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Fixing Snapchat Video Call Not Working – Pro Tips & Solutions

Having trouble using the Snapchat video call feature? Don’t fret! Our guide provides a range of solutions to get you back up and running quickly, such as updating the Snapchat app, restarting your device, checking your internet connection, clearing app data and cache, and checking to see if Snapchat is down. So make sure you follow these steps to get the video call working again on Snapchat.

Quick Summary

  Solutions to Fix Snapchat Video Call Not Working - Pro Tips

Having difficulty with video calling on Snapchat? It can be easily fixed with five proven solutions. Updating the Snapchat app is the first thing to do. You can update the app by using the specific device’s app store. Then, restart your device and check the internet connection. Also, try to clear data and cache of the app, as well as check whether the service is up and running. If any of these steps don’t work, you can troubleshoot the issue for further assistance.

Solutions to Fix Snapchat Video Call Not Working – Pro Tips

If your Snapchat video call isn’t working, check out these pro tips to get it fixed quickly. Follow these easy steps and you will be using Snapchat video call asap.

Update Your Snapchat App

You need the latest version of Snapchat to access and enjoy the features introduced in video chat and correct any errors with the service. Here is how to update the app:

  • On an iPhone or iPad, open the App Store.
  • Tap on the Updates tab.
  • If there is an update available for Snapchat, tap Update next to it.

Restart Your Device

A restart may be just what your device needs. It is best to power off and turn on again. To restart an Android device, press and hold the power button. On an iPhone, press and hold the button until a slider appears. Then slide the slider to turn it off.

Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure your device is connected to a fast, stable Internet connection to enjoy a reliable video call. To verify the connection on an Android, open Settings and look for Wi-Fi. On an iPhone, open Settings and then the Wi-Fi settings. See if the device is already connected to a network.

Clear App Data and Cache

Clearing app data and cache can help resolve issues with the Snapchat video call. Here is how to do this on an Android:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Apps & Notifications > Manage All Apps or Installed Apps > Snapchat.
  • Tap on Storage > Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  • Check Whether Snapchat is Down

    Finally, check if the issue is with Snapchat itself and not with your device. Visit to find out if Snapchat is experiencing any problems. If the website states that there are outages, you will have to wait until they are resolved to use the video call feature.

    Personal Experience

    Why won t Snapchat let me video call?

    I’ve experienced first-hand how annoying it can be when Snapchat video call isn’t working. On multiple occasions, I’ve tried to video call my friends only to find out that it wasn’t working. When this happens, here are some steps I take to see if I can get it working again. First, I make sure I have the latest version of Snapchat on my device. I do this by heading to the app store to update if necessary. I then restart my device. This can work to fix many common problems like corrupted files or glitches. Next, I check my internet connection, making sure it is active. I then clear the app data and cache if possible as this can also help fix any errors with the service. Finally, if all else fails, I check to see if Snapchat is down. This usually requires a quick Google search so I can see if any server-side issues are going on that are causing the unintended video call outage. In cases where Snapchat video calls are still not working after my troubleshooting, I usually contact the technical support team to help me out further. There they can further advise me on what to do and provide further assistance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why won t Snapchat let me video call?

    The answer to “Why won’t Snapchat let me video call?” is quite simple: you will need to allow the app to access your device’s camera and audio permissions. Without these, the video calls won’t work, so be sure to check your device’s settings and give Snapchat the necessary permissions. Additionally, if you fail to do this by Aug 20, 2021, your Snapchat video calls may not function properly.

    What does it mean when you call someone on Snapchat and they cant talk?

    When you call someone on Snapchat and they can’t talk, it means they are unable to accept your call. This could be because they are already on a call or they silenced the call without accepting or rejecting it. In this case, the caller will receive a “can’t talk right now” message. If they happen to miss the call, they caller will receive an “unavailable” message.

    When someone calls me on Snapchat can they see me before I answer?

    Yes, if someone calls you on Snapchat and they have notifications enabled, they can see you before you answer. However, if they don’t have notifications enabled, the recipient must be actively using the app for the call to show up. If the call does show up, the recipient can “Watch” the call to see your video without you seeing theirs, or “Join” the call to make the call two-way and start a video chat.

    When someone calls you on Snapchat can they see your face?

    When someone calls you on Snapchat, they can not see your face while the call is ringing. Instead, the other person will see their face through the front camera, which they can turn off or hide. After they accept the call, they will see and hear you, though you can also hide your display and mute the call.

    Can the person video calling you see you before you answer?

    Yes, when you video call someone using Duo, the other person can see live video of you while their device rings if they have you as a contact. This means they can see you before they even answer the call. It’s important to be aware of this, as it can help to prepare you before the call is connected.

    What happens when you video call someone on Snapchat?

    When you video call someone on Snapchat, the person you are calling will be notified and given the opportunity to either ignore or join you. If they join, you will both be connected in a video chat. It’s quick, easy and a great way to stay connected with your friends.

    Why is Snapchat not letting me video call?

    The answer to your question is simple; Snapchat needs permission to access the camera and audio on your device in order to use the video call feature. Without these permissions, Snapchat won’t be able to connect and establish a video call. To fix this, open your device settings and check the permissions for Snapchat to make sure they are enabled. Once that is done, you should be able to video call again on Snapchat.

    How do I enable video call on my Samsung fold 3?

    To enable video call on your Samsung Fold 3, go to Menu > Settings > Video Call and switch it on – it is enabled by default. After turning it on, you should be able to access the video call feature on your phone. To make a video call, simply select a contact, hit the video call icon, and start the call.

    Why can’t I make video calls on Snapchat?

    Video calls on Snapchat are not possible if you are using an older version of the application. To determine if this is the issue, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This should resolve any compatibility issues and allow you to use the most up-to-date features of Snapchat, including video calls.

    Why can’t I Call my Friends on Snapchat?

    The answer to why you can’t call your friends on Snapchat is due to connectivity problems between the servers of Snapchat and the application. Sometimes the issue can be very specific and you can’t call your friends through Snapchat despite snaps working fine. This could be due to slow connection, signal disruption, or problems with your device.

    What does no recent activity mean on Snapchat?

    No recent activity on Snapchat means that if users do not engage with videos recently, the new features will not work properly. This is due to the features depending on a user’s recent activity to function correctly. Without activity, features such as the multiple video option will not be available and can cause issues in activities such as video calls.

    Why is my video calling not working?

    Video calling issues can be caused by a faulty Phone app. To fix this, try force quitting the app, clearing the cache and data, or reinstalling the app. If these steps do not resolve the problem, contact your service provider for more help.

    Final Thoughts

    There are several different steps to follow when attempting to fix Snapchat Video Call not working. Updating the Snapchat app, restarting your device, checking your internet connection, clearing the app’s data and cache, as well as checking to see if Snapchat is down, are all possible solutions for getting the app up and running properly. In order to ensure that this issue does not arise in the future, users should double check that their app version is up to date and that their internet connection is stable. With these tips, it should be much easier to resolve the issue and contact friends via video call over the Snapchat App.


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