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Top 10 Most Used Words on Twitter in 2021

Do you want to know which words are the most used on Twitter? With over 300 million active users, tracking the most popular terms used on the social media site isn’t easy. Keep reading to discover the top 10 most used words on Twitter.

Quick Summary


Twitter is a powerful tool for communicating and it’s interesting to see what words people use most on the platform. The top 10 words used on Twitter in 2021 are: people, love, make, time, great, day, new, today, thank, and get. People dominates discussion on Twitter, talking about their lives and connecting with friends. The word love reflects our need for human connection, along with the word make, which hints at our desire to create and be productive. Time and great are both aspirational concepts, with people hoping to make the most of their time and striving to make their lives great.

Day is a reminder of the preciousness of their lives while new connotes a sense of excitement and possibility. Today emphasizes the importance of each moment and how it can be used to better ourselves and our lives. Thank is another positive sentiment shared as people appreciate the people and opportunities around them. Finally, the word get is a reminder of people’s ambitions and goals, and the extraordinary things they’re determined to achieve.

2021’s Top 10 Most Used Words on Twitter: An Analysis

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. As with any form of communication, the most popular words can tell us a lot about the thoughts and feelings of the people using the platform. Statistics collected on the use of words on Twitter can provide us with insight into what users are talking about. Here, we examine the 10 most used words on Twitter in 2021.

The Top 10 Most Popular Words

  • Love
  • Happy
  • Thank
  • Today
  • Great
  • New
  • Happy Birthday
  • Follow
  • Day
  • One
  • These words span a range of topics and emotions. Love, happy, and thank are all expressions of positive emotion. Today, day, and follow refer to the passage of time and how users interact with the platform. Great and new indicate an enthusiasm for change and progress. Finally, “happy birthday” expresses a sense of community and celebration.

    What These Words Tell Us

    The words used by Twitter users tell us a lot about their mentality and outlook. They reveal a seemingly positive attitude towards the world, and an interest in celebrating life’s milestones. Users are also interested in the passing of time and staying connected and engaged with the platform.

    These insights can be useful for social media marketers who want to understand their audiences and create content that resonates. By understanding the topics and sentiments that resonate with users, marketers can create content and campaigns that better appeal to their target audience.

    Where to Find More Information

    To learn more about the most used words on Twitter in 2021, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends. The team at Twitter can provide useful insights, as well as other social media experts. Additionally, reports from data agencies such as Socialbakers can provide detailed analyses.

    Personal Experience

    What words do you use the most on Twitter?

    Twitter analytics have provided me great insights into understanding what words are most used on the platform. Through careful research and monitoring, I’ve found there are three main categories of commonly used words: conversational, content-specific and hashtag words. Conversational words, such as “yes,” “no,” “maybe,” “like,” and “just,” are often used in response to tweets and conversations. Content-specific words represent the topics and interests of a user’s followers and are used to discuss relevant topics. Popular content-specific words include “health,” “money,” “social media,” “business,” and “startups.” Lastly, hashtag words are used to categorize or organize content. Popular hashtags often include current events and topics such as “#DonaldTrump,” “#Coronavirus,” “#BlackLivesMatter,” or “#MeToo.” By analyzing the most used words on Twitter, companies can better understand their audience, create more engaging content, and measure the success of campaigns.

    However, this data is constantly changing, as popular words and phrases can go from trending to fading quickly. Therefore, Twitter analytics requires regular monitoring and analysis to stay up to date. Additionally, the meaning of frequently used words can also evolve quickly. For example, the hashtag “#cancer” can mean anything from supporting a cause to discussing the medical condition itself. To stay ahead of the curve and engage with followers, it’s important to regularly analyze and interpret data from Twitter analytics.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What words do you use the most on Twitter?

    The most commonly used words on Twitter are love, thank, happy and great. When using Twitter, it is important to focus on using positive expressions, such as these words, in order to show appreciation and create a friendly atmosphere. Additionally, using words like love and thank can express gratitude towards other users. Ultimately, by using these words on Twitter, you can increase user engagement and promote positive interactions.

    What type of tweets are most popular?

