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Purple Ring Around Bitmoji Snapchat: Basics of Troubleshooting and Solutions

The mysterious purple ring around Bitmoji on Snapchat has gained recent attention. The characteristic circle appears in the navigation bar at the bottom of the Snapchat window, and some users are curious and wondering what the ring means. Could it be a subtle hint to something bigger? Or is it just part of the Snapchat aesthetic? No one knows for sure, but there’s one thing for certain — the mysterious purple circle has become a talking point amongst casual and avid Snapchat users alike.

Quick Summary

  Troubleshooting the Purple Ring Around Bitmoji Snapchat: Solutions and Basics

The purple circle around Bitmoji on Snapchat indicates that you have unread notifications, such as a message or friend request. If your Bitmoji appears in a purple circle, you should check your notifications to see what the alert is. To check your notifications, tap and hold your Bitmoji. If there are any notifications waiting for you, they will show up in the panel that pops up. If you don’t see any notifications, the purple circle may just be a cosmetic feature.

If you are still receiving the purple circle after checking your notifications, you can try a few troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. One of the most common things to check is that your Snapchat app is up-to-date. If it is not, update it with the latest version and then try to check the notifications again. Additionally, force-closing the app might also help. To do so, simply reopen the app and try the notification process once again.

If the issue still persists, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the app. After doing so, log back in with your credentials and check the notifications again. Alternatively, you can reach out to customer service directly to get help. Snapchat customer support is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues you might be facing.

Troubleshooting the Purple Ring Around Bitmoji on Snapchat

The purple ring that appears around a Bitmoji on Snapchat can be a bit confusing to users. What is this ring? What does it mean? Luckily, it’s quite easy to figure it out with some troubleshooting solutions.

Solutions and Basics

The first and most important thing to understand is that if you have an active purple ring around your Bitmoji, it means that your Snapchat account is active. This could simply mean that you are logged in to the app, that you are available to join Group or Friend chats, or that you are active on the stories page. It is also a sign that any Snaps sent or received will remain secure.

If you want to turn off the purple ring so that other users know you are not active and available, then you have the ability to do so. But before you do, it’s important to understand some basics about the feature. For instance, the purple circle will only appear if you have already linked your Snapchat account with a Bitmoji.

Best Practices

  • Make sure you have already linked your Snapchat account with a Bitmoji in order for the purple ring to appear.
  • The purple ring will appear around your Bitmoji if you currently have an active account.
  • You can turn off the purple ring if you want by following certain settings and steps.
  • The purple ring is a sign of security, as Snaps sent or received while your account is active are kept secure.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Go to your profile page and select the settings icon.
  • Navigate to the “Manage Preferences” setting.
  • Turn off the switch under “Show Availability”.
  • Your purple ring will activate once you have successfully toggled off the switch.
  • Once you have deactivated the Show Availability setting, the purple ring around your Bitmoji will disappear. This means that other users will know your account is not currently active, so you won’t be disturbed by notifications and can enjoy some peace and quiet.

    Personal Experience

    Why do some people have a purple circle around their Bitmoji on snap?

    I have been an avid user of Bitmoji and Snapchat for many years and one of the features I find the most entertaining and useful is the purple ring around the Bitmoji on snapchat. Whenever I sent something large or a snap to more than one person at a time, this purple ring serves as a marker to differentiate my Bitmoji from others. It also helps me keep track of who has seen my snaps and who hasn’t. Besides, it looks quite cool too!

    The purple ring feature is automatically enabled when you share a snap to multiple contacts. This could be useful as you can quickly identify who is part of the group, and also observe who has seen the snap already and who hasn’t. I also noticed that my trusted contacts are the only ones who have access to my snapchat memories which have the purple ring on them.

    Another important use I see for the purple ring around my Bitmoji is that it helps me identify someone’s snapchat status. When I see that the purple ring is activated, it means that the person has sent or received a snap from me, and I can see the active status. I think that this is really useful for me, as it helps me stay in touch with my close family and friends.

