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Split Photo App: Instantly Split Pictures Into Unique Combinations

Are you looking to create stunning split photo collages? Look no further, because these 9 best split photo app for Android and iOS devices have got you covered! With Diptic, MOLDIV, PicPlayPost, and more, you can easily get creative and make amazing collages from your existing photos. Pick from the photo library in your device, or take amazing shots with your camera and make memories you can keep forever!

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Quick Summary

  Split Photo App: Unique Picture Combinations Instantly

Split Pic apps can help instantly turn pictures into unique combinations. Diptic is an app for both Android and iOS that allows users to create their own unique collages from several photos with their camera or already stored on their device. MOLDIV offers a variety of stylish templates and collage grids to edit photos. PicPlayPost can help users mix photos, videos, GIFs and music into cool multi-media posts. piZap is another app similar to PicPlayPost with great editing tools. PicsArt Photo Studio has lots of creative tools which can be used to edit photos, including different split pic options. Pic Jointer for Photo Collage can help users make multiple photos into one. Split Pic Collage Maker has a variety of collage ideas and photo frames to help create the perfect split photo. Pic Collage – Collage Maker provides an easy platform to drag and drop images from your device to create stunning and unique split photos. There are many more split pic apps, but these are some of the most popular and user-friendly.

Split Photo App: Unique Picture Combinations Instantly

Are you looking for a way to combine your photos and create unique picture combinations instantly? Split photo apps are the perfect choice for you! With these apps on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily create amazing collages and photo montages quickly and with minimal effort.

9 Best Split Photo Apps for Android and iOS

  • Diptic:This application will help you merge several photos into one. Create your own collages from several photos online or select from those available on your device.
  • MOLDIV: This app offers a wide range of features for creating unique photo montages from your photos.
  • PicPlayPost: This easy-to-use app allows you to combine your photos and videos into one combined presentation on your iOS device.
  • piZap: Create stunning, unique montages with this advanced photo editor for desktop, mobile, and tablets.
  • PicsArt Photo Studio: This powerful photo-editing app lets you combine multiple photos into one.
  • Pic Jointer: This is a great app to create beautiful collages, free-form montages, and beautiful stories from your photos.
  • Split Pic Collage Maker:This app is the perfect choice for creating stunning collages, montages, and picture-in-picture inserts.
  • Pic Collage – Collage Maker: This app is the perfect choice for combining your photos into amazing collages.

Features of Split Photo Apps

  • Create unique picture combinations quickly and easily
  • Combine multiple images into one amazing collage or photo montage
  • Add text, stickers, filters, and effects
  • Share the finished photo montage with friends and family on social media

Related Products

1.) Golden State Art, 8×10 Black Photo Wood Collage Frame with Tempered Glass and White Mat displays (2) 4×6 Pictures

The Golden State Art 8×10 Wood Collage Frame will form the perfect display for your favorite split photos. The frame features quality tempered glass that will protect your cherished memories, plus a white mat to enhance the look. From landscape to portrait shots, this frame can hold 2-4×6 pictures of all shapes and sizes. This elegant and practical frame is the ideal way to make a statement on any wall. With split photo app technology you can easily print your photos and form a stylish collage that is a perfect reflection of your life.

2.) BSIMB Smart Wi-Fi HD Picture Frame 10.1 Inch with Wood Effect, Electronic Digital Photo Frame with IPS Touch Screen, Share Pictures&Videos via App/Email, 16GB Storage, Gift for Grandparents

This BSIMB Smart Wi-Fi HD Picture Frame 10.1 Inch with Wood Effect, Electronic Digital Photo Frame with IPS Touch Screen, Share Pictures&Videos via App/Email, 16GB Storage, Gift for Grandparents is the perfect way to keep your family in mind. The split photo app allows you to send photos and videos directly to the frame, no matter where family members may be. You can group multiple photos into one frame and easily share your visual memories with loved ones, perfect for grandparents and their grandchildren.

  • High resolution 10.1 inch IPS touch screen display.
  • 16GB storage for storing photos and videos.
  • Ability to set time intervals for automatic switching of photos.
  • Split photo app for combining multiple photos into one frame and sharing them instantly with family.
  • Classic and timeless wooden effect frame.
  • HDMI output for customizing and personalizing your display.

This Digital Picture Frame is a perfect gift for grandparents and is sure to be a treasured item in their home. Its classic design, easy to use split photo app, and convenient Wi-fi connections are sure to make this the ideal way to cherish memories.

