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Mspy Pricing: Compare Plans and Prices for Smartphone Monitoring Software

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to monitor your kids’ online activity? Look no further than mSpy Premium! Our subscription packages offer you flexibility and exceptional value, with 1 Month for only $48.99/mo*, 3 Months for only $27.99/mo* and 12 Months for only $11.66/mo*. We make it easy and convenient to get the insight you need!

Quick Summary

mSpy offers different pricing plans for its smartphone monitoring software. The mSpy Premium subscription plan is the most comprehensive package and includes your choice of monthly, quarterly, or annual billing cycle.

The monthly plan costs $48.99 with access to advanced features, including live tracking, 24/7 customer support, detailed reports, and secure archival.

The quarterly billing plan costs $27.99 per month and provides the same access to advanced features as the monthly package.

The annual plan is the best value, costing just $11.66 per month and comes with a full money-back guarantee.

Whichever subscription you choose, you will have access to all of mSpy’s premium features such as monitoring of social media, messaging apps, browsing activity, and more.

Compare Mspy Pricing: Prices and Plans for Smartphone Monitoring Software

Mspy Premium Subscription

If you need better insight and control into your kid’s online activity, you should consider buying mSpy Premium. It is a monitoring software especially designed for parents to limit their kid’s online activity and get a better overview. The mSpy Premium package comes in three different plans:

  • 1 Month – $48.99/mo*
  • 3 Months – $27.99/mo*
  • 12 Months – $11.66/mo*

The mSpy Premium subscription allows you to monitorFacebook messages, texts, calls and even the location of the monitored device in real time. Furthermore, you get access to all the deleted data, can be used to set limits for certain activities and even block unwanted apps.

Pricing Options

When making a decision about which pricing plan to choose, you have to decide how long you would like to use mSpy. If you are just checking out the app, you can opt for a short-term, 1-month plan. If you are captured by mSpy’s features, you can choose the 3-month or 12-month plan, which offer a discount.

Pros and Cons of each Plan

The 1-month plan is ideal if you are not sure whether you want to carry on using mSpy. It also is the most expensive option.

The 3-month plan is the best for those who want to try out mSpy for an extended period as it comes with discounts yet does not lock you in for too long.

The 12-month plan is the most affordable option and is ideal for those looking for long-term commitment. It is perfect for parents who need constant access to their kid’s activity.

How to Choose the Perfect Pricing Plan for You

The pricing plans above give you more flexibility and options to choose from, allowing you to find the plan that best fits your monitoring needs. If you are just trying out mSpy, then the 1-month plan is the right choice. But if your monitoring needs extend into the long term, then you can opt for the 3-month or the 12-month plan.

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Personal Experience

  Compare Mspy Pricing: Prices and Plans for Smartphone Monitoring Software

When it comes to trusted parental control monitoring tools, mSpy is an incredibly effective option with affordable pricing. The mSpy Premium packages vary depending on the chosen duration of monitoring, with 1 Month costing $48.99/mo, 3 Months costing $27.99/mo, and 12 Months for just $11.66/mo. With the Premium subscription, you can get a deep insight into your child’s online activities, so you can track calls, messages, and monitor frequently visited websites. With mSpy, you’ll get access to various online player and P2P applications, social media activity on Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Skype, and view pictures and videos shared by your children. As one of the most reliable parental control tracking systems, mSpy also features access to a detailed location history of your kid’s device, helping you to ensure their safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will someone know if I use mSpy?

Yes, if you use mSpy, it is possible to be detected on the target device. Tests carried out on mSpy show that its invisibility is highly compromised when used on an Android smartphone. By relying on mSpy, it is likely that someone could discover that you are using it.

Do you have to pay for mSpy?

Yes, you have to pay for mSpy. It offers three payment plans: $41.99 per month, $23.56 per quarter, or $9.91 per year. All the features listed in the basic plan are included in their premium plan.

Is bark or mSpy better?

Bark is a better choice than mSpy when it comes to protecting your child’s online activities. It offers more comprehensive protection consisting of content monitoring, website blocking, and screen time features, whereas mSpy requires the phone to be jailbroken. Furthermore, Bark does not require jailbreaking and is easy to set up and use.

What does mSpy show up on phone?

mSpy is a tracking technology designed to monitor phone activity, such as messages, calls, location, social media, and usage. mSpy can detect usage on both Android and iPhone devices, offering parental control and tracking capabilities for Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. In short, mSpy monitors a range of phone activities, providing comprehensive visibility into device usage.

Is mSpy icon displayed on the monitored device?

No, mSpy™ is designed to be completely invisible on the monitored device so the icon won’t be visible. mSpy has a hidden installation mode that ensures discreet monitoring with no visible mSpy icon. This ensures your child will never know you installed mSpy™ on their device.

What apps can mSpy see?

mSpy gives users the power to track and monitor social media chats on apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Skype. It also provides the facility to track user locations with GPS, get real-time alerts when they leave or enter locations that have been predetermined, and view browsing history. mSpy is the ideal app for keeping your family safe and secure.

Does mSpy app show up on target phone?

Yes, mSpy app will show up on the target phone. However, the app is designed to be hidden and will not alert the target of any monitoring activities. Once the app is installed, there are no settings available for the app to be manipulated on the target phone.

How long does it take to install mSpy on target phone?

It only takes up to 10 minutes to install mSpy on a target Android phone (such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, etc.). Following the purchase, you will receive an easy step-by-step guide to follow to complete the installation process. In summary, it only takes 10 minutes to install mSpy on the target phone.

How is mSpy installed on phone?

Installing mSpy on a phone requires five steps. First, purchase an mSpy subscription. Second, disable Play Protect. Third, download the mSpy installer. Fourth, install mSpy. Finally, start monitoring. Each step is straightforward and can be easily completed in just a few minutes.

What do you need for mSpy?

Using mSpy requires you to have an iPhone or iPad that is compatible with iOS 11 to 14.8.1, depending on the device model. You also need physical access to the device to install mSpy, and it must be jailbroken with an active internet connection. In conclusion, to use mSpy, you need an iOS device, a jailbroken device and an internet connection.

How much does mSpy cost?

mSpy has a yearly Premium subscription that costs $12 per month. It includes the text/social media messages monitoring feature which allows you to view deleted messages. There is no extra charge for this feature. Overall, mSpy costs $12 a month, or $144 a year.

Is mSpy reliable?

Yes, mSpy is reliable. mSpy reviews praise the program for its reliability, accessibility, value, power, and simplicity, showing that the program and its development team is reliable and well supported. Numerous comparisons with other mobile phone tracking applications show that mSpy is ranked highly, proving it to be a reliable and trusted program.

What can I monitor with mSpy premium subscription?

With mSpy Premium subscription you can monitor a wide range of activities from messaging apps like WhatsApp, Hangouts, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, Line, Skype, Snapchat, and Viber. mSpy offers three different plans: Basic, Premium and No Jailbreak, so that you can choose the best plan for your needs. After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to setup and start monitoring your target device.

What is included in mSpy?

mSpy provides robust monitoring features that can help keep you and your family safe. They offer two packages, mSpy Basic and mSpy Premium, which offer a range of features including text and call logs, web history, GPS tracking, and more. The Premium plan has additional features not found in the Basic plan. mSpy also offers a Mobile Family Kit.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to mSpy pricing, there is something to suit every budget. Whether you’re looking for a short-term solution with the 1 Month plan, or long-term monitoring with the 12 Month plan, you are sure to find an option to best suit your needs. With quality monitoring capabilities and competitive prices, mSpy is the perfect option for your smartphone monitoring needs.


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