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Best Small PC Monitors for Enhanced Visuals

Are you looking for a small PC monitor but don’t know where to start? Look no further than the top 9 small PC monitors available on the market today! Whether you’re after the ASUS ZenScreen for all-around performance, the UPERFECT 13.3 Inch Display for gaming, or the ViewSonic VA1901 for the best small computer monitor, you’ll find the perfect small monitor for your needs.

Quick Summary

  Small PC Monitors for Enhanced Visuals: Find the Best Monitor for Your Needs

When it comes to small PC monitors for enhanced visuals, you don’t have to compromise on display quality. The ASUS ZenScreen is a great choice for those who want to to upgrade their viewing experience. It offers high-quality visuals in an ultra-portable design, plus a range of other features that make it perfect for work or play. The ASUS MB169B is another excellent option, providing plug-and-play convenience plus the eye-care benefits of Asus’s low-blue-light technology. If you need portability and versatility, the UPERFECT 13.3 Inch Display is a great small monitor for gaming consoles that allows you to position it in various ways. Lenovo ThinkVision is another portable display that offers good picture quality and energy efficiency. The Sceptre E205W is a budget-friendly option that gives great value for its price, while the Asus VT168H is an ideal touch small monitor for those who want to minimize strain to eyes. ViewSonic VA1901 is another great option for those seeking small monitors for their computer, with great visuals and a price point that makes it highly competitive. All of these small monitors provide a strong option for improving visuals without costing a fortune.

Small PC Monitors for Enhanced Visuals: Find the Best Monitor for Your Needs

Using the Best Small PC Monitors for Enhanced Visuals

To find the best small PC monitor for your needs, you need to consider factors such as size, quality, and resolution. A small monitor is ideal for those who are computing in limited spaces or who prefer a streamlined setup. The right kind of monitor can provide you with an enhanced visual experience, without having to add on bulky extras or take up extra room.

Top 9 Small Monitors to Buy

  • ASUS ZenScreen – Our Choice
  • Sceptre E205W – Budget
  • ASUS MB169B – For traveling
  • Asus VT168H -Touch eye care monitor
  • UPERFECT 13.3 Inch Display – Small monitor for gaming consoles
  • Lenovo ThinkVision – Portable display
  • Elecrow Display – The best 1080p small monitor
  • ViewSonic VA1901 – The best small computer monitor
  • More items…

Choosing the Best Small PC Monitor

When choosing a small PC monitor, you should consider factors like size, display resolution, refresh rate, and price. If you plan to use the monitor for gaming, an ultra-high definition 4K display is ideal. For everyday tasks such as working on documents and spreadsheets, you can use a 1080p or even a 720p monitor.

The size of the monitor will also matter. If you’re tight on space, a 13-inch or 15-inch monitor may be the best way to go. If you have a bit more room, opt for a larger size like 19-inch or 20-inch. You should also consider the refresh rate; if you’re a competitive gamer, opt for an ultra-high refresh rate monitor.


A small PC monitor can be the perfect tool for creating an efficient workspace. When shopping for the best small PC monitor for your needs, consider factors like size, display resolution, refresh rate, and price. With the right monitor, you can get an enhanced visual experience without sacrificing space or taking up too much of your budget.

Personal Experience

What is the smallest size computer monitor?

When it comes to finding the best small pc monitor for your needs, there are a variety of options available. For users looking for a portable display for traveling, ASUS MB169B is a reliable choice. It boasts a slim and lightweight design and can easily slip into a laptop bag. For gamers, UPERFECT 13.3 Inch Display offers a great option, providing excellent clarity and response time. ASUS VT168H is worth considering if you prefer a touch monitor, with its innovative Eye Care technology that reduces eyestrain during long stretches of use. All these monitors come with great specs, making them ideal for working or gaming. For budget shoppers, Sceptre E205W is perfect, offering full HD visuals at an affordable price. Lenovo ThinkVision is another portable display that is worth considering. It offers a wide viewing angle and delivers clear images, making it a good choice for those on the go. Finally, for users looking for a 1080p small monitor, Elecrow Display is the obvious choice. It features a full HD panel and great connectivity options. Using any of these small monitors is sure to provide you with a great user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest size computer monitor?

The smallest size computer monitor is 10.1 inches. This monitor has a screen resolution of 1920X1080, and the total dimensions are 10.04 x 6.46 x 1.10 inches. It is a great option for a small workspace as it is convenient and will still deliver an optimum viewing experience.

Is a 24-inch monitor too small for home office?

No, a 24-inch monitor is not too small for a home office. 24-inch monitors work well if you have a small, slim desk or bring the monitor close to your face, making it look larger. Additionally, they are an economical option.

Is it better to have a big or small monitor?

It depends on how you plan to use your monitor. If productivity is the goal, a bigger monitor size such as an ultrawide or one that is 27 inches or larger is typically better since it provides more digital viewing real estate and higher resolution. Smaller monitors may offer portability and cost savings, but may not be ideal for tasks that require larger or multiple windows. Ultimately, it is best to choose a size that will meet your needs and ensure a comfortable viewing experience.

