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Razer Cortex: How to Turn Off FPS Counter

The Razer Cortex FPS Counter is a powerful tool for gamers looking to track their performance and increase their frame-rates – but don’t worry, turning it off is easy and painless! With just a few simple clicks, you can disable this counter and focus on the fun of gaming, not the numbers.

Quick Summary

  Disable FPS Counter in Razer Cortex for Smoother Gaming Performance

Razer Cortex comes with an FPS counter which can be annoying if you aren’t using it. Fortunately, the counter can be turned off with just a few simple steps. To do this, open the Razer Cortex app, click on the “FPS Monitor” tab located on the left-panel of the applications. Then, select the “Off” option under “FPS Counter”. This will disable the counter from appearing in-game. To make sure the changes were saved, click on the “Save” button located at the bottom of the page. After a few seconds, the FPS counter will no longer appear in-game.

To restore the FPS counter to its original settings, follow the steps mentioned above and select the “On” option from the drop-down list of the “FPS Counter” setting. After that, click on the “Save” button and the FPS counter will appear in-game. That’s all you need to do to turn the FPS counter off and on in Razer Cortex.

Disable FPS Counter in Razer Cortex for Smoother Gaming Performance

How to Turn Off FPS Counter

The Razer Cortex is an all-in-one solution for gaming-related optimization, tweaking and troubleshooting. To ensure the best possible gaming performance, users may wish to turn off the FPS counter. Fortunately, the process is simple. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open the Razer Cortex program.
  • Navigate to the FPS Counter tab and click the slider to turn it off.
  • Exit the program.
  • Benefits of Turning Off the FPS Counter

    By disabling the FPS counter, you’ll receive the following benefits:

    • Increased frame rate
    • Reduced CPU usage
    • More stable gaming performance
    • Increased battery life

    Why Do It?

    Using the FPS counter is a great way to assess whether or not certain system optimizations are having a positive effect. But once the desired level of performance is achieved, users should turn off the counter to reduce unnecessary stress on the system.

    Personal Experience

    How do I stop Razer Cortex from showing FPS?

    I have been using Razer Cortex for a few years now, and one of the best features of this program is the ability to turn off the FPS counter. I have found that this feature is incredibly helpful in improving my gaming experience. It allows me to focus more on the game itself instead of worrying about the frame rate. I can also omit any potential distractions caused by the FPS counter that could negatively impact my gaming performance.

    The process to turn off the FPS counter is simple and straightforward. All I have to do is open the settings in Razer Cortex and go to the Graphs & Stats tab. From there, I just deselect “Enable In-Game FPS Monitoring” and, voila, the FPS counter is disabled. Once this is done, I can enjoy my gaming experience without any worries about frame rate performance.

    Overall, I find that the ability to disable the FPS counter in Razer Cortex is extremely useful. I highly recommend anyone who plays games to use this feature and enjoy an improved gaming experience. Not only does this reduce distractions, but it also allows me to focus more on enjoying the game and perform better overall.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I stop Razer Cortex from showing FPS?

    To stop Razer Cortex from showing FPS, open Razer Cortex and uncheck the FPS overlay while in-game. To access this setting, select “Gamecaster” on Razer Cortex, then uncheck the FPS overlay. The default shortcut for enabling or disabling the FPS counter is “Ctrl + Shift + F”.

    How do I get rid of Razer cortex overlay?

    To get rid of the Razer Cortex overlay, open the application, click on the Settings menu and select the Uninstall option. After clicking the uninstall option, you will be prompted to restart your computer and the overlay will be removed. You can also uninstall the Cortex application completely from the Windows Control Panel.

    Does Razer Cortex have an FPS counter?

    Yes, Razer Cortex does have an FPS counter that helps you easily track and test your game’s frame rate. This feature allows you to adjust settings for the best performance and ensures a smooth gaming experience.

    Why does Razer Cortex not show FPS?

    Razer Cortex does not show FPS because it can cause severe performance issues. This feature has been disabled in Razer Cortex10 to ensure the best performance. To monitor your PC performance, use other features available in Razer Cortex.

    How do I turn on Razer cortex overlay?

    To turn on Razer Cortex Overlay, open the Settings window inside the Razer Cortex application. Select the General option, then enable the Gamecaster Overlay. This will enable the overlay for streams, video recording, and screenshots.

    Why is my Razer cortex not working?

    If your Razer Cortex is not working, it may be due to a software issue. To resolve the issue, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Razer Cortex software. Open the Start menu to begin this process.

    Why is Razer Cortex not showing FPS?

    Razer Cortex may not be displaying FPS if the necessary settings are configured properly and no issues with the game or Razer Cortex are reported. This can also be due to gaming in windowed mode, as it does not always show the necessary information to display FPS. Ultimately, ensure the correct settings are enabled and switch to fullscreen mode to fix this issue.

    Is Razer cortex allowed in Valorant?

    Yes, Razer Cortex is allowed in Valorant. Razer Cortex is a performance-enhancing gaming tool that helps to increase game frame rates, minimize system resource usage, optimize graphics settings and more. Its usage is supported and approved for Valorant and many other popular online games.

    How do I enable Razer Cortex overlay?

    Enable Razer Cortex overlay by launching Razer Cortex Game Booster and enabling the Overlay option in the Settings tab. From the Overlay tab, customize the position and size of the overlay for your game. Launch the game you have enabled the Razer Cortex overlay for and launch the game from the Razer Cortex dashboard to enable the overlay.

    How do I get rid of Razer Cortex overlay?

    To remove the Razer Cortex overlay, open the Razer Cortex program, select the Overlay tab, and then select Disable Overlay. After disabling the overlay, it should no longer appear on top of your games. Additionally, you can also uninstall Razer Cortex if it is no longer needed.

    Does Razer Cortex increase FPS?

    Yes, Razer Cortex Game Booster increases FPS through disabling CPU sleep mode and enabling the CPU core to prioritize gaming. It helps to optimize performance by managing Windows OS and non-essential applications. As a result, PC gamers are able to enjoy smoother and improved gaming experiences with better FPS performance.

    Is Razer Cortex allowed in Valorant?

    Yes, Razer Cortex is allowed in Valorant. It is a free gaming optimization tool that helps improve your gaming performance and gives you an edge during competitive gaming. Razer Cortex monitors and boosts system performance, helps players customize their gaming settings and free up memory, and can even help with advanced overlays and video recording. With Razer Cortex, Valorant players can enjoy an enhanced gaming experience.

    Final Thoughts

    Razer Cortex provides a great way to track FPS in-game, and is easy to use as a tool to optimize FPS performance. While some may find the FPS counter to be distracting or intrusive, it is possible to disable or customize the settings that determine when and how the FPS counter is displayed. This level of customization makes Razer Cortex and FPS counters extremely convenient and helpful for PC gamers of all skill levels.


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