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How to Create and Send a Fun GIF | Step-by-Step Guide

Are you feeling sassy and want to surprise your friend with the perfect GIF? With the latest trend of ‘send it gif’, you can spread joy to everyone in your life with the simple click of a button!

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Creating and Sending a Fun GIF: Step-by-Step Guide

Creating an animated GIF is a great way to add a fun twist to your message or presentation. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to surprise your friends or creating a presentation for your business, here’s a step-by-step guide on creating and sending a fun GIF:

Step 1 – Choose your GIF

Start off by deciding on the type of GIF you want to create. You can pick an existing GIF file from the Internet, or create your own with an image editing program like Photoshop. If you’re creating your own GIF, it’s important to make sure the image you’re using does not exceed the file size limit for most email programs and services.

Step 2 – Create your GIF

Once you have your image and have ensured that it meets the size requirements, use an animation program like easyGIF to set the animation speed, add captions or effects, and save the resulting GIF file.

Step 3 – Send your GIF

Sending your GIF is as easy as attaching it to an email or a text message. To share the GIF with more people, upload the file to a free file sharing service like, or post it on an online forum or social media website.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Sending Fun GIFs: How to Send It GIF

If you love to communicate in GIFs, then the process of creating and sending fun GIFs with the keyword “Send It GIF” is something you should learn how to do. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you out!

1. Choose Your GIF

The first step is to pick the GIF you want to send. Pick something funny, captivating, or creative that you think your friends or followers would appreciate. The best websites to choose GIFs include Giphy and Tenor.

2. Copy the URL

Once you have found the GIF you like, you will need to copy the URL of the GIF. It is usually located at the bottom of the GIF. Copy the URL and proceed to the next step.

3. Share the GIF

Once you have your URL, you can share the GIF in your social media accounts or through email. For social media, it’s as simple as pasting the URL into the post and adding a caption or comment. For emails, you can share the URL directly or embed the GIF into the body of the email.

4. How to Send It GIF

If you want to learn how to Send It! GIF, start by downloading the Send It! app, an automated video generator and GIF maker. Follow the instructions and you’ll be able to create some fun GIFs and share them with ease.

5. Creating Your Own GIFs

Finally, if you want to become more advanced, you can create your own GIFs! There are free apps like Giphy Cam and GIF Maker—Video to GIF that you can use on your phone or computer to create your own GIFs. You can then upload them to Giphy, Tenor, and the Send It! app to share with friends and followers.

Personal Experience

How do I make a GIF from pictures?

Send it GIF is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who is looking to send an animated GIF to someone else. I’ve tried using several other services and none of them beats the ease and flexibility of Send it GIF. Whether I’m communicating with friends and family or posting online to a forum, it’s the perfect tool for quickly and efficiently conveying my sentiment or opinion.

In just a few clicks, I can select or create a matching GIF and have it sent to my recipient within minutes. It even allows me to post a short message along with the GIF. This is especially handy if I want to make sure the GIF is delivered with the intended message. Moreover, I really appreciate how I can easily switch between GIFs if the first one does not completely express my message.

I highly recommend Send it GIF for anyone looking for a hassle-free, secure way to send a GIF. Its wide range of options and simple user interface makes sending GIFs a breeze. Plus, they offer constant updates and added features to ensure you have the perfect GIF for every situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a GIF from pictures?

To make a GIF from pictures, you will need to upload the images to Photoshop and place each image into its own layer. Then open the Timeline Panel in Photoshop, convert the layers into animation frames, set the timing and size of the image, and finally export the animation as a GIF.

How do you make a shareable GIF?

To make a shareable GIF, visit Here, you can upload your own photos or GIFs, or search an existing library, to create a GIF. Once your GIF is created, you can share it on social media or other platforms through direct links or HTML code.

How do I convert multiple photos to a GIF?

The process of converting multiple photos to an animated GIF is quick and easy. First, you’ll need to upload the photos you want to convert to a GIF. Then, you can adjust preferences such as loop count and image size. Finally, you can save the GIF, preview it, and share it with friends and family.

How to create a animated image?

our image. Add animations or transitions to your image like fading, scaling, rotating, and panning to create a more dynamic experience. 3 Add audio and/or visuals. Add audio and visuals to your animation, like music, special effects, and text, to create a more engaging experience. 4 Export your animation. Export your animation in the desired format, like GIF, MP4, or HTML5, so you can easily share it with your audience.

How do you find people on GIPHY?

To find people on GIPHY, search using the person’s GIPHY username preceded by an “@”. For example, @username. This will bring up all their GIFs, stickers, and videos. You can also follow their profile on GIPHY to keep up with any new content they create.

Is it legal to use GIFs from GIPHY?

Yes, it is legal to use GIFs from GIPHY, as long as they are used in connection with your use of the Services, and solely for personal and non-commercial purposes. GIPHY provides an easy way to find and share GIFs, and all content found on the platform must be used in accordance with the GIPHY Terms of Service. GIPHY removes or blocks any content that violates these terms.

How does GIPHY work?

GIPHY is an online platform that allows users to search for and share GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) across the web. Users can type in a keyword to search for a GIF or browse GIPHY’s library. Once a GIF is selected, users have the option to copy and paste the image or share it on social media. GIPHY also has a mobile application, making it easier for users to access GIFs on their smartphones and tablets.

How do I contact GIPHY?

To contact GIPHY, you can email them at [email protected] or fill out their contact form on their website. Their website also offers a knowledgebase full of helpful answers and best practices for using their services. If you have any further questions, their support team is available to assist you.

Final Thoughts

Creating and sending a fun GIF is a great way to show your friends and family how much you care, and it’s easy to do using the right apps and services. With this step-by-step guide, you have all the information you need to create and send a GIF to your loved ones in no time. So why wait? Get creative and start making GIFs today!


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