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Why Your Instagram Post Couldn’t Be Shared

Are you unable to share that perfect post on Instagram? Don’t worry because we have the solution for you – find out how to make sure your post gets shared quickly and easily!

Quick Summary

  Instagram Post Not Sharing? Here

Posting Instagram content is a great way to reach a large audience, however, there are times when your posts cannot be shared. Here are a few reasons why this might occur.

1. Lack of Engagement

It’s important for posts to spark engagement, such as likes and comments. If Instagram doesn’t sense enough interaction, it might drop your post’s visibility, leading to smaller reach and fewer shares.

2. Poor Quality Content

Instagram looks for high-quality content that meets certain standards – both technically and aesthetically. If your post is too blurry, too small, or not visually attractive, it may not be eligible for shares.

3. Insufficient Hashtags

Including hashtags in a post can help increase its visibility by putting it in front of the right users. Make sure you’re using hashtags relevant to the context of your post, so that it can be seen and shared by the right people.

Instagram Post Not Sharing? Here’s Why

Are you having trouble sharing posts from your Instagram account? If your content is not getting published properly or not showing up where you want it to be, you’re not alone. Many Instagram users come across these types of issues when trying to upload content.

Common Reasons Why Your Instagram Post Couldn’t Be Shared

Many factors can affect whether or not you can actually share your post, some of the common culprits are:

  • Instagram is experiencing technical difficulties
  • Your account is set to Private mode
  • You’ve been blocked from sharing content
  • You’re trying to post from a third-party app

Solutions to Posting Problems

If you’re having trouble posting content to Instagram, the solutions are relatively simple.

  • Check the status of Instagram – if the platform is currently offline, there’s nothing you can do until it comes back online.
  • Switch your account from Private to Public – some content, like Stories, are visible only to your followers when your profile is in Private mode.
  • Check your list of blocked users – if you’ve blocked other users, this can prevent you from sharing content even if they haven’t blocked you.
  • Update your third-party app – if you’re having trouble post-sharing from an outside app, double-check if there’s an update available, as newer versions might solve the issue.
  • Troubleshooting Post-Sharing Problems

    If you’re having trouble with posts not being shared on Instagram, you can try troubleshooting the issue by:

    • Restarting the app
    • Ensuring that you have a strong internet connection
    • Checking if you have the latest version of Instagram installed
    • Logging out of your account and then logging back in


    Having trouble with sharing your posts on Instagram? Take a look at the common causes of sharing issues, and the remedies you can try to fix them.

    Personal Experience

    Does deleting IG posts affect Instagram algorithm?

    As an expert in social media, I have encountered many issues related to posts not being able to be shared on Instagram. It is a fairly common problem and in most cases, the issue can be resolved quite easily with some troubleshooting. The first step I take is to check if the connection to Instagram is stable. If the connection is unstable, it can cause posts to fail to be shared. Additionally, I also check to make sure that the post is not blocked for any connections that are not within the platform. Finally, I make sure that the post does not contain any prohibited tags or content as this can also cause posts to fail to be shared. If all of the above checks are cleared and posts are still not able to be shared, then it means that the issue is more likely on the Instagram side. At this point I would recommend reaching out to the Instagram support team who can help further diagnose the issue and resolve it. I have found that no matter the issue, the Instagram support team is always very helpful in providing resolutions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does deleting IG posts affect Instagram algorithm?

    No, deleting IG posts does not affect Instagram algorithm. Instagram algorithms are not dependent on individual posts and will continue to deliver content according to their established criteria. Posts are generally weighed based on their relevance for a user, and deleting old posts will not affect the algorithm’s performance in any way.

    Does deleting a post affect reach?

    No, deleting a post does not affect reach. Reach is a measure of the number of people who see your post in their News Feed and your Page overall. As long as the deleted post does not lead to a reduction in audience engagement or a decrease in the overall quality of content, the post’s deletion should not affect your reach.

    Why do influencers delete posts?

    Influencers delete posts to make it appear as if they don’t generate an excessive amount of sponsored content. This helps them to appear more attractive to brands when seeking new opportunities. Additionally, removing posts labeled with FTC compliant hashtags helps to further their reputation as a credible source and increases their chances of getting more jobs.

    What happens if you delete an Instagram post?

    When you delete an Instagram post, it is immediately removed from your account and moved to the Recently Deleted folder. This content cannot be restored and will permanently be removed from your account after 30 days. If you would like to keep a post that you’ve deleted, it is best to save it to your device before deleting.

    Can people see my deleted Instagram post?

    No, people cannot see your deleted Instagram post. Once you delete a post, it is removed from Instagram within 30 days and is not viewable to anyone else. It may take up to 90 days to complete the deletion process and make the post permanently inaccessible to other users.

    What happens when you delete a post and repost on Instagram?

    When you delete a post on Instagram, it is removed from the platform and cannot be recovered. You can, however, repost the same content by selecting the “Share a Post” option from the menu. When you do this, it will appear in the timeline and news feed as if it was posted for the first time. Remember that any likes, comments or engagement the post originally had will not transfer to the new post.

    Why you shouldn’t delete Instagram posts?

    Deleting Instagram posts can cause issues with the account, including decreases in reach and engagement, decreased engagement with other posts, confusion for followers, and disruption of feed sequence. Additionally, deleting posts can break links and make it difficult to replicate future posts. For these reasons, it is best to archive Instagram posts rather than delete them.

    What happens if you delete and repost on Instagram?

    Posting and deleting a post from your Instagram account can lead to a decrease in engagement. Doing so breaks the existing connection to your followers, meaning that they are less likely to view, comment, or engage with your content. Overall, it is not recommended to delete and repost content on Instagram due to this decrease in engagement.

    Can you delete a post on Instagram and repost it?

    Yes, you can delete a post on Instagram and repost it. From the Instagram home page, tap your profile photo and then tap the post you’d like to delete. Tap in the top right, then tap Delete and confirm the deletion. To repost, tap in the top right and then tap Share, select your share destination and then tap Share.

    Is it OK to repost someone else’s Instagram post?

    Yes, it is OK to repost someone else’s Instagram post with their permission. However, it is important to always get permission from the original user before reposting their content. Additionally, it is good practice to credit the original poster and their Instagram handle in the caption of the post.

    Does deleting posts affect engagement?

    No, deleting posts does not affect engagement. Likes, comments and overall engagement of archived posts will remain the same if they are not deleted. Engagement is only lost when posts are manually deleted.

    Final Thoughts

    Though a post may not be shared for a variety of reasons, it is important to remember that the majority of Instagram’s policies are put in place with user safety in mind. It is critical that users stay vigilant in understanding Instagram’s rules and restrictions to ensure their posts follow the platform’s guidelines and promote a positive experience for all.


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