3.) 2023 Newest 10.1 Inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame 32GB Smart Photo Frame with Instant APP & Email Photo Transfer, Auto Rotation, Unlimited Cloud Data, Phone One-Button Control and Easy Set Up

The 2023 Newest 10.1 Inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame 32GB Smart Photo Frame is the perfect device for displaying your photos. With its many features like Instant APP & Email Photo Transfer, Auto Rotation, Unlimited Cloud Data, Phone One-Button Control and Easy Set Up, you will never miss a memory. Plus, the amazing new split photo app feature allows you to showcase two photos at the same time! This innovative app makes rearranging your photos a breeze.

  • Instant APP & Email Photo Transfer
  • Auto Rotation
  • Unlimited Cloud Data
  • Phone One-Button Control
  • Easy Set Up
  • Split Photo App for previewing two photos at the same time

4.) Nixplay 10.1 inch Smart Digital Photo Frame with WiFi (W10F) – Black – Share Photos and Videos Instantly via Email or App

The Nixplay 10.1 inch Smart Digital Photo Frame with WiFi (W10F) – Black – Share Photos and Videos Instantly via Email or App is the perfect Gifting solution for a loved one, especially during this holiday season. With the split photo app feature, you can easily create stunning and eye-catching collages on your digital photo frame. This app comes with a variety of versatile layout choices and lets you do simple touch-ups in terms of cropping/zooming, area adjustment, and rotation of images. Moreover, you can also share photos and videos with your loved ones in an instant via email or app. So, get your Nixplay 10.1 inch Digital photo frame now and enjoy the easy-to-use split photo app feature that cultivates meaningful memories into your home.

5.) Easoger Digital Photo Frame: 10.1″ Smart WiFi Digital Picture Frame 1280×800 IPS Touch Screen, Built-in 16GB Memory, Auto-Sleep/Wake up & Easy Setup, Share Moments via Free Frameo App – Warmest Gift

The Easoger Digital Photo Frame is an amazing way to show off photos and share memorable moments. With its sleek 10.1″ touchscreen, 1280×800 IPS display, and 16GB memory, you can display your favorite photos with ease. To make things easier, the Easoger Digital Photo Frame also has an auto-sleep/wake up feature for seamless transitioning.

What’s even more impressive is the Easoger Digital Photo Frame includes Split Photo App. Split Photo App allows you to divide a picture into two parts and upload them side by side to your Digital Photo Frame. This feature is great if you want to make a unique photo collage or simply display more photos in one frame.

So why choose the Easoger Digital Photo Frame? Here are the top benefits:

  • 10.1″ touchscreen, 1280×800 IPS display, and 16GB memory
  • Auto-sleep/wake up feature
  • Split Photo App to divide a photo
  • Free Frameo App to share memorable moments
  • Warmest gift for friends and family


Personal Experience

Can you split two photos together on iPhone?

When I first heard about split photo apps, I was immediately intrigued. The idea of taking several photos and combining them to make a unique piece of art is a great way to express your creativity. I decided to try out a few different apps to see which one works best. After experimenting with Diptic, MOLDIV, PicPlayPost, piZap, PicsArt Photo Studio, Pic Jointer for Photo Collage, Split Pic Collage Maker, and Pic Collage – Collage Maker, I can confidently say that they all have their own strengths.

Diptic is very easy to use and is great for quickly merging photos. MOLDIV and PicPlayPost are great when you want to customize the style and effects of your collages, as they have a wide range of templates, filters and backgrounds to choose from. piZap specializes in customizations and including text, although the user interface can be a bit confusing at times. PicsArt Photo Studio offers a great selection of backgrounds, filters, and effects, and it is easy to crop and rotate photos. Pic Jointer for Photo Collage is an extremely powerful desktop application and it is great for making collages with a wider variety of formats. Split Pic Collage Maker is best used for making quick and simple collages and Pic Collage – Collage maker is the best for adding frames, stickers and GIFs as well as for including text and sketching.

Overall, there is a wide variety of split photo apps out there and each one has its own unique strengths. Experimenting with different apps is the best way to find one that suits your needs. After trying out different apps, I’ve settled on PicPlayPost and MOLDIV as my go-to apps. I found them to be the most user friendly and have the most customizable options for crafting unique pieces of art.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you split two photos together on iPhone?

Yes, you can split two photos together on iPhone. To do this, open the Layout app and go to the main screen. Tap on the photos you want to combine and select a layout from the options presented at the top. Finally, open the layout in full-screen mode to view the combined image.

How can I put two separate photos together?

