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5 Brilliant Ideas of Things to Put on Your Snapchat Story

Don’t know what to post on your Snapchat story? Look no further – find the perfect ideas to spruce up your page and show your friends what you’ve been up to. You’ll have a blast sharing your day in your life, recounting funny stories and memories, and showing off your talents!

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  5 Brilliant Ideas for Creating a Snapchat Story: Things You Can Put On Your Story

Snapchat is a great platform for sharing your daily life and having fun. Here are 5 brilliant ideas for things to share on your Snapchat story:

A Day In Your Life: This is the most popular way to share moments from everyday life. Show your followers what you get up to in a typical day – from morning coffee rituals to after-work workouts. Even small, everyday moments can paint a bigger picture of your life.

Share Your Memory: Reflecting on memories can be a great way to reflect on your life’s journey. Share photos and videos of unforgettable moments, like your graduation or your first day on the job. Everyone has unique stories to tell—let yours be heard!

Play With Emojis And Bitmojis: Liven up your story with fun emojis and bitmojis! There’s no limit to the number of creative ways to share your personality and point of view with this playful art.

Showcase Your Talent: Maybe you’re a dance pro or a budding artist. Whatever your talent is, share it with your followers! This is your chance to be unique and show off your skills. Who knows—you could end up inspiring someone with your creativity.

Capture Your Pets: Fur babies are part of the family, right? Everyone loves animals, so why not share some photos and videos of your beloved pets? Bonus points if they’re doing something funny or cute.

5 Brilliant Ideas For Creating A Snapchat Story

A Day In Your Life

One of the most classic posts to add to your story is a day in the life. Show your followers exactly how your day-to-day life looks like – from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. Be creative and document your day like you would with a photo diary. Capturing and sharing the fun or mundane moments can make it even more fun.

Share Your Memory

We all have those unforgettable memories from our lives that make us smile just by thinking about it. Why not share one of them on your Snapchat story! Don’t forget to drop a funny caption that best describes the story. There’s nothing like a nostalgic reminder and adding a touch of humor.

Play with Emojis and Bitmoji’s

We can all agree that emojis have taken over the world. Snapchat has plenty of fun emojis specifically tailored for their app and lots of vibrant colors that you can use to spread your story with. If that’s not enough, their very own Bitmoji is a great way to make your story more interesting.

Tell a Funny Story

Everybody loves to be entertained and you can use Snapchat to your advantage to fill that void. Whether it’s short jokes, anecdotes or even a pun-tastic caption, it’s a great way to get your followers to laugh and you could possibly even make their day.

Share Behind The Scenes

Another great idea for giving your followers content for your story is to show them what’s going on behind the scenes. Whether its snippets from a photoshoot or just a peek of your daily routine, you can get very creative with these posts. Keeping the followers in the loop of your life can lead to more organic engagement.

Personal Experience

What should I put on my Snapchat story?

Having an active Snapchat story can be incredibly fun and engaging. It allows you to express yourself, share your experiences, and connect with your friends and followers. I always like to think outside of the box and put something creative on my Snapchat story. Here are some ideas that you can use to keep your Snapchat story interesting for your followers.

A Day In Your Life: Share an eclectic mix of your everyday activities from waking up in the morning, to work, hobbies, or doing something fun. Show your followers the various aspects of your life!

Share Your Memory: You probably have some great memories that you want to share on your Snapchat story. This could be a fun or quirky event, or an experience that you’ll never forget.

Play With Emojis And Bitmojis: Adding some fun emojis and Bitmojis can spice up your Snapchat story. You can make use of different avatar characters and create scenes like a movie to share with your followers.

Tell A Funny Story: Everyone loves a good laugh. Come up with a funny story or a witty tagline to your picture and share it on your story. Your followers will surely appreciate it.

Showcase Your Talent: Showing off your talents is always a great idea. You don’t have to be a professional to add something special to your Snapchat story. Everyone has special gifts and talents that they can share with their followers.

Capture Your Pets: Pets are definitely a great source of entertainment. Share your pet’s cute moments on your story and watch your followers go crazy.

Share Behind The Scenes: Take your followers behind the scenes and show them what they don’t normally get to see. This could be a sneak peek of your work, favorite recipe, or an on-going project.

Have Q&A Session: A Q&A session is always a great idea to engage with your followers. You can do this on your own or collaborate with a friend or influencer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put on my Snapchat story?

