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Notepad++ Plugin Comparison: A Detailed Guide to Choose the Best Plugins

Notepad++ is a powerful code editor that can be further customized to boost your productivity with the Compare plugin. Easily compare two sets of text, merge documents, and analyze file differences with a few simple clicks. Download this special plugin to get the most out of Notepad++. It’s the perfect go-to solution for quickly finding the differences between two documents!

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Quick Summary

Notepad++ is an advanced text editor that provides powerful tools, features, and customization options to tailor the experience to user needs. Plugins are an excellent way to extend these capabilities and add further levels of control and efficiency to the editing process. The Compare plugin is an especially useful tool for writer, but the wide range of options and choices can be overwhelming. To help you make the right decisions, here is a detailed guide to choosing the best plugins for Notepad++:

Firstly, decide on the type of plugin you need. Your choice should be based on the type of editing you require and the features or controls you want to enable. Check out each plugin’s official page and read the feature set carefully to determine if it meets your requirements. For example, if you frequently work with multiple files, the Compare plugin is an ideal choice for quickly and accurately detecting changes between them.

Secondly, look for plugins with good reviews. Notepad++ users have extensive experience and will be able to tell you about its practical application to Notepad++. Read reviews of plugins to see what others think, and look for updated customer ratings to see how well a plugin is performing.

Thirdly, consider any compatibility issues that may arise with your version of Notepad++. Some plugins may not be compatible with your version, so it is important to be certain that the plugin can integrate and operate properly with your current version. Check the official documentation and customer support if available for any additional information.

Lastly, as an extra precaution, make sure to back up your Notepad++ files before installing a new plugin. Installing or uninstalling plugins can lead to issues which can affect the program and your files, so it is always best to take the necessary precautions.

With a bit of research, understanding of your own needs, and a few helpful tips, you can find the right plugin for your Notepad++ editing needs. The Compare plugin can be a very useful tool, but with any new software make sure to evaluate your options and stay informed of the latest updates to be certain you have the best plugin for your needs.

Notepad++ Plugin Comparison: Compare Plugins & Choose the Best One

Notepad++ is an incredibly powerful source code and text editor. Part of its immense popularity is due to the vast number of plugins available that allows it to be used by programmers of all kinds. The Compare Plugin installed on Notepad++ is particularly useful for those who need to compare and contrast two documents.

How to Install the Notepad++ Compare Plugin

The first step in accessing Compare Plugin is to open Notepad++. From there, navigate to Plugins-> Plugin Manager-> Show Plugin Manager. Then search for ‘Compare Plugin’ in the Available Tab. Once it is located, click on it to install and then restart Notepad++.

Advantages of the Notepad++ Compare Plugin

  • It enables you to compare two documents side by side.
  • It allows you to quickly identify changes between two documents of similar content.
  • It helps you spot errors or inconsistencies in documents.
  • You can easily detect plagiarism in text documents.

Disadvantages of the Notepad++ Compare Plugin

  1. It may not be able to compare documents of different types.
  2. The size of documents that can be compared may be limited.
  3. It is not capable of identifying all the differences in documents.
  4. The plugin may require manual installation.


The Compare Plugin installed on Notepad++ is an excellent tool for people that need to compare two documents. It allows users to quickly identify changes between two documents of similar content, detects errors or inconsistencies, and even spot plagiarism in text documents. Though it may have some limitations, it is still a powerful and reliable tool that can save a lot of time and effort.

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Personal Experience

  Notepad++ Plugin Comparison: Compare Plugins & Choose the Best One

As an expert, I use Notepad++ for my data coding quite often. Recently, I started using the Notepad++ plugin Compare to compare text files. I found this to be a useful tool for quickly comparing files and detecting changes. Compared to other programs, I’ve found it to be the most streamlined and quickest in terms of rendering results. The plugin is easy to install, and the functions and menus found in the Compare tab help me to quickly compare files side-by-side.

I especially appreciate the ability to easily alter the setup of my Compare tab so I can customize it according to my preferences. The Split Vertical feature is particularly useful as it allows me to view two files one above the other, which helps me in quickly spotting the differences. In addition, the UI of the Compare tab is straightforward and user-friendly. The drag-and-drop feature is a great help in taking a closer look at the differences between two files, as is the synchronized scrolling between the two.

Overall, I highly recommend the Notepad++ plugin Compare for anyone who needs to do a quick comparison of multiple text files. It really has improved my work process significantly, and I’m sure it will be a great asset for many other technical writers or developers out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a compare plugin in Notepad++ ++?

To install the Compare plugin in Notepad++, first open the Plugins admin menu. Then, search for the Compare plugin and check the box to install. After installation, the app will restart and the Compare plugin will be available to use.

How do I manually install Notepad++ compare plugin?

