ngx mask The Ultimate Angular Plugin for Input Masking

ngx-mask: The Ultimate Angular Plugin for Input Masking

Ngx-mask is an Angular plugin that enables input masking to enhance user experience and improve data accuracy. Input masking is the practice of encoding user input to fit a specific format, such as formatting a phone number or credit card number with hyphens or spaces. Ngx-mask is the ideal solution for input masking because of its flexibility and ease of use. In this post, we will explore the features of ngx-mask and explain why it is the best Angular plugin for input masking.

What is ngx-mask?

Ngx-mask is a powerful Angular plugin used for masking input elements in forms to create structured and formatted inputs. With NGX Mask, users can easily add patterns and formats to their input elements such as currency, dates, and telephone number, among others, without the need for additional data entry or validation efforts.

Unlike other input mask plugins, NGX Mask allows developers to mask not only form fields but also HTML elements, which provides more flexibility when designing customized user interfaces: it means that developers can use masks on any text, including subtitles, captions, tooltips or modal windows. This feature-rich plugin also supports both reactive and template-driven forms, which makes it an efficient and user-friendly option for developers.

Benefits of using ngx-mask

Ngx-mask is an Angular plugin that allows developers to easily create and apply masks on form fields and html elements. Here are some of the benefits of using ngx-mask:

  • User Input Validation: Ngx-mask provides a way for developers to validate user input by ensuring that data entered in form fields follows a specific format. This helps ensure that data is accurate, consistent, and conforms to pre-defined standards.
  • Improved User Experience: With ngx-mask, users are provided with a clear understanding of what data is expected in a particular form field. This reduces the likelihood of errors and makes the user experience more seamless and intuitive.
  • Time-Saving: One of the biggest advantages of using ngx-mask is the time it saves. Ngx-mask allows developers to easily implement masks on form fields, even if they have no prior experience with front-end development. This frees up developer time to work on other important aspects of the project.
  • Reduced Development Costs: By making it easy to implement masks on form fields, ngx-mask can significantly reduce development costs. It eliminates the need for developers to build custom masks from scratch, which can save both time and money.
  • Improved Data Quality: With ngx-mask, developers can ensure that data entered into form fields meets specific standards. This improves the quality and accuracy of the data, which can have a positive impact on business operations and decision-making.

How to Use Ngx-mask

Ngx-mask is a helpful Angular plugin that allows you to create masks on form fields and HTML elements. Using this plugin can prevent input errors and make forms more user-friendly. Here are the steps on how to use ngx-mask in Angular projects:

  1. To start using ngx-mask, you need to install it by running the following command: npm i ngx-mask.
  2. If your ngx-mask version is 15.0.0 or higher, you can import the ngx-mask directive, pipe, and provide NgxMask providers using provideNgxMask function with default config options at the application level.
  3. If your ngx-mask version is lower than 15.0.0, you need to import the ngx-mask module in your Angular app.
  4. In your HTML code, add the mask attribute to your input field and specify your desired mask. For example, <input type=”text” mask=”(000) 000-0000″> will create a mask for US phone numbers.
  5. You can also use ngx-mask options to customize the mask behavior. For example, you can use the clearIfNotMatch option to clear the input field if the value doesn’t match the mask.

By following these steps, you can easily implement masks on your form fields and HTML elements using ngx-mask in your Angular projects.

Examples of ngx-mask in action

Ngx-mask is a powerful Angular plugin for input masking that can help you capture the user’s input according to a specific pattern. This can be particularly useful for formatting dates, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other types of input data where a specific format is desired. To demonstrate the power of this plugin, we will showcase some examples of different projects that have used ngx-mask for input masking.

1. Angular Reactive Form: One example is the Angular Reactive Form, which uses ngx-mask for input masking. In this project, ngx-mask is used to mask phone numbers, dates, and social security numbers. The mask directive provided by ngx-mask is used to enforce that users enter a specific pattern for these input data items. This ensures that the user data entered in the form is consistent and makes it easier to validate the input.

2. MEAN Stack App: Another example is the MEAN Stack App, which uses ngx-mask for input masking. In this project, ngx-mask is used for input masking on several data items including phone numbers and credit card numbers. The Angular plugin is used again to enforce specific patterns to improve the efficiency of the user data submission process.

3. Ngx-Mask Template: Ngx-Mask Template is yet another example that demonstrates the use of ngx-mask for input masking. This template leverages ngx-mask to achieve several input masks including currency, date, phone numbers, and strings. The use of ngx-mask has resulted in a more intuitive and cleaner data input process.

As evident from these examples, ngx-mask is a powerful and reliable Angular plugin for input masking. Its use can help in formatting and capturing user data input according to specific patterns. By enforcing these patterns, it can help you create more consistent user data and makes it easier to validate the data submitted.


What types of input masks can ngx-mask handle?

Ngx-mask can handle various types of input masks, including masks for social security numbers, phone numbers, dates, credit card numbers, and more. These masks can be customized to fit your specific needs, ensuring that users input information in the correct format.

Is ngx-mask compatible with all Angular versions?

Ngx-mask is compatible with Angular versions 4 and above. This includes all Angular versions up to the latest version, making it a versatile tool for developers across different versions.

Can ngx-mask be customized or extended?

Yes, ngx-mask can be customized and extended to fit the needs of your project. It offers various configuration options, including changing the masking patterns, setting placeholder characters, and more. Additionally, you can extend the directive to create custom masks for specific types of input.

How is ngx-mask better than other input masking libraries?

Ngx-mask is a fully customizable and versatile input masking library that offers extensive support for various types of masks. It provides developers with a simple and effective way to ensure data is input in the correct format, without bogging down the application. It also offers numerous configuration options for ultimate flexibility, and is compatible with Angular 4 and above. These features make ngx-mask a top choice for developers looking for a reliable input masking solution.


Ngx-mask is a valuable Angular plugin for masking input in form fields and HTML elements. It provides an easy and efficient solution for enforcing input patterns that improve user experience. With the ability to install it through npm and the availability of other projects using ngx-mask, it is a popular choice for Angular developers. By incorporating ngx-mask into your project, you can ensure that input values are correctly formatted, making the application more user-friendly.


Ngx-mask is a highly recommended Angular plugin for making masks on form fields and HTML elements. The tool provides a directive that makes it easy for developers to ensure accurate input from users, as well as a pipe that displays formatted data according to the specified mask. Ngx-mask helps to enhance the user experience and saves developers’ time by reducing the likelihood of errors.

There are 161 other projects in the npm registry using ngx-mask, highlighting its popularity among developers. With a simple installation process by running ‘npm i ngx-mask,’ any Angular project can use the directive and pipe to maintain input consistency and improve the user experience.

NGX-Mask is highly customizable and provides multiple mask options, making it easy for developers to adjust it to meet the specific needs of their projects. Developers can use the ngx-mask options to create masks that enforce specific patterns, like phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, and currencies, among others.

Ngx-mask enhances form validation by ensuring that the input data is entered in the format that the project requires. Aside from enforcing input formatting, ngx-mask helps to combat common user errors such as submitting incomplete and inaccurate data. Providing an enhanced user experience starts with using ngx-mask for accurate data entry.


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