What are the 4 types of computer monitor?

The four main types of computer monitors are Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Flat Panel, Touch Screen, and LED monitors. CRT monitors are heavy and take up more space but are a classic monitor technology. Flat Panel monitors are lightweight and take up less space, making them a practical choice for many setups. Touch Screen and LED monitors are both more modern and provide more user interactivity. OLED, DLP, TFT, and Plasma Screen monitors are also additional monitor types but are not as common as the four main categories.

Is it worth getting a second monitor for laptop?

Yes, it is worth getting a second monitor for your laptop. A second monitor can help you focus and increase productivity by allowing you to view more information at once. It also eliminates the need to switch between tabs and applications, which can be cumbersome and interfere with workflow. Adding a second monitor to your laptop is a great way to increase efficiency and stay productive.

What can I use as a second monitor for my laptop?

Answers: You can use a second laptop as a second monitor for your laptop. All you need is an inexpensive video capture device that cost around $25, and you can use the laptop to extend your display. This is a great way to add extra workspace and maximize efficiency.

What do people use a second monitor for?

A dual monitor setup is an great way to enhance your gaming experience. It allows you to multitask, giving you valuable extra screen real estate that can be used for web browsing, watching movies, or displaying information while you play your favorite video games. This is an efficient and helpful way to be productive while staying entertained.

What is a good second monitor size?

The best second monitor size depends on your needs. For most people, a 27-inch monitor offers the best balance of size and price. For gamers or multitaskers, an Ultrawide monitor is a great alternative. Finally, if you’re on a budget or have limited desk space, a 24-inch monitor might be the best choice.

Why people use extra monitor with laptop?

People use an extra monitor with their laptop to increase their working or gaming space, improve their multitasking abilities, and create an ergonomic working posture to reduce possible neck and back strain after a long day. Having a larger screen also helps with editing visuals or increasing productivity, as it’s easier to work with multiple programs and windows open side-by-side. The extra monitor setup is a great way for people to take advantage for their laptop’s capabilities and increase their working efficiency.

Can I just plug a monitor into my laptop?

Yes, you can plug a monitor into your laptop. However, you need to ensure that the monitor cable matches the sockets on both the laptop and the monitor. Additionally, once connected, you need to configure your operating system to recognize the second screen.

Can you use a monitor without connecting it to anything?

Yes, you can use a monitor without connecting it to anything. You can connect the monitor to an external device such as a TV decoder which will then feed content to the monitor. An adapter may be necessary to successfully connect the device to the monitor’s input port. With this setup, you can watch content without the need for a ****>

Can any monitor work with any laptop?

No, not all monitors will work with every laptop. Different types of monitors come with different types of ports, such as DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA and USB-C, so it is important to check which ports are compatible with your laptop before purchasing a monitor. Generally, modern monitors will come with at least an HDMI port, so it’s important to research which ports your laptop also supports.

What is the perfect size for a computer monitor?

The perfect size for a computer monitor depends on the user and the purpose. The most popular and versatile size is 27 inches, ideal for a variety of usage from gaming and work to programming and dual monitor setup. For those who want something smaller, 24 inches is perfect for gaming and work, and 19 inches offers great resolution with a 1280×720 screen resolution.

What is the smallest computer monitor?

The smallest computer monitor on the market is the Elecrow Display. It is an affordable 1080p display that measures only 13.3 inches. Its small size makes it perfect for areas where space is limited. This monitor is also ideal for gamers because of its quick refresh rate and response times.

Can I use an all-in-one PC as a monitor?

Yes, you can use an all-in-one PC as a monitor. However, it must have an input port such as HDMI-In, DisplayPort or USB-C. If your all-in-one does not have an appropriate port, it cannot be used as a monitor. To check if your all-in-one is compatible, locate the source button, which is typically found on the bottom or back of the ****>

How to set up multiple monitors on a computer?

Setting up multiple monitors on a computer is a quick and simple process. Right-click on an empty area on the desktop, select Display Settings and identify each display. Click and drag the numbers to rearrange the displays and choose either ‘Extend these displays’ or ‘Duplicate these displays’ from the Multiple Displays drop-down list. You have now set up multiple monitors on your computer.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a small monitor doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. There are a wide range of great options designed to suit budget and performance needs. The ASUS ZenScreen is our choice due to its range of features, sleek design and easy portability. For those on a budget, the Sceptre E205W is a great option. The ASUS MB169B is perfect for travelers, and the Asus VT168H is ideal for those who want a touch-screen with eye care technology. The UPERFECT 13.3 Inch Display is an excellent choice for those who want a small monitor to use with gaming consoles; while the Lenovo ThinkVision and Elecrow display are recommended for 1080p HD visuals. Finally, the ViewSonic VA1901 is an ideal option for those who value a good quality small computer monitor. Whatever your needs, one of these best small PC monitors will surely provide enhanced visuals and an overall great display experience.


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