Top 4 tips for hp laptop battery

Top 4 Tips for HP Laptop Battery

Today you will read about the top 4 tips for HP laptop Battery or things that you are doing wrong with your HP Laptop Battery and about some tips that you should follow. Because of some of these things your HP laptop battery is dying. You can use these tips on any laptop battery, but we will be focusing on HP Laptop Batteries. These are the top four tips for HP Laptop Battery:

HP laptop Battery
HP Laptop Battery

Fully Draining-Out The Battery

If you use your laptop battery till its ar zero percent or until it shuts down by itself, this thing impacts your laptop battery too much. And if the battery is fully discharged for about 3 months it can happen that the battery never works again. Then you have to buy a new battery for your laptop. Charge your laptop battery if 20 or 30 percent is left.

Never Put Laptop Battery Always on Charging

A laptop is a smart thing but batteries are not so smart. If you know that there are some cycles of charge for lithium-ion batteries and if you put it always on charge then, it can damage your laptop battery. Use your laptop, if it’s low then, charge it. You can use a laptop by removing the battery if you always want to use your laptop.

Not Giving Proper Ventilation

Many people don’t give proper ventilation to their laptops. They use it in their bed, this will make your laptop hot and the fan will move faster. When the fan moves faster it consumes more energy(battery) that’s why always give proper ventilation to your laptop.

Keeping your Laptop Clean

If you can’t keep your laptop clean by opening it then, you can go to an expert who can open it and clean it. It’s very important to clean your laptop because dust particles can come between the fan and the processor. This directly impacts the battery of your laptop because the fan will move faster and it will consume more battery.

Dirty Components of a PC
Dirty components of a PC


From this, we can conclude that never fully drain your laptop battery because it will impact its health. Never put it always-on charging because it will lower down the cycle count of the lithium-ion batteries. Give your laptop proper ventilation so that it doesn’t get hot and don’t consume more battery. Keep your laptop clean because dust can come between the fan and the processor and the will move fast and consume more battery.

Are these tips helpful for you? Let us know in the comments.

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