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Pictures That Move: Animated Photos and Creative GIFs

A picture that moves is worth a thousand words– let the royalty-free stock photos from Shutterstock show you the way! With thousands of high-quality moving images added daily, you’re sure to find the perfect shot for your project.

Quick Summary

  Animated Pictures That Move: Creative GIFs and Photos

Finding the perfect moving stock images to use can be time-consuming, but there’s an easier solution. Pexels offers a wide selection of animated photos and creative GIFs to choose from, quickly and easily. From abstract geometric designs to birds in flight, you’ll find something unique and inspiring to fit your vision and message. All these moving stock images are royalty-free and suitable for professional use, so you won’t have any issue using them for your project. With a huge collection of sources, you can find engaging visuals for any kind of presentation or project. With Pexels, finding the perfect moving stock images for your business or website just got easier. And each of these animations come with an unrestricted license, giving you the freedom to use it however you like.

Animated Pictures That Move: Creative GIFs and Photos

Though a picture may be worth a thousand words, an animated image can create an even more vivid impression. Animated GIFs, SVGs, and other creative images can attract viewers and help your message stand out.


Graphics Interchange Format images (GIFs) are a type of image that can display multiple frames in a single file, allowing some animation to occur. GIFs often show the same scene playing over and over, though more sophisticated GIFs may show images looping in a continuous pattern for an appealing, eye-catching effect.

Reasons To Use GIFs

GIFs are a great way to stand out from the crowd and get attention. They also provide an easy way to add animation or interest to a web page. Here are a few reasons to consider using GIFs:

  • They offer a quick and easy way to add animation to a website or post.
  • They’re easier to create than videos or photos.
  • People are more likely to remember creative imagery than words alone.
  • They work well on mobile devices.
  • Where To Find GIFs

    Finding creative and eye-catching GIFs can be a challenge. Luckily, there are a few sources you can turn to.

    • Shutterstock: An online marketplace full of stock photos and vector graphics, including GIFs.
    • GIPHY: This website and app let you search for animated GIFs from a large collection.
    • Google Images: Search for your desired terms here to find a variety of GIFs.

    Animated Photos

    In addition to GIFs, you can also use photos that move. Dynamic images can be used to create the same effect as GIFs but with a more professional, realistic look. You can use videos with moving backgrounds, or try animated digital images produced from video footage.

    Reasons To Use Moving Photos

    Animated photos tend to be more eye-catching and engaging than static images. Here are a few of the many benefits:

    • Photos are more realistic and high-quality than GIFs.
    • You can capture movement naturally, instead of looping the same scene.
    • Animated photos can be created more quickly than videos.
    • They’re often more memorable than static photos.

    Ideas For Moving Photos

    Here are some ideas for using animated photos:

    • Create a video collage with dynamic transitions.
    • Animate a photo to focus on specific elements in the image.
    • Combine a video background with static elements, such as text or logos.
    • Create dynamic effects with a combination of static and moving elements.

    Get Creative With Moving Pictures

    By adding motion to your imagery, you can create vivid, dynamic visuals that are sure to attract viewers and make your message stand out. Whether you’re looking for animated GIFs, SVGs, or still photos with movement, you can find the perfect pictures that move.

    Personal Experience

    What are those photos that move called?

    Pictures that move offer my clients greater visual impact and engagement that traditional still images can’t provide. From slow-motion product studies to dynamic and energetic branded content, I’ve seen time and time again the unique power of moving visuals. When clients have a more in-depth story to tell through their visuals, a moving picture does the job better. Not to mention intensifying the overall impact. By allowing a viewer to understand a concept more completely through movement, it enriches the message and increases its importance.

    At the same time, while good quality stock footage is available, it can sometimes be identified as stock. As a result, I’ve found that custom-produced moving pictures can offer much higher impact and a more customized, personalised touch. For example, with custom footage, I can enhance the consistency and visual experience of a brand in all of its marketing efforts. The extra effort that creating a bespoke moving image requires has always paid off in terms of engagement and recognition.

