Why Use React: Reasons and Cases

Top 10 Reasons Why Use React?

React is a very popular JavaScript library. Many big companies for instance Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc use React for their front end. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 reasons Why Use React and when should you use it.

What's ReactJS?

What’s React.js?

React.js is a free, open-source, frontend, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use web development library. Meta developed the React.js library written in JavaScript.

React.js creates a page that doesn’t reload. This thing provides a better user experience (UX). It has a strong ecosystem and is extremely adaptable. For implementing complex functions, React.js comes with its own set of companion libraries and frameworks.

It’s mostly similar to Angular which is also written in JavaScript.

History of React

Jordan Walke and John-David Dalton launched it as a library in 2013. Meta bought it later on. React was developed to make websites that provide a better user experience.

Reasons Why Use React?

Reasons: Why Use React?

React is a very popular and amazing front-end web development library. But why you should use it and when you should use it?

Following are some of the main reasons why you should use React for your front end.

Reasons to why use react?
Reasons Why Use React

1. High Performance

React.js is based on DOM that’s why it’s very fast. But in React.js, changes in DOM are minimized and optimized for performance and speed.nd speed.

React.js uses fewer CPU resources which makes less burden on the CPU.

2. Too Many Tools

React.js comes with some built-in tools that make it easy to develop. Tools of React for instance Redux are very useful to use and it also makes it easy to develop websites.

Some other built-in tools of React.js will also help you to make your website beautiful and provide a better UX.

3. Great Support

Many developers all around the world use React.js and React Native. That’s why the community of React is very huge. You can get answer to your every question, solution to a problem and bug.

The documentation of React is also very helpful and easy to understand.

4. Flux and Redux

While working in React Flux and Redux are two used architectures. These are not a framework or a library but they are just here to enhance the experience of React.

Flux is only an architectural template that can be used as a front-end for a simple UI design flow and not as a full-fledged library. This is where Redux as a Flux implementation comes in handy.

It provides a single storage object for managing all application data, making underlying data management manipulations simple and painless. On store changes, renders are triggered, and the view remains in sync with the corresponding data items.

5. Use Of Direct HTML

In React you can use direct HTML in the form of JSX. Using JSX you can write HTML code directly into JavaScript code. Due to JSX the websites are very interactive and fast.

Nearly all of the browsers use DOM trees for decoding HTML code. JSX and virtual DOM can manipulated this DOM tree.

6. React Hooks

React 16.8 introduced hooks. Many people said that hooks will replace flux and redux but it didn’t. React hooks allows the developers to add new functions without writing a new class.

Hooks also allows the developer to reuse stateful logic without changing the component.

The hook allows the developer to change the local component state while Redux allows the developer to change the global component state.

7. Resuable Component

In React, component is a small piece of code that are reusable. They are considered to be same as a function of JavaScript. In React, the components are reusable and you don’t have to write the code again and again.

There are two types of components in React that are:

  • Class components
  • Function components

8. Virtual DOM

DOM (Document Object Model) is the structure of a web page. In react, the virtual DOM is a programming concept in which the DOM is stored in the memory.

React.js have fast rendering in which all the changes are immediately changes in the virtual DOM which makes your website fast.

9. Flexibility

React.js is a very flexible web development library. If you have learnt React then you can use it for different purposes.

React Native is used to make web apps, mobile apps, etc.

10. Easy To Understand

React.js is very easy to learn and understand JavaScript library. You can learn React.js online from YouTube, Udemy, and other online courses.

React.js concepts are grasped in minutes.

When To Use React?

As React is a very easy and powerful web development technology and it have many uses. But when should you use React.js? Following are some cases in which you can use ReactJS.

To Make Beautiful Websites

React can be used to make very beautiful websites. It can created websites which doesn’t need to be refreshed. Due to this the UX is increased.

Using the virtual DOM makes React web pages extremely fast and responsive.

To Make Mobile Apps

You can use React and React Native to make mobile apps too. Using React Native you can bring same functionalities of a website in an app.

React Native is very flexible.

To Make SEO Friendly Websites

SEO is a very important ascept while developing a website. React apps and websites are very SEO friendly. The websites of React website are very fast which makes SEO better.

Pre-rendering is also a very important ascept for improving SEO.

Conclusion Why Use React?


In this article we have discussed some of the reasons that why you should use React and some cases where you can use React.

React is as very popular and powerful front end library written in JavaScript. It can be used for developing websites and even apps too.

We should use React because of its some features that other frontend frameworks and libraries doesn’t provide. The websites of React doesn’t need to be refreshed that increases the user experience.

You should use React when you want to develop beautiful websites, SEO friendly websites, etc.

What do you think what should be other reasons that why developers should use ReactJS? Let us know in the comments.

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