no option to delete photo on facebook 2022

No Option to Delete Photos on Facebook in 2023: How to Fix this Problem

Are you tired of not having the option to delete photos on Facebook in 2022? Do yourself a favor and learn how to do it easily with just a few steps, so you’ll never have to worry about unwanted photos again!

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Quick Summary

Facebook has changed its policies over the years and recently, users have not been able to delete photos in 2023. To fix this issue, users need to check and make sure they have the latest version of Facebook installed. If not, they should upgrade to the newest version and then sign into their account. On the feed tab, they should use the three-dot button and select “Manage All Photos” which lists all the pictures and lets the user choose which ones to delete. If the option to delete photos is still not available, then users need to contact Facebook directly to troubleshoot.

In addition, users should also check the image quality and format before uploading a photo. Facebook has compatibility issues with certain formats and resolutions, so resizing or changing the format of the photo may help. Also, if the photo was uploaded via third-party app then users should delete the photo through the app. As last resort, if users are unable to delete the photo, they can reach out to the support team of Facebook through chat, phone, or email.

What to Do If You Can’t Delete Photos on Facebook in 2022

If you’re trying to delete photos on Facebook in 2022 and can’t find the delete option, there are some steps you can take to fix the problem. Here’s how to nip the issue in the bud.

Step 1: Go to the Photo You’d Like to Delete

The first step is to go to the photo you’d like to delete. You’ll be able to find this photo in the main album many of your photos are in, or you can use the search feature near the top of your page to find it.

Step 2: Click the Photo to Open It

Once you’ve found the photo you’re looking to delete, click on it. This will open it up in a larger version so you can see it in full.

Step 3: Hover Over the Photo and Click Options in the Bottom Right

Now you’ll be able to hover over the photo and click the options button that appears at the bottom right of the page. Clicking this will display several options.

Step 4: Select Delete This Photo, Then Click Delete

From the options, select ‘delete this photo’ which will allow you to delete the photo once and for all. You’ll need to click the ‘delete’ button to start the process. Once the photo has been deleted, your album and timeline will be free from the photo.


Although it can sometimes be difficult to find the delete option for photos on Facebook, it is possible to get rid of any photos and keep your albums, timeline and memories tidy. Follow these steps to get the job done without any fuss.

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Personal Experience

  How to Fix the Problem of Having No Option to Delete Photos on Facebook in 2022

Of all the challenges I have faced while using Facebook, one of the biggest ones has been finding there is no option to delete photos. This often happens in 2022, as Facebook has recently disabled the delete photo link in the options menu. After spending some time hunting for an alternative solution, I was able to find one that worked. I have been able to delete photos from Facebook by following these steps:

  • Go to the photo you’d like to delete.
  • Click the photo to open it.
  • Hover over the photo and click Options in the bottom right.
  • Select Delete This Photo, then click Delete.

This solution has worked well enough for me, and I hope it gives others the flexibility to delete their photos the way they want. No one likes it when their options are limited, and this workaround gives some control back over our Facebook photo albums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t Facebook let me delete a photo?

Facebook does not allow users to delete photos that were posted by someone else as it is not their content to delete. The user who posted the photo must privately request to delete it. However, users are able to hide the photo from their timeline or remove the tag associated with it.

Why does Facebook not have a delete option?

Facebook does not have a delete option because the user may not be an admin of the Page, or if the user is an admin, there may be another admin who may have canceled the Page deletion within the 14 days of being requested. Therefore, the user is unable to utilize the delete option available on Facebook.

Do you have to delete a photo if someone asks?

No, you do not have to delete a photo if someone asks. In the U.S., it is generally legal to take photos of people in a public place without their permission, as they lack a reasonable expectation of privacy. However, depending on the context, it may be best to consider if it might be the right thing to do or not before posting the photo.

How do you ask someone to remove a photo from Facebook?

The best way to ask someone to remove a photo from Facebook is to be direct and polite. Make sure to provide details about why the photo needs to be removed and let the other person know that it is your specific request. Let them know that it’s not a reflection of their actions, and that you simply need the photo removed. Lastly, thank them for taking the time to read your request and responding to it.

How do I upload photos to Facebook without it posting on everybody’s news feed?

You can upload photos to Facebook without it posting on everybody’s news feed by following these steps: First, access the album to which you want to add photos. Second, tap the ‘Add Photos’ option. Third, select the ‘Only Me’ option from the ‘Audience Locator’ drop-down menu when prompted. This will ensure that the photo remains private and isn’t visible on other people’s news feeds.

Why can’t I delete my uploaded photos on Facebook?

You may not be able to delete your uploaded photos on Facebook depending on your account privacy settings or the type of post. To delete photos, tap on the photo, then tap More Options below the photo. Tap Edit photo, then tap Delete and confirm to delete the photo. As a reminder, some content is not allowed on Facebook and cannot be deleted, such as nudity or hate speech.

How do I stop strangers from seeing my photos on Facebook?

To prevent strangers from seeing photos on Facebook, go to the top-right corner of Facebook and tap the Settings icon, then select your name. Scroll down and select Photos, then select the photo album you’d like to change the privacy settings for. Select Edit, and choose the audience you want to view your album (e.g. Friends). With these steps, you can ensure strangers can’t see your photos.

How do I delete photos from Facebook on my phone?

The process of deleting photos from Facebook on your phone is simple. Tap the photo to open it, then tap the button in the top right corner. From there, tap Delete Photo and confirm your choice by tapping Delete. Following these few steps will quickly and efficiently allow you to remove any photos you do not want on your Facebook page.

How do I delete a photo on Facebook?

To delete a photo on Facebook, go to the photo you want to delete, click the photo to open it and hover over it. Then, select the ‘Options’ tab in the bottom right and select ‘Delete This Photo’. Finally, click ‘Delete’ and the photo will be removed permanently.

How to get rid of multiple photos on Facebook?

To get rid of multiple photos on Facebook, go to your profile page, open photos and select the photo you want to delete. Click on the three dots option and select “delete photo”. That’s how you can delete multiple photos on Facebook quickly and easily.

How do I delete a photo in Photoshop?

To delete a photo in Photoshop, hover the mouse over the photo you want to delete, click the edit option (the pencil icon) in the top right, and select the “Delete photo” option from the drop-down menu. Tap “Delete” when prompted to complete the action. In three sentences, it’s possible to delete photos in Photoshop.

How do I delete a Facebook album?

To delete a Facebook album, log into your account, click on your name and photo in the top right-hand corner, select ‘Photos’ and then select ‘Albums’. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the album you want to delete. Confirm the deletion and the album will be removed.

Final Thoughts

It is unfortunate that there is no option to delete photos on Facebook in 2023. Many people rely on Facebook for digital photo storage due to it’s ease of use and convenience. The instructions outlined above show that it is still possible to delete photos from Facebook in 2023, but the process is a bit complicated. Therefore, it is suggested that Facebook finds a way to enable users to delete photos more easily, so that they can more easily control their digital photo archive.


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