    Ultimately, pictures that move offer a way to make your visuals stand out from the crowd and engage your audience much more effectively. Whether it is a branded video, a product demo or simply an expressive concept, it’s always worth considering a moving image for your next project!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are those photos that move called?

    Lenticular photographs, which are also known as “flickers”, “winkies”, “wiggle pictures” or “tilt cards” move when viewed from different angles. They are sometimes referred to as Vari-Vue or Magic Motion, regardless of their actual manufacturer.

    What is the app that makes people in pictures move?

    The app that makes people in pictures move is YouCam Perfect. It is a free app available for iOS and Android that makes it easy to transform static photos into impressive animations for Instagram Stories. With its powerful animation tools, YouCam Perfect makes it easier than ever to create eye-catching animations.

    How do you make a picture move and talk?

    With ChatterPix Kids, you can take a photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice. The photo will then come alive and ‘talk’. This app is easy to use and perfect for elementary school kids to create fun projects. With a library of voice filters and sound effects as well as a range of educational activities and in-app purchases, it’s also ideal for classroom use.

    What are the iPhone moving pictures called?

    The iPhone’s moving pictures are called Live Photos. Live Photos are taken just like a normal photo, but they also capture the seconds before and after the photo was snapped, along with sound. With the Live Photos feature, you can bring your photos to life and relive a moment with vivid motion and sound.

    What are memories in photos?

    Memories in photos are snapshots of special moments and cherished memories. They are visual representations of moments that we cherish and can look back on for years to come. Photos are a powerful way to remember the good times, helping us to look back fondly and retell the stories of our cherished memories.

    What is a photo sharing suggestion?

    A photo sharing suggestion is a recommendation to add photos to a shared album. It may be based on information such as the time the photos were taken, the location, or faces in the photos. If you have face grouping enabled, you may also receive suggestions based on faces.

    How do I choose featured photos?

    To choose featured photos on Facebook, tap the top right of Facebook, then tap your name. Tap Edit Public Details and next to the Featured section, tap Edit. Tap to add or remove photos.

    Can you share iPhone photo memories?

    Yes, you can share iPhone photo memories. You can use the Photos app to access your Camera Roll, Memories, and Shared Albums. Tap on the photo or video that you want to share, select the share button and choose your desired method of sharing. Share with friends and family through text message, email, AirDrop or popular social media networks.

    Where are my memories photos?

    Answer: To view your memories photos, open the Photos app on your Android phone or tablet. At the bottom, tap on Photos and then at the top, tap on a memory. To move between photos, tap on the right or left of the screen.

    Can you share Google memories?

    Yes, you can share Google memories using Google Photos. With Live Albums, you can choose which people or pets you want to see and the photos will be added automatically to your album. Additionally, you can personalize the album with titles, descriptions, and add new photos manually.

    What are moving Pics called?

    Moving pictures are commonly known as animations or GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format). These pictures are made up of multiple images or frames that are played in rapid succession, creating a moving or blinking effect. Utilized in websites, emails, and other digital media, GIFs are a popular way to visually entertain and engage viewers.

    How do I move photos in Windows 10?

    To move photos in Windows 10, connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and open Windows Explorer. Navigate to your device folder and copy the desired photos to a directory of your choice. Finally, disconnect your device and the photos will be moved to your specified location.

    How to move my photos to a new computer?

    Transfer your photos to a new computer by connecting an external storage device, such as a USB flash drive or external hard drive, to your computer. Select File Explorer from your task bar, then select This PC to locate the external drive. Finally, copy and paste the photos from the external drive onto your new ****>

    How do I move photos from iPhone to my PC?

    To move photos from iPhone to PC, connect the iPhone to the computer via USB, then open the Photos app on the PC and select the Import option. Select “From a USB device” and choose the photos to import. Finally, click “Import” to transfer the photos to the computer.

    Final Thoughts

    Pictures that Move: Animated Photos and Creative GIFs offers a unique and creative way to capture and express emotion. The use of animation and creative GIFs in photography and art has become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only do they offer a unique and creative look at an image, but they also are engaging and entertaining, making them great to share. With a wide variety of freely available animated photos and GIFs, the possibilities are endless.


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