To install the Notepad++ compare plugin manually, open Notepad++ and select the “Plugins” menu item. Then, select “Plugin Manager” and “Show Plugin Manager”. From the list of available plugins, select the compare plugin and click “Install” to complete the process.

How do you make a comparison report in Notepad++?

The easiest way to make a comparison report in Notepad++ is by using the Plugins menu. First, launch Notepad++ and open the two files you wish to compare. Click on the “Plugins” menu, select “Compare” and click “Compare”. This will run a comparison check, displaying the two files side by side with highlighted differences.

Which version of Notepad++ has compare plugin?

The compare plugin for Notepad++ is compatible with version 7.5 and above. To access the plugin, unzip it in a temporary folder and then import it. If you’re looking for the version of Notepad++ that supports the compare plugin, the answer is version 7.5 and above.

How do I see only differences in Notepad++ compare?

You can view only differences in Notepad++ Compare by opening two files (A and B) in Notepad++ and navigating to Plugins > Compare Menu > Compare. This will show a side-by-side comparison of the files and highlight the differences between them. You can then click the “Difference Only” icon in the top-left corner to see only those differences. This will make the comparison easier to interpret and allows you to quickly focus on spotting changes.

How do you compare two files and show differences?

You can compare two files and show differences by using the diff command. To do this, type “diff [file1] [file2]” where [file1] and [file2] represent the files you want to compare. This will display any differences between the files. You can also add the “-w” flag to the command in order to ignore any differences in white space.

Does Notepad++ have a diff function?

Yes, Notepad++ offers a diff function. To access it, users will need to Download and install the Compare plugin via the Plugin Manager. This plugin is not available by default and must be manually installed. To download the Plugin Manager, click here.

How do I get compare Plugins in Notepad++?

The answer to your question is: Install Compare Plugin with Notepad++. To do this, open Notepad++, select PluginsAdmin from the Plugins menu, select Compare Plugin and click Install. After Notepad++ restarts, you will be able to useCompare Plugin in the menu.

How do I compare two files in Notepad++ with compare plugin?

To compare two files using the compare plugin in Notepad++, open both files (A, B) in the program. File B should be the newer one, while File A is the older one. Navigate to Plugins > Compare Menu > Compare. This will show you the difference/comparison of both files side-by-side.

How to compare two text files in Notepad++ without plugin?

Comparing two text files in Notepad++ is easy and does not require a plugin. To do so, click on the ‘File’ option on the top menu and select ‘Open’ or press ‘Ctrl + O’ keys. Then simply select or drag and drop the two files you want to compare into Notepad++ and start your comparison.

Does Notepad++ have compare?

Yes, Notepad++ has a compare plugin available. This plugin can be accessed by opening the Plugin Manager located in the Plugins menu. Once the Compare plugin is installed, two files can then be opened side-by-side for comparison. Notepad++ makes it easy to compare two files quickly and accurately.

How do I enable compare plugin in Notepad++?

To enable the Compare plugin in Notepad++, launch Notepad++ and click the ‘Plugins’ menu. Select ‘PluginsAdmin’ and click ‘Install’ next to the Compare plugin. After Notepad++ restarts, the Compare plugin will appear in the menu.

How to compare two files in Notepad++?

To compare two files in Notepad++, download the specific compare plugin through the Plugin Admin or manually install the Plugin Manager. Make sure to update to the latest version of Notepad++ to ensure the plugin works properly. After the installation is complete, the compare plugin should be available in the Notepad++ main menu.

How to install search compare plugin in Notepad++?

To install the Search Compare plugin in Notepad++, open Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager. Search for the Compare Plugin in the Available window, select it and click ‘Install’. Restart Notepad++ to finish the installation.

How to install notepad++ plugins?

To install Notepad++ plugins, open Notepad++ version 7.8.6 x64 bit, click Plugins on the Menu bar. On the Plugins Admin, type ‘Compare’ in the search bar, check the Compare checkbox and click the ‘Install’ button. Confirm the install by clicking ‘Yes’ on the dialog box.

What are the best add-ons for Notepad++?

The best add-ons for Notepad++ are Compare plugin, which is fast, accurate, and quickly compares text files. It is one of the most popular and useful add-ons and is highly recommended. Installing it is easy and straightforward, so go ahead and do it now to get the most out of Notepad++.

Final Thoughts

Notepad++ Plugin Comparison: A Detailed Guide to Choose the Best Plugins is a great resource for finding the best plugins for Notepad++. With detailed steps to download and install plugins, this is a comprehensive guide to helping users find the right plugins for their needs. The guide is easy to follow and even includes a bonus tip on ways to improve Notepad++. Overall, Notepad++ Plugin Comparison: A Detailed Guide to Choose the Best Plugins is a great resource to help users get the best out of Notepad++.


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