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How to Reverse Video on iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

Is it possible to reverse a video on your iPhone? Despite the iPhone’s lack of a reverse video function, there are ways to get the job done with the help of third-party apps. Learn how to use apps to reverse your videos with just a few clicks and taps.

Quick Summary

To reverse video on iPhone, you can use third-party apps, such as Flipagram, Splice and Videoshop. All these apps allow you to easily reverse a video on your iPhone. To get started, open one of these apps and upload the video. Then, use the app’s reverse video feature to reverse the clip. Finally, save the reversed video to your photo library.

Flipagram is a great app for editing and reversing videos. With just a few clicks, you can adjust the length of the video, add music and transitions, and even reverse the video. Splice is also a helpful app when creating videos. It comes with an intuitive editing user interface and useful features, such as special effects, reverse video and many more. Lastly, Videoshop is an amazing app that can help you quickly reverse video on your iPhone.

In conclusion, there is no reverse video feature built-in to the iPhone, but you can easily reverse your video with a third-party video editing or reverse video app. All these apps are user-friendly and can get the job done in just a few clicks. For more detailed instructions, please read our article, “How to Reverse Video on iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide”.

Reverse Videos on iPhone: An In-Depth Guide with Comprehensive Instructions

What is Reverse Video?

Reverse video is a feature available on some devices and apps which allows the user to reverse the order of the frames of a video, creating an effect that looks like the video is playing backwards in reverse. This feature can be used for a variety of applications, from creating humorous clips to highlighting changes in a scene over a period of time.

Can You Reverse Video on iPhone?

Unfortunately, the iPhone does not have a reverse video feature. However, you can use other apps to reverse a video in an iPhone. The following are a few examples of apps that can help you achieve your desired result:

  • Reverser – this app allows you to easily reverse a video on your iPhone.
  • Reverse Movie FX – this app lets you create backward-playing clips and save them to your iPhone.
  • Reverse Movie Maker – this app lets you easily reverse a video and export it to your iPhone.

How Can You Reverse Videos on iPhone?

Once you have the reverse video app installed on your device, the process of reversing a video is relatively straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the app and select the video you want to reverse.
  2. Tap the “Reverse” button to begin the reversal process.
  3. Once the video has been reversed, you can save it to your device.


Reversing videos on iPhone is not the same as flipping a switch, but it can be made easier by using the right app. With the help of apps like Reverser, Reverse Movie FX, and Reverse Movie Maker, you can quickly and easily create reverse videos on your iPhone.

Personal Experience

  Reverse Videos on iPhone: An In-Depth Guide with Comprehensive Instructions

Reverse video on iPhone is a feature many people would like to have, but unfortunately it is not built into the iPhone’s default camera app. To get around this issue, I would recommend using a third party app to reverse your video recordings. There are a variety of apps available, many of which are free, that allow you to easily turn your video recordings into reverse videos. This makes it easier to create quirky and unique videos to share with friends and family.

I recently used the app “Reverse Video Pro” to create a reverse video. It was a simple process that took only a few minutes to complete. All I had to do was record my video, upload it to the app, select which portion I wanted to reverse, and select the “Reverse Video” option. The result was an interesting video that I could then share with my friends.

Overall, I highly recommend using third party apps to create reverse videos on your iPhone. It’s a great way to get creative and come up with unique videos to share. The process is easy and the apps are usually free or very inexpensive. I suggest checking out the apps on the App Store, as there are plenty of options to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does reverse video work?

Reverse video is a graphical effect that reverses the colors of the pixels in a display. To achieve this effect, the brightness values of the pixels are inverted, resulting in a video that plays in reverse. Reverse video can help create unique and entertaining compositions and visuals for videos.

What is the best reverse video app?

The best reverse video app for 2021 is Wondershare FilmoraGo. It is a powerful and user-friendly video editing application with simple yet powerful editing tools, advanced features, and cool effects. People who need to make creative videos for their business or for personal use can use this app to create stunning videos in the reverse order. Furthermore, FilmoraGo is easy-to-use and offers a great set of tools to create the perfect video.

How do you make a video go backwards in splice?

To make a video go backwards in Splice, open your project and tap the desired video to select it (it will become blue). Then, select ‘Reverse’ from the editing toolbar. That’s it! With Splice, creating a reversed video is easy and can be done in a few quick steps.

How to reverse videos on iPhone/iPad?

Answer: To reverse videos on iPhone/iPad, download and open the reverse video app. Select a video from the library and choose your preferred playback speed. Finally, start reversing the video and enjoy your new, reverse video.

How to reverse play in iMovie?

To reverse play in iMovie, open your project and drop the desired video clip into the timeline. Click the Clock (Speedometer) tab above the viewer and select the Reverse checkbox. A reverse-play icon will appear on the clip in the timeline, allowing for the video to be reversed.

How to reverse a video?

To reverse a video, you can use the app Reverse Vid. It gives you the option to record a new video to reverse or select a pre-recorded video from the video library. To adjust the playing speed, use the slide bar at the bottom of the screen, then save the video from the top right end. Reverse Vid makes it quick and easy to reverse any video.

How to reverse a video on inshot?

InShot makes reversing a video a breeze. To reverse a video, first download and install the InShot app from the App Store on an iOS device. Then open the app and select the ‘Video’ option and allow it to access photos. Finally, select a video from the Video album and long-press on it to preview it and reverse it.

Final Thoughts

Reversing a video on an iPhone can be done, but it isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. You don’t have the ability to reverse a video directly on the iPhone, but you can use other apps that allow you to reverse a video. If you’re looking for ways to reverse video on your iPhone, this guide has provided you with a thorough explanation of your options.


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