Combining two photos into one image is easy and can be done with a collage. Collages are an effective way to showcase multiple related photos together in one post. Creating one is a simple and straightforward process that only takes a few minutes.

How do you split photos on iPhone for free?

Download the “Split Pic” app from the App Store for free. This app will help you easily split and combine multiple photos to create fun and creative collages. It also allows you to merge photos with backgrounds and apply various filters plus add stickers and text. Try Split Pic today and unlock the creative potential of your iPhone’s photos!

Can you combine 2 pictures on an iPhone?

Yes, you can combine two pictures on an iPhone. To do this, open the “Photos” application. Click the “Select” button in the upper right corner of the screen and select the photos you want to merge. Finally, click the “Share” button in the bottom left and select the “Merge Image” shortcut.

Is there an app to split pictures?

Yes, there is an app to split pictures. PhotoSplit is the most popular app to quickly break up any photo into grids to fit onto Instagram. It allows users to split photos into a 1×2, 1×3, 2×3, 3×3, and 4×3 grid while keeping the resolution high quality. Posting the split images to Instagram enables users to display the photo as one big image on their profile.

How do I cut an image into equal parts?

To cut an image into equal parts, simply right-click on the image and select Divide Slice from the menu. Adjust the settings for how to divide your slices and click Ok. Finally, save or export the split images for use. This process is quick, easy and efficient.

How do I make a split image?

To make a split image, you first need to upload your image onto an image slicing tool. Then choose the size of your image grid and click on “Split.” Finally, download the sliced image and post it to Instagram. It’s a quick and easy process that can be easily done in a few simple steps.

How can I combine 2 pictures into one?

You can easily combine two pictures into one with free online tools like PineTools, IMGonline, OnlineConvertFree, PhotoFunny, Make Photo Gallery, and Photo Joiner. All of these tools let you upload two pictures and then merge them into a single photo output. Once finished, you will have a seamless, combined photo of both your images. No software downloads or extra steps are required. Try one of these services today to easily combine your photos.

How to put two pictures side by side on iPhone without app?

Putting two pictures side by side on an iPhone without an app can be done in a few simple steps. Open the Photos app, select the pictures you want to use, tap the Share button, select Collage to create a collage, and tap Done. This method allows you to easily combine photos without downloading an additional app, though a collage app can give more options for editing the end result. This video tutorial walks through the steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJ3KJ8KX6eg

How do I split a PNG image?

Splitting a PNG image is a simple process. First, open your browser to a free PNG application website and navigate to their Splitter Tool. Then, click inside the file drop area to upload the PNG file, or alternatively drag and drop the file into the area. Finally, click ‘Split’ and the file will be automatically uploaded to begin the splitting process.

How do you split a picture into 3 equal parts on Instagram?

Splitting a picture into three equal parts on Instagram is easy. Tap the grid icon at the bottom right of the image you’re uploading, choose your format, and tap ‘Split’ at the bottom of the screen. Then, review the split preview and tap ‘Upload’ to add the image (now multiple posts) to your account.

What is photo split?

PhotoSplit is an iPhone app that lets users create beautiful photo collages quickly and easily. It allows users to choose from a variety of layouts and add photos from their personal albums or take photos directly in app. PhotoSplit also offers special camera modes, allowing users to easily line up their shots and make stunning photo collages for sharing on social media.

How to use split-screen photo apps?

“Split-screen photo apps provide an easy and powerful way to create collages with multiple images. To use them, simply drag and drop photos into ready-made templates and apply effects and text overlaying to give it a unique look. With split-screen photo apps, even beginners can assemble amazing collages quickly and easily.”

What is the best image splitter app?

ImageCool Free Image Splitter is the best image splitter app available. It allows you to split images automatically or manually, split multi-photos in batch or set specific parameters for each image. ImageCool Free Image Splitter is fast, easy to use and provides great results, making it the perfect solution for any image-splitting task.

How to split images without installing software?

Answer: Splitting images without installing software can be done quickly by using online image splitter tools. One popular choice is ImageSplitter, which offers a one-stop solution for image processing, including cropping, resizing, and splitting. ImageSplitter is an easy-to-use solution that can help make image splitting a breeze.

Final Thoughts

Split Photo Apps offer users a variety of options to instantly create unique and amazing collage photos from their own personal photos. These apps range from easy and basic features to more advanced features and offer a variety of functions and looks. Whether users want to simply make a two-photo collage or a complex split-pic photo, they will find an app to suit their needs in these 9 great options. Now anyone can easily combine multiple pictures into one, help capture the moments of life, and create a lasting impression.


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