mspy reviews 2022

2023 Mspy Reviews: Everything You Need to Know Before Deciding

Discover why mSpy is the leading phone tracking app of 2022: Find out why over the years mSpy has become the best spy app with its user-friendly features and why it stands out from the other competitor tracking apps. Get ready to learn why mSpy has earned its many accolades and top reviews!

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Quick Summary

2023 Mspy Reviews: Everything You Need to Know Before Deciding

. mSpy has been lauded by many users and critics alike as a reliable and intuitive phone tracking app. One of its key selling points is its usability. Even without any fancy features, mSpy ensures that its basic offerings are delivered in a streamlined, user-friendly fashion. Additionally, by focusing on the basics, the app can provide more intuitive layouts, thus saving users time in trying to figure out the application’s more in-depth intricacies. For customers looking to track phones efficiently and effectively, mSpy is definitely a top contender.

2022 Mspy Reviews: Get All the Information You Need to Make an Informed Decision

When it comes to phone tracking apps, mSpy is an industry leader. The app has received numerous accolades for its features and user-friendly design, and in recent years mSpy has evolved to include more features for data and privacy protection. But is mSpy worth your time and money in 2022?

Features of mSpy

mSpy is one of the most popular phone spying solutions on the market. It has a variety of features to help you keep an eye on the activities of your children, partner or employees. Its main features include:

  • View contacts, SMSs, and call logs
  • GPS tracking
  • Unlimited monitoring of multiple devices
  • Remote control of target device
  • Keylogging and screenshot capture
  • Alerts for inappropriate content
  • Access to a range of other useful features

Ease of Use

According to its reviews, mSpy is easy to use for non-technical users. While it may not offer all the fancy features that other tracking apps have, it delivers its best to provide users with what they need. Once you have purchased a mSpy subscription, you can conveniently download and install the software on a target device. You can then access the interface via the online dashboard to manage the monitoring process.

mSpy in 2022

mSpy has evolved to become one of the best mobile tracking apps available in 2022. It continues to keep tabs on the mobile activities of its users, ensuring that the data and information remains secure. With mSpy, you can also monitor social media activity, track GPS location, view browser history and gain access to information from a range of other apps.


mSpy offers three subscription packages depending on the features you require. These include the basic package, premium package and family package. Prices start from about $30 per month for the basic package, which includes all the essential features you need to monitor a target device.


mSpy is a reliable and feature-rich mobile tracking app that is worth considering in 2022. With its ease of use and a range of subscription packages to choose from, it is a great choice for families, businesses or anyone looking to monitor the activities of their loved ones.

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Personal Experience

  2022 Mspy Reviews: Get All the Information You Need to Make an Informed Decision

As an expert in tracking phone apps, I would have to say that mSpy deserves every accolade it has achieved. Having used mSpy myself, I can attest to its ease of use and wide range of features. Despite not having some of the more complicated features some of the other tracking apps provide, mSpy succeeds in doing what it does have well. It is straightforward to use and the interface is intuitive, so it doesn’t take a lot of prior technical know-how to get it set up and running. For this reason, I’d definitely recommend mSpy for users who are after something simple and effective.

In the mSpy reviews for 2022, I’ve read that the app has gotten rave reviews from users — and for good reason. It is packed with features for tracking, monitoring and blocking that make it stand out from other spying apps. It has excellent event logging capabilities, can spy on phone conversations and has efficient web monitoring. mSpy also offers parental control options, useful for those leaving their kids to use the phone. Plus, you can use it on multiple devices and the customer support is great.

Overall, mSpy is an app that I’ve been consistently impressed by, and one that I would definitely recommend to those who want something reliable and trusty for tracking phones. In terms of price, I believe the features and abilities outweigh the cost — making it the perfect choice for novice users who want something that’s easy to set up, use and manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will someone know if I use mSpy?

No, mSpy is a discreet app that doesn’t let people know they are being monitored or watched. It allows you to watch how users use their phones without worrying that they will become aware of the surveillance. This way, you can get insights into how they use their phones without tipping them off.

What is better than mSpy?

There are several alternatives that are better than mSpy. Android 007 is a great option as it is not free. Find My and iKeyMonitor are also excellent and free options. Other great apps like MxSpy, FlexiSPY, SPYBUNKER, and Mobile Tracker Free are great mSpy alternatives, mainly Phone Trackers but may also be Parental Control Tools or Keyloggers. All of these alternatives offer superior features and benefits compared to mSpy, making them a better choice.

Does mSpy let you see text messages?

Yes, mSpy lets you see text messages. The messages are sent to your mSpy Control Panel, which you can access by logging in. From there, you can view any texts received and sent from the phone you are monitoring. This provides an effective way to monitor incoming and outgoing text messages on another device.

Does mSpy let people know your tracking them?

Yes, mSpy lets people know they are being tracked. The app runs in the background in complete incognito mode, meaning the target won’t know they are being tracked by the user. mSpy is one of the top applications on the market that lets users control and monitor a target phone’s mobile activity.

Does mSpy have a free trial?

Yes, mSpy does have a free trial. The trial period is a risk-free fourteen days probation. It’s longer than other spying applications free trial which is usually 7 days. So, mSpy is a great choice to test out the spying application before making a purchase.

Can someone tell if mSpy is installed on their phone?

No, it is not possible to tell if mSpy is installed on someone’s phone. mSpy runs in the background, so it is undetectable on both Android and iPhone devices. To stay safe and secure, it is recommended to regularly monitor your phone for suspicious apps and take additional security measures.

Does mSpy really work on iphones?

Yes, mSpy does work on iPhones. It’s a reliable, easy to set up mobile monitoring app that provides users with analysis into their smartphone activity. mSpy is available for both iOS and Android cell phones, making it a great choice for those who need to know what’s happening on their iPhone.

Is mSpy reliable?

Yes, mSpy is reliable. Reviews of the program praise its accessibility, value, power, and simplicity. It is ranked highly against other mobile phone tracking applications and has a good mix of features, value and customer support. mSpy is a reliable choice to consider when looking for a mobile phone tracking application.

What’s new in mSpy 2021?

mSpy 2021 brings advanced monitoring features for customers. With this new version, customers can keep an eye on their family and friends with remote monitoring and support for popular social media and IM chat apps. mSpy 2021 makes it easier to stay connected with real-time updates and improved performance.

How much does mSpy cost?

mSpy is an online monitoring service with a premium plan that costs $99 per year. This plan can be purchased through mSpy’s official website and includes login credentials for the control panel. The download link for the application can also be found in the control panel.

Is mSpy a good parental control app?

Yes, mSpy is a good parental control app. It allows parents to track and monitor their child’s activities on the device without being overly intrusive. Additionally, it’s easy to install and use, making it a great choice for busy parents. With features like call/SMS logs, email tracking, and GPS tracking, parents can be assured that their child is safe and sound.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 mSpy reviews make it clear why this spy app remains one of the most popular tracking apps in the market. Despite not having as many features as some of the other spy apps, mSpy still delivers on its promise to be easy to use and successful in tracking. Furthermore, its affordability and the very low learning curve make it attractive to many people. Overall, mSpy is a great option for those who are looking for an effective yet affordable spy app.


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