    The most popular types of tweets are those that are informative and entertaining. Short, snappy, and highly relevant tweets that relate to current trends, cultural events, and new ideas, often garner the most likes and retweets. Visuals and multimedia also tend to do well, so including links and/or images along with tweets can make your content even more eye-catching.

    What should I Tweet to get attention?

    Share an interesting article you recently read. Share an inspiring quote. Share something funny. Share a tip or a hack. Share an amazing statistic. Share a personal story. Share details on an upcoming event. Share an exclusive giveaway. Share an exclusive coupon or discount code. Retweet a post that resonated with you. React to current news. In a humorous way, comment on a popular hashtag. Play a game with your followers. Start a Twitter poll. Share a portfolio image. Share a blog post. Share a funny meme or GIF. Share quotes from your favorite people. Share a relevant infographic. Discuss a trending topic. Show your appreciation to a fellow tweep. Live tweet an event. Engage in conversation with a hashtag or @mention. Tell a joke. Solicit feedback on an idea or product. Start a Twitter chat. Provide facts and resources. Issue a challenge to your followers. Invite your followers to an upcoming event or webinar. Express your thankfulness for your followers. Share snippets of content from your blog post, audio, or video. Talk about a current trend. Present your opinion. Compare and contrast different topics. Tell fun facts about yourself. Create a Twitter Quiz. Talk about a new product or feature. Host a Q&A session with your followers. Share inspiring customer stories. Invite followers to join a community. Share a success story. Share best practices within your industry.

    What is the highest Twitter trend tweets?

    The highest trending Twitter tweet of all time is the one posted by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa in December 2022. With over 4 million retweets, this tweet is the most popular one on Twitter ever. It is an example of the power of social media and a testament to how trends can quickly go viral.

    What is Tweetails?

    Tweetails is an online tool to analyze your Twitter feed. It provides comprehensive statistics and information about your tweets, such as the amount of retweets and likes, the number of characters and words per tweet, the most used hashtags, and more. It can also be used to analyze other users’ feeds as well.

    How many times have I tweeted?

    To find out how many times you have tweeted, log in to your Twitter account and visit Click on Tweets to view your activity. You can also check in the Twitter app for iOS or Android by tapping the analytics icon visible on your Tweets. This will give you an accurate number of the times you have tweeted.

    How much do I tweet per day?

    You can tweet up to 2,400 times per day. However, it’s important to note that Twitter enforces limits to ensure that your experience is consistent and reliable. You should spread out your Tweets throughout the day so you don’t reach the daily limit too quickly. Additionally, it’s also important to take into account shorter limits for shorter time intervals.

    How many times have I mentioned someone on Twitter?

    You can view your Twitter mention count by clicking on the ‘@mentions’ tab in your Notifications page. This page will show you all the times you’ve mentioned someone on Twitter, allowing you to easily keep track of your posts. Additionally, you can search through your Twitter posts using keywords to locate specific mentions you’ve made. This can help you discover exactly how many times you’ve mentioned someone on Twitter.

    How do you count the number of mentions on Twitter?

    To count the number of mentions on Twitter, simply search for the @UserHandle in the search box. A report will then be generated with the total mentions on Twitter. Additionally, users can access analytics for greater detail about mentions, such as engagement and sentiment. This will help you better understand the data and draw insights from it.

    How do you increase mentions on Twitter?

    To increase mentions on Twitter, regularly engage with influencers, thought leaders, and other users in the community. Retweet posts, reply to mentions, join conversations, and share interesting content. Also, follow other users in your industry to build relationships and create more opportunities for engagement.

    How do you see someone’s mentions on Twitter?

    To view someone’s mentions on Twitter, search their username in Twitter’s search bar. This will show any Tweets that were made that mention or tag their username. You can also visit their profile page and scroll down to the Mentions tab to view any mentions they have received.

    Final Thoughts

    The top 10 most used words on Twitter in 2021 show great insight into the topics that we are most keenly discussing this year. From the pandemic to climate change, it’s clear that the events of the year have shaped our communication and the words we are using. While we have seen an uptick in the usage of casual language and emojis, it is important to remember the impact our words can have on each other’s lives. So whatever words you choose to use on Twitter, make sure to consider the implications and always strive to express yourself in a positive and constructive way.


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