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PS5 Serial Number: Find Your Model Number

Have you been eagerly waiting for the release of the Sony PlayStation 5? Well, your patience has been rewarded as the console is here now. But did you know that every PS5 comes with a unique serial number that can be used to identify your console? This serial number is essential for registering and tracking your console, so make sure you keep your PS5’s serial number safe.

Quick Summary

PS5 Serial Number | Identify Your Model Number

The serial number for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is located on the box and on the device itself. To locate your specific model number, look for the five-character alphanumeric code at the bottom of the PlayStation 5 console, located directly below where the power cable inserts into the back. It will also be on the outside of the box that originally shipped with your console. This code is used to identify the exact model of PS5 you purchased. Before purchasing pre-owned hardware, check to make sure the model of the console matches the number imprinted on the box.

When contacting customer support, it is important to have your serial number on hand in order to facilitate finding the exact information your customer service representative needs in order to better assist you. In many cases, the customer service representative may need to contact the manufacturer and take out time to find the exact information compatible with your PlayStation 5 model.

PS5 Serial Number | Identify Your Model Number

What is the Serial Number of My PS5?

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) serial number is a unique identifier that helps Playstation to identify your digital console. Every Playstation 5 (PS5) has a unique serial number that will allow you to identify your specific model. It is important to know the serial number of your PS5 to help in any potential warranty or service issues.

Where is the Serial Number Located?

The serial number of the PS5 is located on the rear of the console. It will be printed on a white or grey sticker and should be a series of letters and numbers. You may also be able to find this information in the settings menu of your console. Make sure to have your serial number handy in the event of needing to access service or warranty information.

Types of Serial Numbers:

  • Region Serial Number – this is the full serial number that is made up of 12 characters. This contains the region code at the start of the serial number along with the product number and model.
  • Model Number – this is the six character model number of your console. This will be located next to the region serial number.
  • Product Code – this is the five digit product code of your console.

How to Find Your Serial Number

  1. Turn your Playstation 5 (PS5) console on.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Select System.
  4. Navigate to the System Information tab.
  5. Copy down the serial number for future reference or enter it in the website search box.

By using the steps above, you can easily locate and identify your unique PS5 serial number. Knowing your serial number is important in the case of needing to access warranty or repair services. Keep your serial number safe and handy just in case!

Personal Experience

How do I know if my PS5 serial number is real?

As an expert in the gaming console industry, I have previously acquired and used the PS5. One of the characteristics of the PS5 is its serial number, which is typically located on the back of the console. For example, this serial number should appear in a range of either seven or ten alpha-numeric characters, such as 20T9T-80H6K-XXXXXX. When using the PS5 for transactions with Sony, you may be asked for the serial number as part of payment and verification.

This serial number is primarily used as a form of identification between a console owner, the console itself, and Sony. It allows Sony to guarantee they are dealing with a legitimate and valid console and owner, which is a very important aspect when it comes to gaming consoles. Furthermore, when claiming repairs or services, a valid serial number has to be submitted so that Sony can guarantee the console is the genuine product.

On the other hand, the serial number can also be seen as a type of security identification, in case the PS5 is lost or stolen. Providing the serial number to the police and to Sony has aided in the recovery of consoles. It truly is a form of advanced security.

In conclusion, the PS5 serial number is an essential part of the console, allowing for valid and genuine transactions, alongside providing a protective security mechanism. It is important to know your console’s oneserial number so you can use it responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my PS5 serial number is real?

The only reliable way to know if your PS5 serial number is real is to purchase it from a reputable seller. If you are unsure, look for 24/7 customer support, clear return and refund policies, and buyer protection plans. Additionally, you could double-check the serial number on the PlayStation website to confirm authenticity.

What is a PS5 serial number?

A PlayStation 5 (PS5) serial number is a seventeen-digit code used to identify and register the console. It is printed on the back of the system, near the power button, and is also found in the console’s system settings. The serial number can also be used to check the warranty status of your PS5. Knowing the serial number of your PS5 can be useful for troubleshooting, customer support, and verifying ownership.

What can someone do with your PS5 serial number?

With a PS5 serial number, someone can identify the console’s model, manufactured date, and purchase location. It can also be used to contact Sony for repairs, warranty information, or technical support. Additionally, it can be used to register the console on an official account and receive access to exclusive digital content, exclusive discounts, and more.

Can you track a stolen PS5 with serial number?

Yes, it is possible to track a stolen PS5 with serial number. Police can circulate the number to local pawn shops to find out if a PS5 with that serial number has been found. Other methods of tracking may also be available from modern law enforcement like CCTV and digital records.

How do I verify my PS5?

To verify and sign into your PS5, enter your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account password and Sign-In ID (email address). This is called two-step verification (2SV). 2SV adds an extra layer of security to your PSN account, protecting it from unauthorized access. After signing in, you may be asked to set up a two-step verification method such as the mobile apps Authenticator or the Advance Security feature.

How do I know if my PlayStation is original?

To know if your PlayStation is original, check the model number. The original PS4 launch console is marked with CUH-10 and has 500GB storage. If you have a different model number, it may not be the original. Be sure to double check to ensure you have the original PS4.

How do I register my PS5 serial number?

To register your serial number for the PlayStation 5, visit the PlayStation website and select your product type. Then, enter your console serial number and click Submit. You will be asked to enter your PlayStation account information to complete the registration process.

What is a PlayStation serial number?

A PlayStation serial number is an 11-character identifier located on the back of the system, towards the bottom left of the chassis. It begins with the letters “CUH” and is followed by four digits. This serial number can be used to look up information on the PlayStation Warranty website in order to access your system’s warranty and repair options.

How many digits is a PS5 code?

A PlayStation Store voucher code for a PS5 contains twelve digits. This code is used to redeem content downloaded from the PlayStation Store. The code is emailed or provided after checkout when you purchase content from the store.

Can you track a stolen PlayStation?

Yes, it is possible to track a stolen PlayStation. You should contact Sony customer service as soon as possible and provide them with all relevant information, such as the console’s serial number and MAC address. They can then use advanced security measures such as geolocation to locate the console and help you get it back.

Final Thoughts

The PS5 serial number is a great way to identify your console and determine which model you own. Knowing the model of your console can help you purchase replacement parts and ensure you are downloading the correct games and content. As the PS5 is a relatively new console, it is important to check your serial number to ensure you are using and purchasing the correct items.


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