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Notepad++: How to Use the Side by Side Feature for Better Editing Efficiency

Do you want to learn how to arrange Notepad++ windows side by side? Quickly and easily view documents in pairs using this simple method.

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Quick Summary

Notepad++ is a powerful digital text editor that allows users to easily arrange two or more notepad windows side by side with ease. To use this feature, users must first move the title bar of a notepad window to the left or right side of the screen until an outline of the expanded window appears. Users can then release the mouse to expand the window. They may repeat the steps to arrange additional notepads side by side. Side by side editing is essential for quickly comparing and modifying codes side-by-side, examining data side-by-side, or organizing multiple notes in an efficient manner. Side by side windows in Notepad++ also supports various features such as resizing, tab synchronization, and more. Notepad++ is an essential tool for developers and coders for efficient editing.

Using Notepad++ Side by Side for More Efficient Editing

Notepad++ is a powerful code editor used by many developers to write and modify their software code. It is one of the most popular open-source code editors available that offers syntax highlighting and code folding features, amongst other options. However, Notepad++ can be used in an even more powerful way. You can extend its functions even further by using two Notepad++ instances side by side. Whether you’re comparing code, editing two files simultaneously, or debugging code, having two Notepad++ editors open side-by-side can make your development process faster and easier.

Arranging Notepad++ Side by Side

Arranging Notepad++ side by side is simple:

  • Drag the title bar of a notepad to the left or right side of the screen until an outline of the expanded window appears.
  • Release the mouse to expand the notepad.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 with another notepad to arrange the notepad side by side.

The Benefits of Using Notepad++ Side by Side

Using two Notepad++ windows side-by-side has many benefits. The most obvious benefit is the ability to have two code files open at once. This can be extremely useful if you need to compare two different files and edit them both at the same time. Additionally, having two editors open can help make debugging code much easier. For example, you can open up the same file in both windows to compare and see which lines of code are causing the error.

Using Notepad++ side-by-side can also save you a lot of time because you can perform two tasks at once. You can edit two files at the same time and make the necessary changes faster than if you were using just one window. This can be especially helpful if you’re working with a large project and need to make changes to multiple files.

Finally, using two Notepad++ windows side-by-side also allows you to work on two different tasks without losing any of your work. This is useful if you’re working on a project that requires you to constantly switch between tasks. Instead of having to toggle between windows, you can simply have the required files open in two separate windows.

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Personal Experience

  Using Notepad++ Side by Side for More Efficient Editing

I had always found it tedious to work on two different tasks simultaneously until I discovered the power of notepad++ side by side. Having two windows side by side means I can reference, compare and contrast materials easily, resulting in improved accuracy and efficiency. With notepad++, arranging windows side by side is very easy to do. All I need to do is drag the title bar of one window to the left or right side of the screen, and then release the mouse to expand the window. I can repeat this process with a second window, and voila! I now have two windows side by side. I find this invaluable when dealing with different documents and tasks, making my workflow much smoother. In conclusion, notepad++ side by side is a great tool for those who need to keep multiple documents open and accessible for quick reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to compare two text files in Notepad++ without plugin?

Comparing two text files in Notepad++ without plugins can be easily done using the File option on the top menu. Simply select the two files you want to compare and then open them. To make this even easier, you can click the Ctrl + O keys or drag and drop files directly onto the interface of Notepad++.

How do I change horizontal data to vertical in Notepad++?

To select text in Notepad++ horizontally, hold down the Alt key and click and drag the mouse left or right. If you want to change the horizontal data to vertical, you can also select the data horizonally and then use the TextFX Menu tool to transpose the data. This tool allows you to easily switch between horizontal and vertical data with one click. To access the TextFX Menu, you can go to Plugins > TextFX > TextFX Tools and select the Transpose option.

How do I open split screen in Notepad++?

To open split screen in Notepad++, open the application and go to the View menu. From there, click on the ‘Clone to Other View’ option. This will automatically split the Notepad++ window into two panes. You can then open different files in each pane and work on them simultaneously.

