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Text Voice Message: Send and Receive Voice Messages Instantly with Easy Text Messaging

Send a text message using your own voice! With the ability to record and save a voice message as a draft, staying connected with others has never been easier. Don’t wait – take advantage of the convenience of text voice messaging today!

Quick Summary

  Text Voice Messaging: Instant Voice Messages with Easy Texting

Send and receive voice messages instantly with Easy Text Messaging. Using Easy Text Messaging, you can easily create voice messages and have them delivered with a single tap. Simply tap the message box, tap the Microphone, and record your voice message. The voice message is automatically saved as a draft, so you can listen to the message before sending it. Easy Text Messaging makes it incredibly easy and convenient to quickly send and receive voice messages. No more waiting to hear back from friends and family. With just a few clicks, your message is sent and received in no time. With Easy Text Messaging, sending and receiving voice messages has never been easier.

Text Voice Messaging: Instant Voice Messages with Easy Texting

What is Text Voice Messaging?

Text voice messaging (TVM) is a fast and easy way to instantly send a voice message to someone through text. It eliminates the need to call someone, wait for a reply, or hold a conversation with them. With text voice messaging, users send their message as a voice file in text format, and the recipient can then listen to it on demand.

Advantages of Using Text Voice Messaging

  • Instant communication: You can send voice messages quickly and easily, and the recipient can listen to it whenever they want.
  • Cost effective: TVM is much cheaper than calling, so you won’t need to worry about long distance bills.
  • Mobility: TVM allows you to send a message even if you’re on the move, so you can stay in contact with family and friends while you’re away.
  • Intuitive: TVM makes it easy to communicate without having to type out an email or a text message. Just record and send the message in a few simple steps.

How To Use Text Voice Messaging

  • Tap the message box.
  • Tap the Microphone.
  • Record your voice message.
  • The voice message is automatically saved as a draft so you can listen.
  • Personal Experience

    How do I turn off voice assistant on text messages?

    Text voice messages are a great way to quickly communicate with others. I have personally used it to stay in touch with my friends and family while on the go. It is a convenient way to express your thoughts without having to type out a long message. With just a few taps on your phone, you can record your thoughts and send it to the recipient. The voice messages are also automatically saved as drafts, so you can listen and edit it. It solves the problem of having to type out long messages, which can be time consuming. Text voice messaging is the perfect way to have a meaningful conversation without having to worry about typing out a long message.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I turn off voice assistant on text messages?

    To turn off Gboard’s voice assistant on text messages, open Gboard’s preferences from the On-screen keyboard. Tap the Voice input key switch to turn it off. This will disable voice assistant from responding to your text messages.

    Why do people send voice messages instead of texts?

    Sending a voice message is often faster and more efficient than texting. They’re a great option for sharing detailed explanations and stories that may be too lengthy for text messages. Voice messages also offer the chance to convey tone of voice and emotion, which is not possible with a text.

    Is it rude to send voice messages?

    No, it is not rude to send voice messages as long as you respect the other person’s boundaries and preferences. It’s important to be mindful before sending a voice note and make sure you get the other person’s consent before doing so. An easy way to confirm this is to ask a simple question like, “Are you in the middle of something or is it okay to send a voice note?” Doing so can help ensure that you are not intruding on the other person’s time and privacy.

    What are automated text messages called?

    Automated text messages are known as autoresponders or auto replies. They are sent back to individuals when they text a unique keyword or phone number. Autoresponders are the simplest and most common SMS automation tool.

    Can a third party see my text messages?

    Yes, with your permission, third-party apps can access your text messages. This access is necessary to provide companion experiences, such as restoring messages to a new phone or app, and sending message notifications to your home device, smartwatch, or car. As such, you should ensure you only grant permission to trusted sources and platforms.

    Can Android users see if you opened their message?

    Yes, Android users can see if you have opened their message. This is possible by turning on read receipts through the messaging settings. On a Samsung phone, this setting can be found in Messages > Menu > Settings > Chat settings. Read receipts allow users to know when the message has been viewed.

    How do I change message settings on Android?

    To change message settings on Android, open the Messages app, tap More > Settings, then from the Notifications menu, turn off All “Default settings” notifications, and turn on Incoming messages. This will ensure that you only get notifications from the Messages app. Making these changes will make sure you stay up to date with all your messages.

    How do I give SMS permission on Android?

    To give SMS permission on an Android device or emulator, go to Settings > Apps > SMS Messaging > Permissions and turn on the SMS permission for the app. Depending on the version of Android, this permission may be turned on or off by default. It is very easy to give permission for SMS messaging on an Android device.

    How do I text a number without contact?

    You can text a number without contact by downloading the TextNow app. To do this, open the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). Search for “TextNow” and tap on it in the search results. Once you have the app, you can use the services to text any number without the need for any contact information.

    Can you send a text without a contact?

    Yes, you can send a text without a contact. Using a third-party service such as a VoIP service, app or website, you can send anonymous text messages to any destination number. The anonymity of the sender is maintained as no personal details or contact information are needed.

    How do I withhold my number when sending a text message?

    The answer to “How do I withhold my number when sending a text message?” is: To hide your number when sending a text message, you’ll need to go to the settings of your phone app (on Android devices). From there, access the “Additional Settings” and select “Hide my Number” from the Caller ID drop-down menu. With these steps, you will be able to send a text message without revealing your number.

    What is voice messaging and how does it work?

    Voice messaging is the process of sending a pre-recorded voice message to a recipient via various messaging apps. It works by allowing users to record and upload a voice message to the app, which will then be sent to their desired recipient. Unlike voicemail, voice messaging does not give the recipient the chance to have a conversation, and it can be used with other form of chat messages.

    What is audio text messaging?

    Audio text messaging is a form of communication which lets users send pre-recorded voice messages and other audio to recipient phones. The messages are sent as phone calls and left automatically as voicemail if the call is not answered. It is also possible to schedule the messages to contact lots of people at a specific time.

    Is voice messaging Conversational or just a nuisance?

    Voice messaging is a great conversational tool that can add warmth, emotion and a higher sense of connection to communication. It is much more personal than text messages, yet still easy and convenient to use. Voice messaging is a great way to stay connected with others, and not just a time-wasting nuisance.

    How do I send a voice recording in a text message?

    You can send a voice recording in a text message using an Android-operated phone by following a few steps: Go to ‘Messages’ and select your recipient. Then, click and hold the ‘Recording’ icon while recording your message. Lastly, click the arrow icon to send the audio file.

    Final Thoughts

    Text voice messaging is an easy and convenient way to send and receive messages instantly. It eliminates the need for long emails or time-consuming phone conversations, and allows for quick and efficient communication. With easy text messaging, users can tailor their messages to be heard in just a few taps, providing a more formatted and efficient way to communicate.


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