and store hours.

What is the best website to get driving directions?

The best website to get driving directions is Waze. With features like real-time traffic and incident reports, alternative routes and detailed directions, it is the premier website for finding the best route from point A to point B. Waze is also easy to use, providing navigable maps with turn-by-turn directions for each route. Additionally, Waze provides ongoing updates and alerts of closures, construction and gas prices, helping users stay informed and up-to-date with the latest information.

When did people stop using MapQuest?

In 2007, Google removed links to competing mapping sites from its search results, resulting in a steep decline in MapQuest usage. By 2009, Google Maps had become the most popular mapping site and the usage of MapQuest had declined even further. Therefore, people stopped using MapQuest in 2009.

Is HERE WeGo better than Google Maps?

The answer to this question is subjective and depends on the user’s preferences and needs. While both HERE WeGo and Google Maps offer great and accurate mapping and navigation tools, Google Maps offers more detailed traffic and route optimization services in comparison to HERE WeGo. Ultimately, it is up to the user to decide which app will work best for them.

Is HERE WeGo a good app?

YES! HERE WeGo is a fantastic app for navigating unfamiliar cities. With features such as pinpointing your location, navigating to a destination and returning to your starting point, users have all the tools they need to get around safely and easily. The intuitive interface allows for quick searching, allowing users to find their way around without confusion.

Who owns HERE WeGo app?

HERE WeGo is an app owned by HERE Global B.V. It was initially released in November 2012 and the current stable versions are 2.0.12509 (Android) and 2.0.41 (iOS) released in September and December 2018 respectively. HERE WeGo is available on Android, iOS and web platforms providing a reliable mapping and navigation service.

Where can you use HERE WeGo?

HERE WeGo is a mobile app and website that offers comprehensive global mapping and turn-by-turn navigation. It can be used to plan trips, search for nearby amenities and see real-time traffic updates. It can even be used to find the cheapest gas prices in the area and share locations with friends. HERE WeGo is a great way to save time, fuel and money on all your journeys.

What is the best Google Maps alternative for Android?

The best Google Maps alternative for Android is Waze. It is a free app that provides real-time traffic information, map updates, and the ability to navigate with voice prompts. It allows users to report accidents, construction zones, and other road blocks that can be seen in the map for other users to avoid. Waze is an ideal alternative to Google Maps as it is easy to use and provides accurate route planning.

How do I ask for alternate routes on Google Maps?

Answer: To ask for alternate routes on Google Maps, open the app and search for your destination. Tap ‘Directions’ and then tap the three vertical dots on the top right. Select ‘Add stop’ and enter your destination. Finally, select ‘More Options’ and choose the ‘Avoid highways’ or ‘Avoid tolls’ option to view alternate routes.

Is there a better option than Google Maps?

Yes, there are better options than Google Maps. MapQuest offers a clean interface and accurate navigation with features such as finding locations using IP addresses. Other alternatives include Waze, Citymapper, and TomTom Maps, all of which provide navigation assistance and additional features.

What is the most accurate GPS app for Android?

The most accurate GPS app for Android is Google Maps. It offers reliable and real-time navigation and navigation assistance alongside other features such as live traffic updates, access to public transit options, and explore nearby points of interest. Google Maps continuously updates its mapping data to ensure that users have access to the most accurate directions and routes. Additionally, Google Maps’ intuitive interface makes it easy for users to get started and navigate with ease.

What are the best alternatives to MapQuest?

The best alternatives to MapQuest are Komoot, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. Komoot is a navigation software built with cycling, hiking, and mountain biking in mind, and it is available for free. Google Maps and Apple Maps provide turn-by-turn navigation, detailed route planning, and traffic information to help you get from point A to point B with ease. Both services are free and accessible on web, iOS, and Android platforms.

What is MapQuest?

MapQuest is a web mapping service that provides features like route planning, real-time traffic updates, weather reporting and road conditions. It helps with navigation of multiple locations, and also offers street view. MapQuest is a convenient tool to plan out routes and provide current information about road conditions.

What is the difference between MapQuest and Google Maps?

The main difference between MapQuest and Google Maps is that MapQuest is a mapping and navigation service provided by Verizon, while Google Maps is a free service provided by Google. MapQuest offers more detailed and customizable navigation tools, along with a range of additional features such as traffic updates, road closures, and business search. Google Maps is a simpler service focused mainly on providing directions, but it also includes 3D mapping, live traffic updates, and satellite imagery. Both services also provide app support for smartphones.

Why is MapQuest so unreliable?

MapQuest is unreliable because it lacks many essential features compared to its alternatives, such as real-time traffic route updates, weather updates, and more. Additionally, its user interface is often outdated and its navigation tools are limited. Furthermore, its map accuracy is out-of-date and its search capability is not as robust as other map services.

Final Thoughts

the most popular and widely used mapping solution. It can be used for navigation, live traffic updates, and route optimization. There are also multiple options for customizing your mapping experience for your personal preferences. 2. Waze Waze is a crowd sourced GPS navigation app that shares real-time traffic and road info from users, to help drivers avoid traffic jams. It also features a host of other features like notifications for hazards, police traps, and speed-limits. 3. Mapbox Mapbox is a powerful mapping solution that can be used for both web, Android, and iOS applications. It offers 3D layouts, intuitive design tools, and extensive customization options to create stunning custom maps. 4. Here WeGo Here WeGo is a comprehensive map, route-planner, and transit app that provides all global transportation options in one place. It shows real-time traffic updates, public transport fares, and booking information. 5. TomTom TomTom is an all-in-one interactive GPS system built with advanced features such as dynamic map searches and customized routes. Its maps are seamlessly integrated with the latest traffic and route changes. 6. Apple Maps Apple Maps is a reliable, user-friendly mapping tool developed by Apple that offers turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic updates. It is powerful enough to provide detailed walking instructions and elevation profiles. 7. Nokia’s HERE Maps Nokia’s HERE maps provide rich location services that can be used by developers and users for business needs, as well as for general mapping needs. It also helps users to customize and share their maps. 8. Bing Maps Bing Maps is another popular solution for navigation and directions, created by Microsoft. It provides reliable and accurate routes and maps, as well as Point of Interest guides for travelers. 9. CartoDB CartoDB is an easy-to-use platform for creating beautiful, interactive maps. It provides a library of important data sets and a powerful editor to upload and display your own data. 10. OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project to create a free detailed digital world map. It is constantly updated by its community of users and can be used for hiking as well as city navigation. In conclusion, there are great alternatives to MapQuest that offer a wide range of mapping and directions solutions. Each of these options have unique features and strengths to suit different users’ needs, so it is important to find the right one to fit your own preferences.


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