How do I open two Notepad++ windows side by side?

To open two Notepad++ windows side by side, first right-click on a tab and select “Move to Other View”. Then, right-click the divider line and select “Rotate to Horizontal Split”. This will open two windows side by side, with the same file opened in both.

How do I open multiple Notepad++ in Windows 10?

To open multiple Notepad++ windows in Windows 10, select the files you want to open and drag them into the Notepad++ window. This will cause them to open in their own tab. To quickly switch between tabs, you can use the shortcut Ctrl+Tab. Notepad++ provides a convenient way to have multiple files open in the same window.

Where is the vertical tab in Notepad++?

The vertical tab in Notepad++ is found under the Document List Panel heading. To view this list of open tabs, select the Show checkbox. This vertical list of open tabs will then be displayed on the left side of the window.

How do I split a Notepad++ window vertically?

To split a Notepad++ window vertically, right-click on the text editor window and select ‘Move/Clone Current Document/View to Other View’, or use the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + O. This will open a second text editor window underneath the first one. To adjust the size of the windows, drag the line between them. Watch this helpful video tutorial to learn more:

How do I open multiple Notepad++ in Windows?

To open multiple Notepad++ windows in Windows, press the Ctrl key and click on File in the menu bar. You can also go to File > New Document or File > New > Tab to add a new tab next to the existing one. With either method, this will open multiple tabs or windows of Notepad++ in Windows, allowing you to work with multiple documents at once.

How can I compare two text files for differences?

To compare two text files for differences, open Microsoft Word, type “Word” in the search box and select it from the search options. Click “Review” on the MS Word toolbar, then click “Compare” in the Review menu. From the two options available, select “Compare” to display differences between two text files.

How do I split a Notepad++ file?

Splitting a Notepad++ file is easy. All you have to do is open the large text file in Notepad++ and select the Plugins menu. Then choose the Split option and a new dialog box will appear. In the Split dialog box, select the number of lines you want in each file and click the Ok button. That’s it!

What is the shortcut to compare two files in Notepad++?

The shortcut to compare two files in Notepad++ is Alt+D. This shortcut is found in the Plugins menu under the option Compare -> Compare. It allows users to open their two files side-by-side with conflicting lines highlighted. This can be done easily and quickly, allowing users to compare two files with only a few keystrokes.

How to view Docs side by side in Notepad ++?

The answer to ‘How to view Docs side by side in Notepad ++?’ is to open both documents in Notepad++ and click on the View Tab at the top. You can then move or clone the current document and move it to the other view. This allows you to easily view both documents side by side.

How to rotate tabs in Notepad++?

The answer is: To rotate tabs in Notepad++ 5.7, simply right-click the divider line and select the option to rotate the views to be either side-by-side or top-and-bottom. For multiple windows of the same file, you can right-click a tab and select “Clone to Other View”. Notepad++ 5.7 makes managing tabs and windows simple.

How to split the Notepad++ window?

To split a Notepad++ window, right-click on a tab and select “Move to Other View”. You can also select “Clone to Other View” to open the same file twice and see different parts of it. This is available in Notepad++ 5.7 and newer.

How to rotate dividers in Notepad++?

In Notepad++ 5.7 you can rotate the dividers to be side-by-side or top-and-bottom view. To do this, right-click on the divider line and select “Rotate”. You can also right-click the tab and select “Move to Other View” or “Clone to Other View” to open the same file more than once. Notepad++ 5.7 provides users with the ability to customize their views to better suit their needs.

Final Thoughts

The side-by-side feature of Notepad++ allows users to increase the efficiency of their editing process by quickly comparing multiple documents at once. This is especially useful in editing multiple files or for writing code. It can save time and energy when dealing with lengthy documents or complex coding and is an easy feature to use. With only a few clicks, Notepad++ users can benefit from the organization, performance, and convenience this feature provides. Thus, the Side-by-Side feature is an invaluable tool that Notepad++ users should take advantage of when editing multiple documents.


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