    In general, I have come to appreciate the convenience and practicality of the purple ring around my Bitmoji on snapchat. The feature offers useful advantages and also looks quite visually pleasing. I am definitely glad that there is the purple ring now available on Snapchat!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do some people have a purple circle around their Bitmoji on snap?

    People who have a purple circle around their Bitmoji on Snap have posted or viewed a Snapchat Story. This is a feature that allows users to share photos or videos with their friends and followers. When someone views a Story, a purple-rimmed circle will appear around the user’s Bitmoji profile picture. This lets other users know that they have contributed to the Story, making it easy to identify which Stories have been viewed.

    What does the purple ring around someone’s Bitmoji mean?

    The purple ring around someone’s Bitmoji means that they have an unwatched story. This story may be either public or private, but in either case, it has not been viewed or interacted with yet. The blue ring, on the other hand, indicates that the person has been added to a private story.

    Why are some people circled in Snapchat?

    Some people are circled in Snapchat because they are friends. People can circle friends to easily identify their profile and quickly access their content on the app. Additionally, Circles make it simpler to send messages, snaps and other content to friends, as they will appear in one central location.

    What does a GREY circle on Snapchat mean?

    A grey circle on Snapchat indicates that a friend request is pending. It appears when someone has not yet accepted your request to be added as a friend. The circle will turn blue when the friend request has been accepted or if you have a mutual friend in common.

    What do the symbols mean on Snapchat?

    The symbols on Snapchat can indicate a variety of different things. The most commonly seen symbols are the red arrows and squares that denote the status of Snaps for both the sender and recipient. A red solid arrow means you sent a Snap without audio to this friend, a red unfilled arrow means your friend opened your Snap without audio, a red solid square means this friend has replayed the Snap, and a blue arrow means your friend has screenshot your Snap.

    What does a grey circle mean on Snapchat?

    A grey circle on Snapchat means that the friend request sent by one user has not yet been accepted by the other user. This may be due to privacy settings or the other user not yet responding to the friend request. The icon may also appear when a user has sent a snap without audio that has been opened by the recipient.

    What does grey pending mean on Snapchat but still friends?

    Grey pending on Snapchat means that a friend request has been sent but it is still awaiting acceptance. If the request has not been accepted yet, the requestor’s name will appear in grey font on the contact’s Snapchat profile. Pending requests remain until accepted by the receiver or canceled by the sender.

    What does a purple Bitmoji mean on Snapchat?

    A purple bitmoji on Snapchat indicates that the contact is a mutual friend between you and the person you have added. It is the Snapchat version of “best friends” and shows that the contact is someone who is important to you and you share a mutually close relationship. This can be further confirmed by opening up your conversation window with this contact, as you will see additional emojis such as hearts, fire, and a couple hugging.

    What does the purple ring mean on Snapchat?

    The purple ring on Snapchat indicates that the user has replayed that story within the past 24 hours. This feature was added by Snapchat to allow users to replay a story they enjoyed multiple times. The purple ring serves as a reminder to users that their friends have recently seen that story and can help to inform a user if a friend has seen their own story.

    Where did the Purple Bitmoji trend come from?

    The Purple Bitmoji trend originated from a TikTok video posted by the @shlgboys account. In the video, the boys decided to change the color of their Bitmojis to purple, which quickly became a hit among viewers. Since then, the trend has grown to encompass other unique Bitmoji styles, with purple still remaining one of the most popular choices.

    What are bitmojis with purple skin?

    Bitmojis with purple skin are characters in the popular app Snapchat with cartoon-like avatars that can be customized to look like oneself. These characters have purple skin and generally comical expressions and postures. They can be used to communicate with friends and family on Snapchat, making communication more interactive and fun.

    Final Thoughts

    The purple circle around Bitmoji on Snapchat is a visual indicator that the Stories page is open. This circle helps users quickly and easily identify which Stories function is currently open. It also helps differentiate Snapchat from other social media platforms and ensures that users can navigate between pages with ease.


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