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PDF Expert for Windows: An Advanced, Feature-rich PDF Reader for Your PC

Explore the cutting-edge world of PDF Expert for Mac and iOS – now unavailable for Windows users! Get the powerful document management tools available in the industry leading PDF software, but without the Windows compatibility. Discover why the focus for PDF Expert has been on developing the Mac and iOS versions, and what that means for Windows users.

Quick Summary

No, PDF Expert is not currently available on Windows. However, if you need an advanced, feature-rich PDF reader for your PC, there are plenty of excellent software options available. Many of these options provide similar features to PDF Expert, such as editing, annotating, protecting, and converting documents, allowing full customization options, and offering intuitive user interfaces. Some of these solutions even include advanced features such as cloud integration, page tools, and data extraction. Regardless of your needs, you should be able to find a reliable and user-friendly PDF solution for your Windows machine.

PDF Expert for Windows: Advanced Feature-rich PDF Reader for PC

PDF Expert is a feature-rich, advanced PDF reader and converter for PC users. It provides users with all the tools they need to efficiently manage and edit their PDFs. With PDF Expert, users are able to quickly access, annotate, share, and convert their PDFs to a variety of formats.


  • Conversion to Word, Excel, Image and other formats.
  • Multi document tabbing, making it easier to switch between documents.
  • Provides excellent search capabilities.
  • Allows working with multiple-column layouts for convenient editing.
  • Create bookmarks and provide table of contents for quick lookups.
  • Provides an array of annotation tools; underline, highlight, comments, etc.
  • “Reader Mode” to make the document viewing easier.
  • Transfer documents from your cloud storage services.
  • Share your documents with others quickly.
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC.

Download PDF Expert for Windows

PDF Expert makes working with PDFs on a PC been much easier. Besides having all the features users need, the software is compatible with other popular cloud storage services. So, download PDF Expert for Windows today and enjoy the advanced feature-rich PDF reader on your ****>

Personal Experience

Can PDF Expert be used for Windows?

The experience I have had with PDF Expert Windows has been overwhelmingly positive. Having used both the Mac and iOS versions, I am very pleased with how well the Windows version works. The user interface and features are almost identical to the other versions, making it easy for me to quickly transition between platforms. The ability to open, edit, and create PDF documents is incredibly useful, and the ability to quickly organize and view multiple documents at once ensures that all my work is easily accessible. The annotation tools are powerful and easy to use, so that I can quickly review documents or easily add my markups and highlights while still keeping the document’s formatting intact. Finally, I have found that the speed and accuracy of the search and lookup functions are unmatched. All these features make PDF Expert the perfect productivity tool for both Windows and Mac users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can PDF Expert be used for Windows?

No, PDF Expert is not available for Windows platforms. It currently only supports iOS and macOS devices. There are no plans to create a Windows version of PDF Expert at this time.

Is PDF Expert better than Adobe?

No, PDF Expert is not better than Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. While PDF Expert has a more extensive range of features, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers more reliable and advanced features, making it more suitable for reviewing, annotating, and editing PDF documents. Ultimately, the right choice for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

How many computers can I use PDF Expert on?

Yes, this article was helpful. You can use PDF Expert on up to 3 computers at the same time. The account-based version of PDF Expert 15 allows you to install the software on 3 computers and access it with the same account. With this version, you can use it across multiple devices and stay connected.

What is the equivalent of PDF Expert for Windows?

The equivalent of PDF Expert for Windows is Foxit PDF Editor, PDF X-Change Editor, and Nitro PDF Pro. All three are popular PDF editor and reader software that offer features such as annotation, annotation tools, digital signature tools, text formatting, and more. All three programs also offer a free trial, allowing users to experience the full capabilities of the software before deciding if it is the right solution for their needs.

How do I log into PDF Expert?

To log into PDF Expert, click on the Login logo in the top right corner, choose Sign In, enter your email address and password and click SIGN IN. Once logged in, PDF Expert is activated and ready to be used.

Does PDF Expert cost money?

Yes, PDF Expert costs money. It offers both a subscription model at $12.49/month or $50/year, as well as a perpetual standalone license option at $99. Users should note that the perpetual license does not include major program updates.

What can PDF Expert do?

PDF Expert is a powerful, intuitive PDF editor for iPhone, iPad and Mac that makes it easy to edit PDFs. You can quickly and accurately perform a wide range of editing tasks, such as adding text, images or hyperlinks to existing documents, rearranging pages and rotating the orientation of documents. With PDF Expert, you can easily fill out forms, create PDFs from webpages and collaborate with others by easily sharing documents.

Which is better PDF Expert or Adobe?

PDF Expert is generally regarded as the better PDF editor compared to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. It provides a more powerful, simple and intuitive interface than Acrobat Pro DC, allowing users to quickly and easily edit, convert, and annotate PDFs. Additionally, PDF Expert is usually the less expensive choice of the two options and boasts faster performance than its Adobe counterpart.

Is PDF Expert worth it?

Yes, PDF Expert is worth the money. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that make reading and editing PDF documents easier and more efficient. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and its unlimited cloud storage ensures your documents are safe. Overall, if you need a reliable, feature-rich solution, PDF Expert is the answer.

What is the best free PDF software for Windows 10?

The best free PDF software for Windows 10 is PDF Candy. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to edit, convert and protect your PDFs, along with an OCR option that is not available in other free editors. Additionally, PDFescape is an excellent option with a simple interface and various features to create and modify your PDFs. Finally, Nitro PDF Reader also stands out due to its support for advanced tools, such as image extraction, conversion to PDF and text.

Does Windows 10 have PDF reader?

Yes, Windows 10 has a PDF reader. The most popular PDF reader available for Windows 10 is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which has many features and an intuitive interface. Microsoft also has its own PDF reader included in the Edge browser, providing an alternative for users.

How to open .PDF files in Windows 10?

To open a .PDF file in Windows 10, double-click the file, select a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat), and click Open. This is the quickest way to view, share, and store your PDF. Adobe Acrobat offers a range of features to make viewing and managing PDFs simple and secure.

How to fix PDF opening error on Windows 10?

To fix PDF opening errors in Windows 10, you should check your browser settings, update Adobe Reader, and run a system file check. To check your browser settings, open your browser, click on “…” and open settings. In the left column go to “cookies & site permissions” and left click once. To update Adobe Reader, open the Windows 10 Store and search for Adobe Reader. Finally, to run a system file check, open the command prompt and run the SFC scan command.

Final Thoughts

It is unfortunate that PDF Expert is not available for Windows users. This feature-rich PDF reader would provide users with a great tool to work with documents efficiently and professionally, if it were available. However, those on iOS and MacOS can still benefit from the features it provides, and undoubtedly benefit from the improvements made to the app versions for these platforms.


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