To create an interesting Snapchat story, start by choosing a subject or theme. Popular themes include daily routines, travel, and fun activities. Think about what you want to share with your followers and include photos, videos, and text to tell your story. Finally, use creative editing to add special effects and transitions, creating a unique story your followers will love.

What do people use to ask questions on Snapchat?

People use Yolo to ask questions on Snapchat. Yolo is a free app developed by Popshow, Inc. that connects users with each other and allows them to securely share their thoughts and questions with their peers. It is very easy to set up and sync with a Snapchat account in order to ask and answer questions within Snapchat stories.

What are 5 content ideas for Snapchat?

Snapchat is a great platform to create content that connects with customers and fans. Here are five ideas you can use: 1) Conduct interviews via Snaps; 2) Allow a “Takeover”; 3) Offer an Exclusive Sneak Peek; 4) Showcase a “Big Reveal”; and 5) Offer Tips. These are simple, yet effective content ideas that will help generate engagement with your audience.

What should I post to my crush on Snapchat?

Posting something playful or funny is a great way to start a conversation with your crush on Snapchat. Share photos of fun activities you’ve taken part in, ask questions about their day, or start a conversation about a topic that you both find interesting. Be sure not to overdo it – post occasional updates to keep things interesting and avoid unending messages. Have fun and be creative when talking to your crush!

What to put on your Snapchat story to get your crush’s attention?

To get your crush’s attention on your Snapchat story, try using something you both have in common. Showing your mutual interests can help you have an engaging conversation about it. Learn more about your crush’s interests, then get creative and incorporate them into your Snapchat stories for a unique, memorable experience.

What should I post on my Snapchat story?

Post something fun and engaging on your Snapchat story. A great way to start could be a nice selfie or a random photo of what you’re up to. Get creative and post activities you enjoy doing like a funny caption, a skill you possess, or a hobby that you’re passionate about. This is a great way to get your friends’ attention and keep them engaged!

What should I ask in a snap?

Snapchat questions can be as simple or as complex as you would like! Questions that you could ask in a snap could range from funny or lightheartedly humorous ones like, “What would you do if you could have one superpower?”, to more serious and in-depth questions like, “Describe your perfect day.” Asking questions that are personally relevant to the individual can help start a more meaningful conversation and lead to further discussion and topic exploration. Consider the interests, values, goals, and beliefs of the person you are talking to in order to come up with the right questions.

What should I post on private snap stories?

Post a snapshot of yourself, a photo of what you are currently doing, and something that reflects your talents and hobbies. Make sure your caption is fun, flirty, and creative. Short, creative, and interesting stories posted regularly on private stories will keep your followers engaged.

What is Ask Me Anything on Snapchat story?

Ask Me Anything on Snapchat story is an interactive social experiment show that allows users to share funny and sometimes awkward questions with strangers. Participants can anonymously submit questions and get answers from people around the world. Through Ask Me Anything on Snapchat story, users can discover different perspectives, experiences and stories.

What should I post on my story to get his attention?

The best way to get someone’s attention on your story is by capturing their interest with an interesting photo followed by an intriguing caption. It’s also important to post consistently, but not too often. Engaging with other stories regularly, as well as liking and responding in meaningful comments, will help you to grow your story followers as well as draw attention from your target audience.

Should you cut your Snapchat stories short or long?

You should cut your Snapchat stories short. Long stories can often be boring for viewers, leading to less engagement. Keeping stories around 10-15 seconds will keep your audience engaged and returning for more. Additionally, it’s easier to fit more life experiences into your story if you opt for lots of short cuts instead of a few long clips.

Can I put direct snaps on my Instagram story?

No, you cannot put direct snaps on your Instagram story. Direct snaps are designed to be sent to one or several friends, and adding it to your story would be contradictory. Instagram does not allow the same snap to be posted to both a story and as a direct snap. To keep your snaps organized and effective, you should choose one option or the other.

Is your snap story feeling un-magical?

Yes! If your snap story is feeling un-magical, try out some of the ideas in the article. A new filter could make your story lit in no time. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about your hard work disappearing after 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many great ideas that you can post on your Snapchat story to make it stand out. From documenting a day in your life, to recalling your funniest story, showcasing your talents, sharing pictures of your pets, or giving a behind-the-scene look, there are endless opportunities to engage and interact with your followers. Having a Q&A session, adding funny emojis, or sharing a memory can further spice up your Snapchat story, making it captivating and interesting to your followers.


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