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PS5 Strike Pack Controller: the Best Way to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Have the ultimate gaming experience with the Strike Pack PS5! This innovative controller device gives you the tactical advantage of professional gamers, with the ability to assign custom button configurations and access powerful mod packs – all without voiding your warranties.

Quick Summary

Strike Pack PS5 Controller: Enhance Your Gaming Experience

The PlayStation 5 Strike Pack Controller is the best way to enhance your gaming experience. Utilizing the DualSense Adaptive Triggers, improved ergonomics, and a brand new button layout – the PS5 Strike Pack takes your control options to the next level. This controller offers gamers unprecedented customization, allowing for endless possibilities to give you a competitive edge. With near-limitless controller remapping options, the Strike Pack ensures an ease of use, allowing for both beginners and veterans alike to give their gaming experience a significant boost. The added functionality of being compatible with all major consoles and being surprisingly affordable show that the PS5 Strike Pack Controller is undoubtedly the very best way to improve your gaming skill set.

strike pack ps5 – Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Are you looking for a way to take your gaming experience to the next level? The Strike Pack PS5 is a revolutionary accessory for the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) that will give you that competitive edge. This device adds extra functionality to your PS5 Controller to make it easier to control and navigate the games you love.

What Can the Strike Pack PS5 Do?

The Strike Pack PS5 features two optimally designed paddles on the underside of the controller. These paddles can be programmed to perform any action that can be done on the front face buttons. This allows you to access maneuver commands without taking your thumbs off the thumb sticks. This can provide a huge speed and accuracy advantage over other players.

In addition, the Strike Pack also features mode buttons located at the top of the device. These buttons allow you to switch between 3 configurable profiles on the fly, giving you the ability to quickly adjust the controller’s behavior to the game you’re playing.

Advantages of the Strike Pack PS5

The Strike Pack PS5 is an invaluable addition to your gaming setup. Here are some of the advantages of this device:

  • Optimized paddles for faster and more accurate control
  • Mode button offers 3 configurable profiles
  • Lightweight design is comfortable to hold
  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with both wired and wireless PS5 controllers
  • Allows you to customize your own profile settings


The Strike Pack PS5 is an excellent way to enhance your gaming experience. With its optimized paddles and mode buttons, it makes it easier to control and navigate games with minimal effort. The device also allows you to customize your own profile settings, giving you more control over your gaming experience.

Personal Experience

Is Strike Pack bannable?

I have been using a Strike Pack for the PS5 for nearly two months, and it has truly been a game-changer for me. Here’s why. With the Strike Pack, I can map any game input to an additional button that I can adjust in real-time. This gives me the ability to use combos that I would never be able to pull off before, no matter how much controller sensitivity I tinkered with. With the Strike Pack, the game feels much more responsive and enjoyable than before. It is a must for competitive gamers who want to get the most out of their experience.

In addition to being able to customize controls, the Strike Pack also includes paddles that can be mapped to any given action within any game. This makes it easier to perform quick commands or movements, which is vital in competitive shooters. Compared to traditional controllers, the Strike Pack brings a lot more to the table. Aside from being intuitive and easy to use, it is also compatible with the vast majority of PS5 games. That is especially handy when using games not compatible with the DualShock 4 controller.

Nothing beats the convenience and versatility of the Strike Pack for PS5. For example, I have mapped each paddle to a specific in-game action for two different games, giving me the ability to switch between them in a snap. It offers so much more than a standard controller. I love the fact that I no longer have to worry about controller compatibility when buying new games. With the Strike Pack, gaming on PS5 just got even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Strike Pack bannable?

Yes, the Strike Pack is bannable in Fortnite, as mentioned in the patch notes. The update states that any device that provides or is intended to provide a competitive advantage is restricted, and the Strike Pack falls into that category. As such, players who use the Strike Pack may face a ban if they are caught by Fortnite’s anti-cheat measures.

Does Strikepack work for PS5?

Yes, Strikepack can be used on the PS5, but it is only compatible with PS4 games, not PS5. Players can use Strikepack to connect to their DualSense controller and access exclusive features such as shift paddles, button remapping and more. However, these features will only be available when playing on PS4 titles.

Are strike packs detectable?

Yes, strike packs are detectable. Playing with a strike pack can lead to a ban from EA, as it is against their user agreement. It is important to not share your account or use any cheat or third-party software when playing. Doing so could result in the suspension or even permanent banning of your account.

What all can a strike pack do?

A Strike Pack enhances an existing PS4 or XBOX controller with advanced gaming features. It adds custom paddles for increased control and ease of use, on the fly button mapping for instant switch-ups, and the latest shooter mods. With a Strike Pack, gamers can enjoy enhanced customization and performance that won’t void their consoles’ warranties.

Is striker pack cheating?

No, using a striker pack is not considered cheating. A striker pack allows players to customize their controllers with paddles on the back, allowing them to bind functions to the paddles and become more competitive. This gives players a competitive edge but is not considered cheating.

Can you use Strike pack in tournaments?

Yes, you can use the StrikePack F.P.S. Dominator in tournaments. It is specifically designed for competitive gaming and tournaments, so it is the perfect solution for fast-paced gameplay. The StrikePack F.P.S. Dominator comes in tournament mode by default and its Gear Head Eyes glow when it’s paired, allowing you to easily identify when it’s ready to be used.

Can PS5 use mods?

Yes, PlayStation 5 users can use mods in Fallout 4. There are currently over 3,000 mods available for Fallout 4 on PS5, offering an array of useful and essential new features for the game. Installing mods is straightforward and easy, allowing PlayStation players to enjoy new content and experiences in Fallout 4.

Do control freaks work on PS5?

Yes, KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks are compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S controllers. All PS4 Performance Thumbsticks are compatible with PS5 controllers, and all Xbox One Performance Thumbsticks are compatible with Xbox Series X|S controllers. As manufacturers of gaming accessories, KontrolFreek strives to make sure all their products are up-to-date and work with the latest gaming consoles.

Do back buttons work on PS5?

Yes, the back buttons on a PS5 controller work. The DualSense controller for the PS5 features two back buttons (LB and RB) that can be used to remap the controller’s controls. These buttons are available on the new joysticks with both the lever and half-dome designs, making them great for extra customization.

How do you increase anti recoil on a strike pack?

To increase anti recoil on a Strike Pack for the PS4, adjust the FPS Mode class to class 3. This can be done via the controller mods settings. This FPS mode can reduce the recoil from rapid fire to provide a more consistent shooting experience.

Final Thoughts

The new PS5 Strike Pack controller offers an array of features designed to give gamers the most enhanced and enjoyable gaming experience possible. From cutting-edge customization options, to an innovative button mapping system, and a cutting-edge quick-shift technology, the PS5 Strike Pack controller is sure to revolutionize the way gamers play on the PlayStation 5 platform. With its exceptional comfort and convenience, and unique features tailored to various gamers, this is the perfect way to upgrade your gaming experience.


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