39.99 – 70% off Sale!

Are you a bargain hunter looking for the best deal of the day? Look no further! There’s currently a sale offering a 70 percent discount on an item originally priced at 39.99. That means you can get this item for only a fraction of the cost! But before you hit “add to cart,” it’s important […]

Ultimaker S5 Print Head Replacement

The Ultimaker S5 Print Head replacement is a crucial maintenance task that needs to be completed to ensure the printer’s optimal performance. The print head is responsible for depositing the filaments on the print bed, and any damage or clog will limit the printer’s capabilities. This article will provide instructions on how to replace the […]

Brick Bug Blast: How to Get Rid of Brick Pests

Brick bugs, also known as boxelder bugs, are a common pest that causes problems when they invade homes, sheds, and garages in the fall and emerge in the spring. These bugs overwinter in large numbers, making them an annoyance to homeowners. They are known for their black and red coloration and their tendency to release […]

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